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Virtual Labs Schedule: September 22nd – 26th, 2008 handmade and vintage goods

We have some specific Virtual Labs events starting this month to help you get prepared for the Holidays. Not familiar with the Virtual Labs? Now’s the time to learn! The Virtual Labs are Etsy’s interactive classrooms, a place to hang out, throw paper airplanes and share skills. 

Want to host your own workshop or meeting in the Virtual Labs? Fill out an application here!

The following schedule covers September 22nd to September 26th, 2008 (all Eastern Daylight Time). The schedule posted in the Virtual Labs is magically in *your* time. If you are confused, just click here to see what’s coming up in your real time.


  • Craft Night! — 5pm in the Treehouse.  For our Monday, September 22nd Craft Night, we’re doing applique! Applique is a surface design technique in which pieces of fabric are sewn or fused together to create images and designs.


  • Newbie Chat with Claire and Julie — 4:15pm in the Treehouse.  Newbies! Get your questions answered here!  Julie and Claire can help get your shop started on the right foot!
  • Show and Tell for Sellers — 5pm in the Lounge.  Come share what you are working on!  Everyone will get their own time to talk about a project they are working on and get feedback.  Come with links to pictures of your work in progress, or if you have a webcam, you can show us live!


  • Show and Tell for Buyers: Fall Fashion with Alison and Claire — 4pm in the Lounge.  Hello Shoppers!  Come see what Etsy Fall Fashion picks!  Together we’ll make a Treasury with the best items. 


  • How-To For the Holidays — 4pm in the Treehouse.  Every week we’ll be hosting a How-To for sellers to help you get ready for the holiday shopping season.  This weeks topic: Getting Organized for the Holidays with Beth and Julie
  • Office Hours: Mary (Etsy Community Advocate) — 7pm in the Treehouse.


  • On-The-Fly Critiques with the EtsyLabs ladies — 3pm in the Treehouse. Pop in for a mini-critique with some experienced sellers and Etsy admin.

Learn more about the Virtual Labs hereApply to hold your own meetings or online workshops in the Virtual Labs here! Or send me a convo. You can also check out the Events Calendar in the Storque!

And below — a few of Alison and Claire’s favorite Fall Fashions on Etsy! Enjoy!