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Jewelry How-to: Naughty Secretary Club Bracelet handmade and vintage goods

This goes out to all you office girls (and guys), slaving away out there in a stuffy cubicle, working for the man… all the while surreptitiously reading this here blog, and looking oh so busy… (how do you do it?) Ah, we joke, we joke. Take heart, it’s Friday! …And the Naughty Secretary herself, Ms. Jennifer Perkins, has a special treat a free project download! Plus lots of other ideas for all of those office supplies you “borrowed” in her new book, The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girls Guide to Handmade Jewelry. Now get to work and make yourself this sweet bracelet!

Office Hanky-Panky Bracelet

(Download complete instructions here.)

Stuff You’ll Need:
1 hanky or other thin vintage fabric scraps; 3 vintage clip-on earrings; silver bracelet blank; button-covering kit; chain-nose pliers; wire cutters; scissors; Liquid Fusion Glue

STEP 1: Gather your materials
Choose a hanky or thin piece of material with an office theme. Gather your stray clip earrings, bracelet blank, glue, scissors and button covering kit. Make sure that the size of the kit you choose corresponds with the size of the blank on your bracelet.


STEP 2: Cover the Button

Using the circle template provided in the button-covering kit, cut out a circle from your hanky, making sure the part of the image you want to show is in the center of the circle. Hold the fabric circle right side down and center the top half of the button on top of it.






STEP 3: Arrange Covered Button Inside Cup

Insert the fabric with the top half of the button on top into the larger plastic cup. Fold all of the extra fabric edges on top of the button. Push the back of the button into the plastic cup, making sure all of the fabric edges are tucked under it.



STEP 4: Secure Button Back

Use the blue cap provided in the kit to push the button back down into the plastic cup, securing the fabric under the button back. Simply pop the covered button out of the plastic cup.





STEP 5: Remove Button Shank

Use chain-nosed pliers to remove the shank from the back of the covered button.




STEP 6: Remove Backs from Clip-on Earrings

Use chain-nosed pliers and wire cutters to remove the backs of the vintage clip-on earrings. Occasionally a Dremel tool with a sanding attachment will be needed to smooth rough edges for a better gluing surface.





STEP 7: Adhere Covered Buttons and Earrings to Bracelet

Use your favorite glue to attach alternating earrings and covered buttons to your bracelet. Let everything dry overnight and wear to work!

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