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American Craft Council Salon Series: Boutiques and How They Blog handmade and vintage goods

Etsy recently attended one of the American Craft Council’s excellent salons. The Council’s book-filled offices (it’s actually a library that’s open to the public — a well-kept NYC secret!) in Manhattan were filled to capacity.  What brought people down? Brooklyn store owners Amy Shaw of Greenjeans and Rena Tom of Rare Device shared their secrets on successful blogging. (Rena’s new partner in the San Francisco store, Lisa Congdon, was actually one of our Featured Buyers here on The Storque!)




Creative Director Jeanette Abbink brought us up to speed with the Council’s events:

"In May the American Craft Council, a national nonprofit educational organization founded in 1943 by Aileen Osborn Webb, kicked of its Summer in the City salon series in its historic and extensive library on 72 Spring Street, New York. It began with a presentation by New Zealand based furniture maker David Trubridge about his adventurous travels, luminous career and the unification of contemporary craft and design. Then in July came Reverend Callie Janoff of the NYC Church of Craft and Hodge Podge clothing designer Cal Patch who stirred the crowd with their talk on the do-it-yourself renaissance and its effect on today’s marketplace.

Brooklyn gallery owners Amy Shaw (Greenjeans) and Rena Tom (Rare Device) capped off this popular series with their discussion on how lively and topical blogs can bring together craft and design lovers. The series along with the relaunch of American Craft magazine is part of the new and fresh voice in craft."

Further Resources:
For those of you interesting in seeing what the event was like, go to (where else?) the blogs of Greenjeans and Rare Device.  Here’s Greenjeans round-up from the talk.

The Indie Craft Documentary‘s Faythe Levine was there too. Check out her Etsy shop indiecraftmovie where she’s raising funds for the doc.

Church of Craft is a network of crafters. Find a chapter near you! 

Grace of DesignSponge was at the event as well.  She’s got a great blog about design and art. She was also a Trendspotter on the Storque.