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18 Creative Cardboard Box Costumes

Oct 24, 2014

by Valerie Rains handmade and vintage goods

Half the fun of Halloween is watching your friends, kids, and coworkers hobble around in awkward, bulky costumes that make even the simple act of eating lunch seem like poorly conceived mime routines. (Even better? Watching these same folks attempt to dance to “Monster Mash” while so attired.)

And when it comes to awkward, bulky costumes, few base materials top the ubiquitous cardboard box. You could be an old TV set! A carton of tissues! An unlucky knife-thrower’s assistant strapped to a spinning cardboard wheel!* And so, in tribute to this corrugated workhorse, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite cardboard costumes from across the Internet. Note: Don’t limit yourself to right-angled Rubik’s cubes and fuzzy dice (so square!); instead, let these wildly creative applications, from animals to inanimate objects, edibles to accessories, help you — yes — think outside the box.

Which ones would you try? Tell us in the comments.

*Disclosure: I have dressed up as all of these things in the last decade, and my cardboard replica of a circa 1985 TV, modeled after my own still-working relic, sits proudly on a shelf in my apartment to this day.

Light up the room disguised as a sprinkle-topped slice of birthday cake.

Tote a tot with a designer pedigree (Baby Birkin, anyone?).

Pay homage to a favorite style of architecture or join up with friends to construct an entire city block.

Add colorful duct-tape features to the feathered friend of your choosing.

Turn your noggin into a cuckoo clock (and prep yourself for a night of jokes about your sanity).

Go for a low-fi dino.

Stick your neck out.

Try a foldable DIY cat mask (painting the stripes is up to you).

Show the lightning bug some costume love

Boot up a bot (just add dryer ducting).

Imagine an elephant taking his tea.

Say cheese (again and again and again).

Know what’d be a good sister costume for this one? Thimble-ina.

A few extra sets of arms would come in handy for pulling off a work of art like this.

Make a splash with a mini-mermaid getup.

Call upon the bat in the hat.

Take off with the Wright stuff.

Draft an artful reproduction (like photographer Christian Tagliavini’s series).

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