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13 Projects to Make With Paper

Jun 1, 2015

by Aleksa Brown handmade and vintage goods

There’s something awesome about the crafting potential that exists in a piece of paper. From colorful, easier-than-it-looks geometric origami to DIY paper beads for a fashion-forward, one-of-a-kind necklace, the possibilities are truly endless. Weave your way to original wall art or turn a paper grocery bag into a 3D fruit basket. Seriously, there’s a project for every personality!

Scroll on for some of our favorite paper projects from around the web. And if you love crafting with paper, don’t forget to check out an Etsy Craft Party near you this weekend – this year’s theme is paper taking shape.

Make realistic-looking potted paper plants. Bonus: you’ll never have to water them.

Upcycling alert: Turn a paper grocery bag into a woven basket fit for fruit.

Turn your favorite photo into the cover of a mini-journal. Personalization in paper form!

DIY paper lanterns are fun party decor and add a touch of whimsy to a child’s room.

Make mantel-worthy art by cutting two photographs and weaving them together.

The main ingredient in this delicate DIY wall hanging project? Crepe paper!

Fold colored paper into amazing geometric shapes, then string them into a necklace or decorative garland.

Make a minimalist planter using a cardboard toilet paper roll as your mold.

Pretty DIY paper favors will take center stage at your next party.

Roll your own beads using bright, corrugated paper.

Add year-round intrigue to your space with DIY hanging paper ornaments in pretty patterns.

An idea worth trying: abstract art made from colorful strips of tissue paper.

Use three shades of green paper to make a leafy wreath. The neighbors will think it’s real!

What is your favorite thing to make with paper?



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