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Seller How-To: Finding Your Etsy Niche handmade and vintage goods

So you’re a seller on Etsy. You’re trying to get your name out there and be noticed. However, standing out in the crowd of enormously talented sellers and the wide variety of high-quality items is no easy feat.  In fact, it can be daunting. How do you make your work seem different than everything else that’s already out there?

Let’s talk about finding your “niche” at Etsy and running a shop that has your distinct stamp of individuality.

Developing a unique style and approach with your shop is the best way to successfully carve out a niche for yourself. You know the items that are immediately recognizable as a certain seller’s handiwork? That’s what I’m talking about. These sellers have found their niche by cultivating a style that is immediately recognizable.

Finding your Etsy niche implies not replicating what the shop next door is doing just so you can sell. It means you have to be creative, experiment with the craft you know how to do well, and define your own personal universe so that it shows in your shop and items.

Elsita is an ideal example of someone who has quickly and successfully found her niche at Etsy. Her shop has a variety of different items: dolls, jewelry, illustrations, sculptures — yet all are marked with her individual Elsita-style brand and blend harmoniously in her shop. Result? A neatly carved Elsita niche! “Success should never be a goal,” Elsita says. “Success is always the result of something else, which in my opinion is:

1. Do what you know how to do and try to do it the best you can.

2. Be yourself, use your own unique universe as a source of inspiration.

3. Don’t get used to the same thing; have fun, explore and try something different.”

Elsita’s way of exploring and defining her personal universe is through her sketchbooks and notebooks.

“My favorite one is called ‘Elsa against Asle.’ (Elsa is my name and Asle is my name spelled backwards.) This book is all about exploring ‘Asle,’ which is the part of me that I never get to know enough. Anytime I try something new in my art I get to know a part of me that it is less obvious.”  

Another successful seller with a unique sense of style is Kreativlink, who is based in Austria. Kreativlink’s handmade journals and sketchbooks have a distinctive and inimitable quality, and are easily recognizable on Etsy as…well, Kreativlink! She says, “Finding a free niche at Etsy? Almost impossible. But finding your style, that’s the thing! Don’t think whether something will sell or not. Don’t look at what others do or what others sell. Just concentrate on your thing. Experiment. Make it over. Try different materials or techniques. Go bold and crazy! Don’t think about customers, make it just for YOU. Exactly the way YOU like it. You will come up with something you truly love and it will reflect your personality and your ideas. And that’s what people like to buy here on Etsy. They do not only buy a notebook, for example. That’s available at each supermarket, and probably less expensive than what I make. What they buy is my personality, my ideas, my dreams and yeah — my journals!”

Other sellers successfully find their niche by focusing on something that is close to them, so that creating is an enjoyment. Heli of helis is a talented artist based in Turkey, and despite her many skills in various mediums (painting, drawing, ceramics, knitting, crochet, papier-mâché…you name it!), she has found her Etsy niche by dedicating her shop items to an endearing “superhero” character and the character’s friends. Helis says, “This character (and her friends) are close to my heart, and I enjoy thinking about what she will do next. This character is easy to add to different kinds of items (T-shirts, dolls, paintings, prints…maybe later small bags or pouches). There are so many possibilities with her and her friends. The ‘family’ is growing and can grow to eternity.”  

“For me, the important things [to cultivate] in my products are distinctiveness, good quality materials and good customer service. I sketch a lot and let my imagination fly free. I don’t try to [make an] item that would sell a lot or is trendy. I make what gives me joy and will hopefully put a smile on my customers’ face.”

Let your imagination fly free. Discover your personal universe. Experiment in the craft that you do well, or learn a new one and add your own individual flavor. Try to think outside the box and not do exactly what you were taught or what you see others do. Put your stamp on your items, photographs and product descriptions, and keep it consistent. Before you know it, your item listings will be easily recognizable as “yours” and you will have successfully found your own Etsy niche!

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    What a fantastic article and I agree wholeheartedly, just love what you are creating and create for love not to make money.

