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Storque Digest: Oct 15-21 and Oct 22-28 handmade and vintage goods

Highlights and headlines of recently published Storque posts and things to look out for in the near future.   Hot Posts, Posts for Shoppers, Contests, News, Announcements for All, Events, Posts for the Sellers, Lifestyle pieces, and Etc. Please leave your comments on this new format and let us know if this Storque Digest is helpful.   Enjoy!

Hot Posts

 Keep your eye out for the November Newscast, coming soon. HeyMichelle will be newscasting and we’ll have more weather updates from Charles (aka winenutnyc), another puppet interview from StaceyRebecca and sarawearsskirts, and other good stuff. Here are the posts with the September and October Newscasts, for your viewing pleasure. View all Etsy Newscasts.

Posts For Shoppers:

This Just In: When you’re searching on Etsy, a helpful grey sidebar appears with tips for how to conduct your search. Really helpful for newbie shoppers!

 Alison aka TeenAngster has brought our attention to a Mustard Yella trend and we’re feeling vaguely nostalgic and hungry. We’re testing out launching this trends piece with an accompanying Treasury list. Last week’s Trends piece sparked some Halloween costume ideas: Steampunk and Neo-Victorian Goth. View all Trends pieces.

 This week’s Featured Buyer is Amy from Greenjeans, a Brooklyn boutique that showcases finely crafted handmade items.  We hear from Amy about her reasons for buying handmade. Last week’s was Almitra, who works as a set coordinator on movie sets. Yes, she does dish a bit of celeb gossip! View all Featured Buyer pieces.

Etsy Success Stories series brought you an interview with Circa CeramicsView all Etsy Success Stories.

 Last week’s Fresh Shop series spotlighted Etsy newbie Madonnab. This Thursday brings you Anda’s pick, so stay tuned. View all Fresh Shops.

Etsy Admin are bringing you special Halloween Etsy Finds this week. Some have been a bit on the dark side, so read with caution!

 Also, refer your hubbies and boyfriends’ to winenutnyc‘s regular series A Dude’s Perspective: How to Shop for Your Lady.

Contests, News, Announcements for All :

Matt will be announcing an exciting and thought-provoking new initiative this week. Soon! Stay tuned!

This week is the final countdown to the Halloween Costume Contest deadline, Friday, October 26.  Winners will be announced on Wednesday, Oct 31st.  We’ll have a special Featured Buyer this week highlighting the judges’ top picks. View all posts relating to this contest.

 Jared also made an important Poster Contest announcement about opting-out of the printing if you want to rescind your permission to let us print your copyrighted images. You can look at all Contests posts about every type of Etsy contest here.

The Storque got a “related items” ticker on the front page, though it’s been criticized for looking too similar to the “newly listed items” ticker. We have plans for a redesign including headlines, though we have to get in line behind other engineering needs.

The About page was updated and redesigned; more content coming soon and read about it here on The Storque. It includes our new EPK "About Etsy" video, which is a great Etsy link to send around to loved ones who need to be clued into buying handmade. You can also check out our new Press page, if you care to.

Also, the Support Team will be posting a new Customer Care Tip relating to purchasing on Wednesday.

We posted about our policy changes: we will now sometimes be including links or attachments in our emails out to the community. We promise no spam, pinky swear! But we needed to do this for efficiency’s sake. We’re developing opt-in mailing lists, so stay tuned for more on that soon.


Majestica, an artist collective from Pluto (no, I mean Seattle) joins us at the Labs for an artist-in-residency.  They’ll be holding many an Online Workshop and bringing their crazy stylings to the Etsy Labs Halloween Party zone (Saturday, October 27).

 Portland will be in full effect at the Etsy Labs for their PDX Team trunk show on Friday October 26th.

Mary, Anda, Kelly, Christine, Julie and Danielle went down and worked the weekend at the Pumpkin Festival and represented the Virginia contingency. 

 Adam and Lori attended the Austin Maker Faire and brought an amazing GIANT pillow and literally projected Etsy onto their tent walls. Stay tuned for their round-ups from these events.

 Look to the Teams Digest for the latest on events put on and well-stocked by Etsy sellers around the world.

Posts for the Sellers:
 October has been Get Your Shop Ready for the Holidays month. The Etsy Labs produced a series of Holiday How-tos, hosted Shop Critiques on Fridays and shared tips in the Your Shop 101 series on Wednesdays.  Last week’s Recommended Blog was 30 Days to a Better Shop by ChristinaPerdue. This is advice geared to get you on track and fully prepared.  November is the month for online holiday shopping, so don’t wait!

On the TechUpdates front, we’ve had a flurry of updates about tagging.

A revamped Team Page is up for the meantime while the grand and wonderful Community section of the site is in the works; read the Storque overview here.

The Community Team is bringing you Forum Decorum, Team Tips and a Teams Digest of events and goings-on. We have a regular series of Team profiles. Etsy Green and Clean Guild was the latest. Stay tuned for a profile of Portland locals PDX Team on Friday, coinciding with their PDX Team trunk show at the Etsy Labs.

Bethela’s series on pricing has gotten off to a great start. Tomorrow, we’ll be posting her piece on Pricing as an Indicator of Value.

For those of you interested in legal info, SarahSays’ column pointed to some interesting and stinky case-law last week: the case of Pull My Finger Fred. View all posts from her column.

 Showcase sales start again soon: Storque Showcase goes on sale on October 29th, Main Showcase goes on sale October 30th. Look for Showcase alerts on The Storque.

 The community was a buzz with news of Martha Stewart mentioning Etsy on her show, thanks to the GlitterWorksStudio‘s prompting (thank you). 

The community also caught on to the potential to catch Ellen’s eye. We will be posting a DIY PR piece with recommendations from Admin about sending promo items to TV shows. See all Etsy in the Press items.

For the Reviews section, we are looking for folks who’d like to write product, supplies and equipment reviews. Post your ideas in this forum thread.


 Get inspired to support indie artists and designers! This Handmade Life section brought you the inside scoop on how Monome, an electronic musical instrument, was developed. 

 In her piece, crafty-guru Jenny Hart dares us to talk about needlecrafting across generations and styles and the importance of embracing your local needlework shop.

 The Gotham Girls bully you into checking out rollerderby (no, just kidding!). The lovely kellyk17 and roxybalboa are featured in the piece.

The Storque continued our Open Studio Tours series with Etsy artist ElasticCoSee all our Open Studio Tours.

Look to the Craftivism section for the latest on crafting-for-causes pieces, such as MarieMarie’s Virginia Tech piece. A really cool piece about Etsy For Animals just came out, so if you feel for furries, give this one a read.

You may feel like trying your hand at felt after reading hobocampcrafts’ book review of Felt Underground.

 We just posted is moogancreationsreview of DIY Kids.


And Etc!

BurdaStyle contributed an awesome open-source sewing pattern for a doggie jacket to nomorenekkiddogs’s Etsy Pets piece. And Pete and Anda’s kitties have been getting some kitteh love from the community. Next week we’ll be posting more Halloween costumed Etsy Pets.

We’ve returned with more Funny Forum quotes from abitabite this week. See all Funny Forum Quotes.

Thanks to yespr for his new comic. We’re constantly on the hunt for great cartoonists, if you’d like to recommend any in the comments of these cartoon posts. 



Please let us know if this Storque Digest is a worthwhile thing to do for you readers! Do you like it, love it?  Hate it ? Shrug and say Ehhn? Comment below, yes, please do.

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