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12 Gift Ideas for Design-Minded Men

Dec 3, 2014

by Frank and Oak handmade and vintage goods


Ethan Song is the co-founder and CEO of Frank & Oak, a Montreal-based lifestyle brand and retailer for men. In partnership with Etsy, Frank & Oak recently curated a collection of handmade housewares and home decor by four Etsy vendors, some of which are featured below. 

I’ve always needed some kind of creative outlet. Growing up, I took dance and acting lessons, and I even tried my hand at directing for a while. Now, with my company Frank & Oak, I get to work with a design team every day. When we were starting our business, my co-founder and I knew we wanted to build a creative community and to inspire self-expression and entrepreneurship. And what better way to encourage creative small businesses than by supporting independent artists? The items below, in addition to making excellent gifts (for a friend or for yourself), allow you to do just that.

If you’re like me and have a lot of grooming products, it can be hard to keep them under control. This handmade caddy by Peg and Awl, made from reclaimed cypress, should do the trick. Tip: Grab a second one to line up jars or spices in the kitchen.

A great choice for friends who love to read, this adjustable upcycled table lamp (crafted from wood and an old tomato can) is earthy and unassuming.

Believe it or not, these pillows are handmade from organic flour-sack cotton by an Ohio-based illustrator. They’re simple, functional and always a conversation starter.

If you’ve ever seen my cluttered desk, you’ll know why this piece jumped out at me. Organization potential aside, I love the rustic feel of the holder’s antique wood.

No matter the situation, it’s always important to dress the part. Adjustable leather suspenders add a sophisticated touch to this simple canvas apron that the design-conscious chef in your life will surely appreciate.

For all the urban biking enthusiasts out there, this space-saving walnut rack is essential. It’s practical, but also thoughtfully integrates the bike as a piece of household art.

I’ve always got stacks of big wool blankets stashed around the living room to keep things relaxed and comfortable (and, yes, warm). They’re a necessity in the fall and winter.

It’s great to mix clean and simple industrial accessories, like these concrete coasters, with warmer, heritage-inspired pieces. (In fact, I may have to keep a few of these for myself.)

We hang landscape prints all around our office and stores — there’s something beautiful and calming about their simplicity. A Montreal photographer captured this mountaintop image.

Each of these small-batch hand-screened prints is slightly different — so you can buy them for your biking buddies in bulk.

Plants are a must in my space — they bring life to every room. These plant stands are so simple but still unique; they’ll make a statement outdoors or in.

For more of Frank & Oak’s favorites, check out the F&O Etsy page and the curated collection of Etsy products at Frank and Oak.



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