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Etsy Labs Shop Critique: Week 13 handmade and vintage goods

Each week the Etsy Labs critiques a brave seller and gives them tips and tricks to enhance their shop. This week we’ll be holding our critique Friday at 1PM EDT in the shop setup room of the Virtual Labs.  This week StrawberryCouture has volunteered to take the hot seat!!

If you’d like to volunteer to be critiqued, please add your name on this thread. See also, past Shop Critique articles.

  • PicturesofLily

    PicturesofLily says:

    I am never able to make any of the shop critiques (not yet anyway). I love to read the summaries that are sometimes posted afterwards. Is there anyway you guys can start doing this regularly? Or is there any way to record the workshop? So many people would enjoy seeing these, that aren't able to, or forget to be there. The one time I was able to make a critique workshop, I found it so interesting and informative and I know others would too. Please consider making them a permanent record, somehow.

    7 years ago