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16 Holiday Gifts Your Dog Will Love

Nov 18, 2014

by BarkPost handmade and vintage goods

Stacie Grissom is the editor of the BarkPost, a lifestyle site for dog lovers showcasing all that’s new, moving and impossibly cute — from DIYs to viral videos. For all the dog stuff you could ever need, follow the BarkPost on Facebook or Pinterest.

When it comes to spoiling family members, there is nothing more satisfying than pampering your pup. As all you humans out there begin gathering the perfect gifts for your four-legged loved ones this holiday season, here at the BarkPost, we wanted to think of the pups who don’t have homes — yet! To give a few of these fluffy individuals a leg up in the adoption race, we’re putting the spotlight on three available pups you can find on the Tinder-like discovery app, BarkBuddy — along with great gift ideas for other pooches of similar size and disposition. There’s no better time to bring home one of these cuties and start showering him or her with affection (and handmade toys).

For Small Pups Like Diamond


This darlin’ Jack Russell might have more scruff than shine in the presentation department, but she’s definitely a diamond in the rough. Her rescuers immediately saw the potential in that fuzzy face and scrambled to save her from a high-kill shelter. For the lucky family who brings her home, these gifts would be a great way to give her a warm holiday welcome!

A new member of the family means a new addition to tradition! Let Diamond know she’s officially part of the pack with a personalized gift that’s elegant but earthy — just like her!

Diamond is a sucker for snuggles and has a sunny disposition to boot. She deserves a cozy bed that matches her upbeat paw-sonality!


If anyone has a silly sense of humor, it’s Diamond. Observe Exhibit A, above, where she’s yukking it up over a raunchy squirrel joke (something about “burying his nuts”).

There’s no way Diamond wouldn’t win an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest — with swag to spare — in this adorable-yet-hilarious elf getup.

Cheerful? Check! Ladylike? Check. Stylish as heck? Double check! Even if you don’t go for the obvious crystal-studded accessories, you can’t be a shrinking violet in the style department when your name is Diamond.

​To find out more about Diamond, visit Georgia Jack Russell Rescue.

For Medium-Sized Pups Like Queenie


Queenie is clearly a pup who lives up to her name — one look at those piercing and regal blue eyes will have any human melting at her paws. Here are a few fitting gift suggestions for a medium-sized lady like Queenie!

This paisley-patterned collar, with its rich, royal-blue accents, plays well against Queenie’s fawn-colored fur and is tough enough to suit this strong, high-energy lady.

Rustic, mixed-metal dog tags embossed with Queenie’s info bring just the right dose of classy bling to that colorful collar.

Queenie loves long walks with her human friends, and hikes get her extremely excited. The smooth leather of this harness will keep her looking classy while its sturdy construction (and shearling lining) ensure that she’ll stay comfortable and safe for long periods of time.

Nothing screams autumn like a good wool sweater. For a pup with short hair like Queenie’s, a cold fall and winter can be a chilly proposition, but this close-fitting crochet number will warm her right up.

Because every outdoorsy pup needs a cozy place to curl up and snuggle between walks.

Gender norms be darned! For those times when Queenie needs to look spiffy (like your family’s holiday-card portrait day, or the day she meets the rest of your family), a blue tie will highlight her wonderful coloring.

If you’d like to learn more about Queenie and how special she is, pop on over to Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue or find her on BarkBuddy!

For Large Pups Like BeeBop


Next up we’ve got BeeBop, a big, lovable lug. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to find products that can stand up to a large, strong fella like BeeBop, but the items below all pass the test!

According to the Washington Humane Society, BeeBop loves long strolls and jogs on the leash. This model, made of strong paracord, is a wonderful way to safely take BeeBop on hiking, walking, or running escapades.

A large dog bed for a large fella: BeeBop also has a penchant for snuggling, so make sure to buy him a nice big dog bed with enough space for him to curl up on after a long run.

A comfy harness is key for a large dog like BeeBop.

What better treat for an American Bulldog mix than a gift pack specifically for American Bulldogs, with helpful goodies like paw- and nose-soothing rubs? Answer: nothing.

Finally, the best accessory for any pup is a collar tag with their name and your contact information — and this one is made especially for American Bulldogs like BeeBop.

Want to know more about BeeBop? Check out his profile at the Washington Human Society for a great insight into his playful spirit. As always, to find the dog of your dreams, download BarkBuddy to search fluffy singles in your area or email for more info on these pups.



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