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Fresh Shop: seboldsoriginals handmade and vintage goods

I stumbled upon these amazing felted animals by seboldsoriginals while using Pounce Undiscovered. They are fun and whimsical creatures and I can’t believe they are completely felted. As described by the makers, these “one piece” felt creatures are made from 100% pure Merino wool, and sebold individually felts each item by hand with no stitches or seams!

Can you tell us a little about the people behind seboldsoriginals? Who are you and what makes you tick? 
We are Ingo Hans and Rhian Wyn Rushton and we live in the UK. Ingo is German and from Berlin, Rhian is Welsh i.e. from Wales. We met while working in an animation film company in Berlin in 1998.

There is a long and vibrant tradition of felt-making in northern Europe in Sweden and Germany. Their markets often have a few people selling felted items: slippers or Pantoffeln have been made the same way for generations. This felt-making tradition somehow escaped the U.K. In Wales we had the tradition of weaving wool into beautiful blankets, and one of my earliest memories is sleeping under a prickly woolen blanket in my grandparents’ house and wondering why they didn’t have sheets like we had at home!

So I guess my love of wool in all its forms started back then. I would collect it from the prickly gorse bushes on the hills, spin it with a drop spindle, knit it, crochet it, and wear it. The smell of wool comforts me, and today I collect these old blankets and have a bit of a Mohair obsession. Felt is the luxurious extreme state of wool. Somehow having gone through this amazing magical process it becomes something else; it evokes memories of warm comforting porridge with brown sugar and fresh butter eaten in front of a fire.

What inspires you as a creative person?
We are both inspired by all sorts of things: sometimes inspiration comes from old forgotten items, things not made anymore, not sold anymore in today’s shops, like those picturesque woven labels that look like little illustrations in silk thread or a naïve felt toy of a dog stitched by hand. We both collect oddities like plump little limbs of a porcelain doll discarded in a box at the flea market, or a peculiar fat necked Gandhi figure in clay with giant round glasses drawn lovingly on his face. Someone cared enough about the making process to spend the time in making it.

Seeing other people’s incredible work on Etsy is an inspiration. It is a real eye opener for us to see how much is going on out there and how many people are making, innovating some really skillful work.

How do you like Etsy so far?
We think Etsy is amazing. We love popping in there to see what’s going on: there is a sense of community that is difficult to create on an internet site.
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