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Fresh Shop: Flyinghousewife handmade and vintage goods

Remember your fourth grade penpal from the USSR that wrote you one letter politely inquiring about your school and then never responded to your urgent questions like Do they have Alf in the Soviet Union or what? Last week when I was searching for items to feature in the emails I write, I flew headlong into flyinghousewife: a cute new shop with one innovative idea: selling handmade, handwritten letters. Now you can choose from six flavors, ahem, topics of correspondance and in a few short days a totally engaging letter will appear in your unloved and underused mailbox. Voila, instant penpal!

I chose the one that promised to include a recipe for delicious-sounding lemon bars, and my letter from Joon arrived  quickly, with the promised recipe and a ultra sweet letter that was written to me (not some canned paragraphs that could apply to anyone out there). In fact, flyinghousewife’s letter made me immediately want to get out my stationary and write her back. And that is penpal magic, friends.

I’ll let you know how the lemon bars turn out!

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  • sixsisters

    sixsisters says:

    This couldn't happen to a more deserving shop owner. Hooray for Joonie !!!

    7 years ago

  • jessicajane

    jessicajane says:

    so cool. I had a penpal from St. Petersburg Russia from like 3rd grade until high school. We quit writing once we got older, and just last month I found her address and wrote, and I got a letter back about a week ago! It would be sweet to meet her one day.

    7 years ago

  • jamieribisi

    jamieribisi says:

    That's so freakin cool! We used to make slap books that you would put your return address tamp on which was cusomt made per mail order (before the age of internet) and it had a pick of your favorite band and a song quote. Then you'd write an obnoxiously long list of other bands you like and interests. It was like a catalogue of your penpals and all of their pen pals-- it was like Myspace for the 90's!

    7 years ago

  • jamieribisi

    jamieribisi says:

    *return address stamp*

    7 years ago

  • VintageScraps

    VintageScraps says:

    How odd, in a cool way of course! I love the concept, and enjoyed looking around her store :)

    7 years ago

  • ArguingTheMobius

    ArguingTheMobius says:

    very cool, look forward to purchasing one in the near future :)

    7 years ago

  • ponyup

    ponyup says:

    wow, that is genious. it's so human in a technological world.

    7 years ago

  • preciousquilts

    preciousquilts says:

    Congratulations! This is the sweetest person you could ever come across. All her letters are from the heart and so meaningful.

    7 years ago

  • alisclair

    alisclair says:

    This is so beautifully Joon. A wonderful shining personality. Well done Joon you deserve the spotlight ;0)

    7 years ago

  • flyinghousewife

    flyinghousewife says:

    I am overwhelmed by the response to my new shop. Thank you, Anda, for this thoughtful and beautifully composed feature. Thank you to everyone who has shown their support for my handwritten letter revival ~ the hearts, convos, comments and orders are heartwarming and inspiring. I was unsure about this shop concept. I am so glad I followed my heart and intuition. <--- I highly recommend this. :) Even in its infancy, this venture is immensely gratifying. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Here's to new friendships. ox joon

    7 years ago

  • stacysdesigns88

    stacysdesigns88 says:

    OMGGGGG! Congrats Joon! I'm so happy for your success and such an excellent article for one awesome shop and one exceptional woman. Creative, refreshing, thoughtful, charming, and best of! Yayyyyy! ;)

    7 years ago

  • wildrubies

    wildrubies says:

    What a delightful unique idea . Good Luck with your shop!

    7 years ago

  • GatheringSplendor

    GatheringSplendor says:

    Lovely--much luck

    6 years ago

  • baublestore

    baublestore says:

    Good for you and great work!

    6 years ago