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Gift Ideas: Shop Local the Borough of Brooklyn, New York handmade and vintage goods

Alicia Kachmar aka EternalSunshine is a freelance writer, crafter, baker and sometimes pool-hustler. She has lived in Brooklyn for four years and contributes to We invited her to highlight some handcrafty talent from the “County of Kings” in this installment of our Shop Local series.

“In Brooklyn, it was as though you were in your own little bubble. You were all part of one big, but very close family….” Although this was uttered many years ago by a pitcher for the Dodgers, I think it still rings true today for many Brooklynites, and definitely for those who consider themselves part of the local DIY scene. We inhabit a rapidly developing part of New York City, and while some are wary of the changes, the creativity and number of artists living and working in all parts of Brooklyn is downright impressive, inspiring and exhilarating.

LoucheLab – Ned and Aya in front of a Brooklyn mural at the corner of Bedford and North 3rd right by the best place for bagels in Williamsburg! (psst! Check out the Handmade Wedding video Etsy made with them. Their love story crossed international borders!)

katecusack – In the midst of her supplies.

– Prospect Park, her “second workplace during summer.”

sweetestpea (now zooguu) – Jen, far left in pic, watching election results in Red Hook with some other Etsy folks.

– Patrick in his printing studio near the Gowanus Canal.

– Cathy in Prospect Park with her dog.

– In her old apartment in Williamsburg.

EpochBeads – Tracie with her crafting supplies stacked to the ceiling.

– Lianna working on her patterns in Brooklyn.

My Etsy shop was born 2 years ago right here in Brooklyn, and even though it’s a virtual shopping experience, it isn’t without a personal touch — many of my buyers tell me cute stories and inside jokes about their purchases. My favorite came from someone just a few neighborhoods over from me, truly a “Shop Local” story: she bought one of my smiling crochet s’mores for her 4-year old son, who was overjoyed at the sight of the plush and promptly named it “Fred.”

They took Fred out to the Promenade, a beautiful walkway in Brooklyn with a view of the Manhattan skyline, because he wanted “to show Fred the Empire State Building.” Imagine this small child, facing the glistening lights of New York skyscrapers, holding up the soft s’more in his hands! When she told me this story, I felt so happy to be part of this “little bubble.”  Even though I will meet very few of my customers, we are “all part of one big, but very close family.”

whimsyandspice – Jenna on the Promenade with Mark, the pastry chef part of their duo.

TeeShirtGnome – Ezra, at Fulton Ferry Park.

Please let Etsy’s blog know about your favorite local Etsy artists. Pitch your town, state, country or region and let us know which sellers will fill their holiday-shopper-neighbors with glee (we’re talking catalog-quality photos, 100% feedback, and top-notch items at a variety of price points); include a screenshot of your Poster Sketched picks and a link to a pretty photo of yourself in your neighborhood. Tell us why you love where you live and why these sellers are distinctive. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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