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Thank You Notes: Artful Expressions of Gratitude handmade and vintage goods

My husband and I live very far from our family and friends.  For us, the winter holidays are a whirlwind of traveling and visiting, gifts and fun events.   Though I initially welcome the quieter space of our little home when we return, it is not long before I miss all the people with whom we were lucky enough to share the holiday.  

I’ve learned this is the perfect time to begin writing thank you notes.  For me, the purpose of this little note is not solely to acknowledge a gift or kindness, but also to let that person know he or she is still in my thoughts.   I find the process of choosing (or making) just the right card and thinking about what I want to write brings that person close for just a little while longer.

Not surprisingly, the same kinds of feelings that accompany sending a thank you note are also true  on the receiving end.   When that hand-addressed envelope appears in my mailbox, I’m always pleased to find inside a reminder of the good time we shared. 

I know that for many people the task of writing thank you notes is more chore than joy.  This can be particularly true if your holidays are filled with many gifts and events, leading to a long list of thank you notes and some pressure to get them all done quickly.   Though etiquette may suggest you  write and send these cards within a few days, I would like to encourage you to take your time.   The recipient will be as delighted to hear from you in three weeks as in three days.  This is even more true if you are thoughtful about your choice of notecard and sentiment.

[“Merci” card by moderncard]

Michelle from CicadaStudio was gracious enough to  offer some tips on the art of writing the perfect thank you note:

First, grab yourself a fabulous EtsyGreetings thank you note and make sure your favorite pen has ink.  Then, get a piece of scrap paper for an initial draft (you may not get another chance if your Etsy card is one of a kind!).   Finally, get down to the business of writing! 

Step 1 

Salutation. This is easy! “Dear Aunt Sally”

Step 2

Thank the recipient of your note. Feel free to use adjectives to embellish! “Thanks so much for the lovely frame.”

Step 3

Discuss its appropriateness and possible end use “I have so many pictures that I’ve wanted to display. Your timing couldn’t be better.”

Step 4

Try tying in the person somehow. Flattery will get you everywhere. “I’ve always loved the way you displayed your collection of family photos on your mantle.”

Step 5

Say it again- it’s okay, no one will think you’re being redundant. “Thanks again!”

Step 6

Signature. “Your loving niece, _________”

That’s all there is to it!  Don’t forget that thank you notes are not only for gifts, but for event hosts and favors given. You can even send one to someone for just being who they are.

[Thank you card by adorebynat]

Further Resources:
Members of the EtsyGreetings Team offer an incredible array of greeting cards, making it possible for you to send a thank you note that truly represents you.  Our 350+ members are as diverse as they are creative.  We feature letterpress, photography, watercolor, paper piecing, digital design and a host of other techniques for you and your recipients to savor.   What we showcase below is just a glimpse of what is available to you here at Etsy!

The Team’s blog can be found at

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    With today's technology I think the "art" of sending a heartfelt thank you card or note has been lost. It is so much nicer to receive a beautiful thank you card than it is to get an email or text message. Thank You for this article.

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    thank you notes are great! "Gracias" cards are my top-selling type of card.

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    What a great article! And THANK YOU, article authors and fellow cardmakers, for doing your part to prevent Thank You notes from being a "lost art"!

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