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    Kreativlink's statement really sums it up for me: "Don’t think about customers, make it just for YOU. Exactly the way YOU like it. You will come up with something you truly love and it will reflect your personality and your ideas. And that’s what people like to buy here on Etsy." When I opened my shop, I knew I had to make exactly what I would love -- what I DO love -- and not try to cater to what I think customers would want. It may be riskier ... but it is a very true and comfortable place to be in.

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    I'm so happy that people are still reading my article and taking the time to comment. Thank you very much! Stay creative, continue to define your own aesthetic and love what you make. Use it as a means of personal expression. Most of all: Have fun with your shop!

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    Has the thought ever crossed your mind, "man, I'm so glad I'm me, and not like Miss/Mr. X..." Celebrate who you are and what sets you apart from everyone else. What you know you can do well, with pride, will just fall in place naturally. It may take a little time to fine tune your product, but you will arrive.

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  • monkeyandsquirrel

    monkeyandsquirrel says:

    Great article. It can be tempting to play to the crowd, but what's really special about etsy is how many different points of view are out there. Very insiring!

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    That was great advice for a new seller. I've had a storefront in Loon Lake for 16 years and have a quite 'distinct' style. I am really excited about the prospect of a wider audience. I've thrown away items that I've made simply because I didn't like them and some friends actually have gone into my trash to retrieve them. But being a Virgo, I'm a tad picky. I intend to read and reread all the wonderful articles that successful Etsians have written and take full advantage of their wisdom. Thanks for a great article.

    6 years ago

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    Great article, everything I do i do for myself and I love every single piece - the only jewellery that isnt mine is the jewelery someone asks me to make for them, their preference so to speak... I have always been this way. Having studied illustration and design at University I understand the "make what you love" approach, I dont think you would be very happy if you didnt after all I believe it is a natural creative tendancy anyway. Oh yes you can copy stuff but would you be happy doing that? Whilst at Uni we were encouraged to look at how painters developed their painting and to copy a painting ie, a van gough, then were asked to paint a self portrait in the style of the artist we had originally chosen to copy. this was a great learning curve because from this your own ideas and styles emerge. Artist love to be together to encourage and inspire so to do Etsians and we do learn and get ideas from each other and are truy inspired. sorry for going on so.

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    I enjoyed the article very much. Although I've been striving to make the site "MY STORE", I hadn't really thought about it as a "niche". And I like what you say about making it as if it is for yourself. I use or have used everything I've made. I wouldn't sell something that I couldn't or wouldn't use myself. Thanks for the encouraging article.

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    It is so true! In person, when I sell my work, it is work of my soul that sells first. The minute I start making pieces for the mass market or the comment "you should make those..." I'm stuck with them. I'm new to etsy, and my goal is to use this technology to show my quirky, fun, original work to a wider audience.

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  • lettodesign

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    Yes, that's the crux of it. As individualized, ever-evolving sparks of the Divine, we are each unique creators, and our work cannot help but reflect this. Handmade is a living, breathing thing, imbued with the unique stamp of soul, of divine shakti, born of love. Upholders of the handmade revolution unite!

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    Thanks this is a really helpful article. Having always had an eclectic approach to design, this article makes me pause to consider the focus of my shop. It is easy to become distracted by so many beautiful items on Etsy and lose confidence - I've been there. But hey inspiration is given to be used, we've got to trust it and let it show. Surely our individual inspiration will shine out and our identity become apparent. You're right onemorning85 - forget competition, forget just trying for sales, forget doubt about your own work and just share the inspiration that flows and the focus will follow. Thanks again for an extremely helpful and thought provoking piece - much appreciated.

    5 years ago

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    that is what i am doing is trying to find my problem is i am like the jack of trades.....but don't feel like the master of any..... thanks kay

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    I also am a jack of all but I believe in craftsmanship and quality so my inner perfectionist usually rules my universe!Hoping that my switch in materials won't throw people off. I do agree in finding your style and staying true to your own creativity...that in the end is what will satisfy your soul. Thank you for for allowing us to see the inner workings of other artists/object makers, inspiring! :0)

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