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Featured Team: Natural Kids Team handmade and vintage goods


This week’s Featured Team, NaturalKids, makes sweet, wholesome products for your little ones!  We love the way these toys inspire creativity while staying true to their natural materials.  You’ll find these items are crafted with a lot of love, and it seems this affection pours into their Team as well!  The NaturalKids Team has a great website and blog to promote their work and also holds weekly promotions in the Forums.  We love how they’ve created their own co-operative advertising program within the Team and have ads running on parenting websites!  To learn more about this Team (including how to join) check out their Team Profile.  To see all the products made lovingly by NaturalKids Team members, simply search “naturalkids team“.


BeneathTheRowanTree | lalaspequenos | pupa

Young Reindeer

pupa loves the camaraderie within the Natural Kids Team. “Being part of Natty Kids is always inspiring! Crafting can get lonely, so it’s nice to know there is a very fun, supportive group of fellow crafters out there.”

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The Maple Wood Triangle Teether

“We love making handcrafted wooden teethers in our little backyard in Ohio! We love the Natural Kids Team because they are so wonderful and talented and it is a perfect place to interact and connect with other artists. I am thrilled to be a part of this magical team,” says member littlealouette.

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woolies is the leader of this incredible Team. She explains how they work together: “We have a promotion thread going at all times. We make Treasuries that feature each other’s work. But more than that, we support each other, and many members have become close friends. We mentor each other; if there are situations that we are unsure of, we know that we can come to the team for help. This also applies to non-business related stuff!”

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Three Little Birds, Shapes and Colours

BeneathTheRowanTree says that, “Being part of the Natural Kids Team speaks to me as a parent and as an artist. I love working with natural materials and feeling their life and energy, being connected to the source. Even more than this I love to place natural items in my daughter’s hands, and the hands of other children, and watch their faces light up and their imaginations take flight with the possibilities of what they are holding, warm and soft and gentle, in their hands.”

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Becky, a sweet 16-inch Waldorf doll

I had to include this doll by FaerieRebecca who named her after a Teammate!  “Becky aka TheSingingBird (who came out to visit me at a craft show recently) oooo-ed and ahhhh-ed over the doll, so I had to name the doll after her when I listed her here on Etsy!”  Rebecca is also a Team Leader of the Natural Kids Team and is inspired daily by “…the most generous, cooperative spirit in this Team!”

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Gnome Woods Playscape

WhimsicalMom “Being a Mommy is the most wonderful experience I have ever had and playtime is the best! My mission is to create whimsies that will spark not only a child’s imagination but parents’ as well. We all need to play:) I really enjoy making toys that come to life in a child’s hands and imagination..not with batteries.”

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Newborn Noonie

lalaspequenos creates these cozy Noonies to keep your babe warm and gnome-y.  “The use of natural products is an integral part of my designs. The Natural Kids Team embraces that philosophy and provides me with support and encouragement to keep doing what I love!”

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Wooden Gnome Rainbow Memory Game

mamakopp not only makes lovable toys for children, but a lot of them have an educational element.  She explains, “Learning is so much more fun with gnomes!” She loves making items for children. “I just love being part of heirloom toymaking; it’s the best job besides being a mother.” You can see the love for natural materials in her work!

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Butterfly Design Cotton Acorn Hat

butterflydesign says, “I love being a part of the Natural Kids Team because they celebrate the joys of childhood and the earth all in one Team. And we only have one of each, shouldn’t they be celebrated?”

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Mushroom House Set with Flowers, Walkway and Pixie

LittleElfsToyshop uses natural materials to create little worlds for children to immerse themselves in.  She says, “In a world where everything is made of plastic, buzzing with beeps and rings, perhaps returning to a simpler way of life is just what is needed. With my toys, I try and bring back simple, imaginative play using natural materials to excite a child’s imagination. In so doing, these toys are better for the environment and for your children, as well.”

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rainbowLotusNaturals | birchleafdesigns | BellaWinter

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    such sweet choices for kids. great work!

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  • artfann

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    FaerieRebecca: Thank you for your reference. I was actually familiar with Rudolf Steiner but not the Waldorf concept. I was thinking it was "something with yarn for hair." :) I will keep this Team in mind for my friends ages 5 and under.

    6 years ago

  • lovealittle

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    I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful Etsy Team. All the work here is fantastic ♥

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  • oritdotandolls

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    artfann- waldorf education is a stream of ecucation founded by Rudolf Steiner, this education have specific way of creating the dolls and toys using natural materials. When you are familiar with waldorf education you can recognize the dolls and toys without words You may contact me if you want to know more or remember waldorf education for future to come...

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