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Featured Buyer: Style Bubble handmade and vintage goods

This week’s Featured Buyer is Susie Bubble. Susie writes all her random thoughts, findings, observations and experiments on fashion on her (amazing!) blog Style Bubble. Her childhood nickname was derived from being known as the girl who day-dreamed in her own world, pondering black patent T-bar shoes, Japanese mochi sweets, and old Nico records. Read on friends, with an English accent in your heads. Here goes!

This collar only slightly hints at being fetish-wear (being made of rubber and all), but the bow sweetens it up immediately.

Lounging at home and watching TV in sweat pants is not me.  Lounging at home reading fashion magazines in cute ruched shorts/bloomers is.

The touchy-feely quality of this felt tote is superb in itself, and the simple tree print is a bonus.  I also like the way the arm hole looks like it molds into the body.

Pearls and perspex is a stark/funny contrast.  I’d like to wear this with a PVC dress and multiple strings of pearls, just to further enhance that contrast.

Estella, played by Gwyneth Paltrow from Great Expectations, would love this.  There is an early 90’s sleek ‘n’ chic vibe about it, but it also has a quirky touch with the washer loops at the bottom. 

I’ve found the perfect dress to meet the boyfriend’s parentals in. It’s demure, cute, polished and refined all-in-one, with the vintage lace, gold shimmer linen and short-ish shape.

Where have those days of wearing top hats gone?  They should be easily brought back with this little grey topper perched on the head.  The hair need not be in a traditional bun, though, as the veil cascading over messy loose hair is much more 21st century.

I’m not sure whether I want to display this or wear it as it’s a stunningly shaped object. The pleated fabric is used to beautiful effect here.

Rob Ryan’s work is well-known and I’m glad the prices of his work haven’t rocketed, given he has gotten so much press coverage. My walls are bare at the moment, but I would love misterrob to fill them.

Though the seller’s name is BoudoirQueen, it would be criminal to restrict this cuff to the bedroom. The combination of materials of different periods/origins would make it a conversation piece in itself.

I’ve often wondered what a bottle of Merlot would look like in the form of a dress and now I know.  I love the dramatic touches with the full on ruffled collar and the jagged triangular belt.

The obsession with found-materials-made-new continues, and to ensure the delicate nature of this dress is not over-emphasised, I want to wear it with square-toed studded ankle boots.

We are getting our “wooly scarf” weather earlier than expected in the UK, and you can’t go wrong with a black and grey combo, with the added “twist.”

I hate to declare statements like “The pencil is the skirt of the season,” but it’s certainly worth investing in a few.  Especially when they are made-to-fit like this one…and do I predict a mini-comeback for cord?

Wearing a ribcage around your neck is a much more subtle statement than skull and crossbones. Why is it that other parts of the skeleton don’t get as much attention as the skull?

The print is geometrically ambiguous (falling rain or blue pearls?) and the shape is a perfect tulip.  Combine the two and you get this magnificent skirt.

There’s something quite organic about the texture of this clutch, and though carrying a ladylike leather clutch is all very well, this one would turn heads.

I’m ready to don some warrior wool gear with these gauntlets and headband in a rich regal yellow.  It’s a defiant statement against pretty and granny-like woollen mittens.  

Tune in next Wednesday for Featured Buyer Mymy, who will  also answer some interview questions!