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15 Gift Ideas for Cooks and Food Lovers

Dec 2, 2014

by Whole Foods handmade and vintage goods

Jennifer Cheng is a writer for Whole Foods Market® and a big fan of spending quality time in the kitchen. She keeps at least five kinds of mustard on hand at all times, currently owns six aprons (you know, just in case), and will almost never say no to a potluck or picnic invitation.

When it comes to giving your favorite kitchen enthusiast a gift to remember, I’m a big believer in keeping it useful, beautiful and unique. There’s nothing better than pulling out my trusty measuring cups or mixing bowls and thinking of the loved ones who gave them to me. To help you find the kinds of gifts that will have someone fondly picturing your face as they roll out a perfect, personalized pie crust or prepare a steaming cup of pour-over coffee, I’ve gathered some of my favorite cook’s tools on Etsy. Each one is equally covetable and giftable — especially when you present them in A Better Bag™, designed by Etsy seller Hillary Bird. Keep an eye out for them the next time you’re shopping in Whole Foods Market!

Handmade details like carved wooden jar lids make whatever’s inside feel extra special. Use them to dress up a gift of homemade scone mix, your favorite dried heirloom beans or some sweet treats.

I have a history of burning the corners off every square potholder I’ve ever owned, so I’m always on the lookout for cute rounded ones like these.

The perfect thing to hand to somebody when they ask if they can help in the kitchen: have them whisk together salad dressing or an egg wash for pie, or aerate a bit of flour for gravy.

This holder is a genius idea for anybody who could use a little more counter space. Keep your gadgets safe from spills and ready for recipe-browsing and cooking videos.

Whether you’re Team Mason or Team Ball, the classic glass jar is here to stay. Celebrate the perfect blend of form and function with this screen-printed organic cotton tea towel.

Never let a hot pot scorch your style. Protect surfaces and brighten the table with these cheery cork trivets.

I’m so used to having an apron on in the kitchen that when I don’t, I accidentally wipe my hands on whatever I’m wearing. Better to always have an extra apron at the ready!

The tapered edges of a French-style rolling pin give you more control, especially when rolling out deliciously delicate pie crusts and cookie dough.

For friends who are proud of their baking skills and not afraid to show it, customized rolling pins to tout their signature sweets.

One of many great reasons to serve up another slice of pie: the clever design waiting at the bottom of this fluted pie plate.

There’s no such thing as too many wooden spoons, spatulas, spoonulas, ladles, or whisks — as long as you keep them organized. These sturdy, glaze-blocked crocks do a stand-up job.

Coffee powers me through my marathon kitchen sessions! Pour-over brewing fans can get their kicks with this chic stand made of reclaimed wood and aluminum.

Herbs get a whole new lease on life once they’ve been dried on a rack. This one is especially handy because the magnetic mounting system doesn’t require drilling holes into the wall.

The more uses I can get out of kitchen tools, the better. These measuring cups also make great prep bowls or condiment-dipping dishes.

An easy way to make a garlic paste, no knives required. Rub garlic on the nubs and you’ve got a flavorful paste for marinades, or add a little melted butter or olive oil directly to the dish for dipping bread.

For more holiday inspiration, party-ready tips and our favorite recipes, check out the Whole Foods Market Holiday Guide.



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  • WildRoseAndSparrow

    Liana from WildRoseAndSparrow said 5 years ago Featured

    I love cooking all kinds of cuisine styles: living in Montreal and experiencing its very diverse gourmet palate inspires me to mix up my cooking and push the boundaries. I`m delving into French gourmet cuisine and I`d love to make a perfect souffle and macarons! :) These are great gift ideas. I love the printed tea towels and the rolling pin! The dried herbs look very Provencal, so cute and chic! :)

  • depuis

    Minagraphy from minagraphy said 5 years ago Featured

    I recently purchased a 19th century farmhouse and am constantly looking on etsy for country style with a modern twist to decorate my new home - These are all wonderful ideas! The kitchen is the first "room" in the house that will be decorated and am excited to bookmark some of these goodies! Those pimped up rolling pins have been my favorite for a while! I might have to add it to Santa's List.


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