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11 Ideas for a Mother’s Day to Remember

Apr 9, 2015

by Aleksa Brown handmade and vintage goods

It’s no big mystery: The one thing every mom wants for Mother’s Day is more quality time with her kids. Whether that means going for a family hike or getting pedis together, the experiences you share that day will linger longer in her memory than any mere material object you might wrap up the morning of. Still, you wouldn’t just show up at her door empty-handed, would you? Presenting mom with a thoughtful gift tied to the activity of the day will only enhance whatever outing you’ve planned — and remind her of your sweetness in the months to come.

1. Plant a Garden

Does your mom have a green thumb? Indulge her love for gardening with a day spent in the dirt. Come prepared with a thoughtful selection of seeds; these tomato seeds produce delicious fruit ideal for eating off the vine or drying and roasting for future pizza parties.

After you’ve tended the flowers, take a break to drink some lemonade and present Mom with a sign for her flower patch. You can even get a customized version!

Another sweet gift idea: Artful gardening gloves that will remind her of your day together, long after the garden has sprouted.

2. Have a Beach Day

A day at the beach is perfect for the mom who finds peace sitting seaside, taking in the sounds of rolling waves with a solid read in hand. Spoil mom with a seating upgrade, like this handmade beach chair made of oak and leather.

Or slip a beautiful custom bookmark into her favorite read for a sentimental surprise.

Don’t forget the snacks! Starfish made of chocolate will surprise and delight.

3. Go for a Family Bike Ride

There’s nothing like a leisurely bike ride on a sunny day. Gather the family for a ride and don’t forget the bike-friendly gifts, like this luscious little bouquet in a cheerful handlebar vase.

Honor her awesomeness with a personalized bike plate. Get creative with your message or go for a classic like “#1 mom.”

If she likes to try new trails, a mounted mobile holder will help her navigate.

4. Have a Tea Party

Make tea time extra special by sending out invites, dressing up for high tea and bringing some fancy pastries to enjoy together. This loose leaf blend from Artful Tea has all the flavor of Earl Grey without the caffeine.

A special tea party calls for a special teapot.

Treat her to a tactile new tool for her trade, handmade in Belgium.

5. Meditate or Practice Yoga

Practice being present together with a mindful meditation session or a trip to your local yoga studio. This shibori cushion is perfect for a good sit.

Make it a sensory experience with a meditation gift set.

Splurge on a stylish yoga mat bag she’ll use again and again.

6. Bake Something Together

For moms who find baking more meditative than yoga, a day date in the kitchen (with help from her family sous chefs) will be an experience to treasure. Pick up all the ingredients in advance, and don’t forget to take notes on her techniques for making the greatest desserts of all time.

Ingredients for a wonderful mom measuring spoons: a dash of humor, a pinch of kindness, a spoonful of fun and a heap of happiness.

Sure, she has a rolling pin. But does she have a personalized rolling pin?

Just think of all the inspired desserts she’ll whip up on this pie plate.

7. Have a Picnic

Recapture old traditions with a picnic in the park. Good food, a handmade picnic blanket and some games are all you need for a gorgeous afternoon with mom.

Don’t forget to pack the dominoes.

A unique, picnic-themed present – like these sterling silver and bronze ant pins – will put a smile on her face.

8. Make Art

Remember when she encouraged your creativity with trips to the art store or lessons in finger painting? Pay homage to her enduring creative spirit with a grown-up art session for the whole family. Handmade watercolors will be a welcome addition to her art supply collection.

Tip: Be sure to stock up on brushes if you’ve got a large family.

Treat her to a handmade chambray apron, and go the extra mile by slipping her favorite flower in one of the pockets.

9. Go for a Hike

The mom who loves the great outdoors won’t say no to a hike, so go ahead: hit the trail! Give her a hand-painted Audubon bird call to try out on your adventure.

… or a leafy bag to carry her essentials.

Honor all the mountains you’ve climbed together – literally and figuratively – with a unique mountain ring in brass, silver or gold.

10. Admire the Stars

Camp out in the backyard with a telescope and identify the constellations with a vintage star guidebook, just like the one she gave you as a kid.

Take notes on the experience in a big dipper notebook.

Treat her to a pair of North Star earrings and thank her for always showing you the way.

11. Take a Family Photo

Whatever you decide to do this Mother’s Day, don’t forget to take a photo – that way, you can work with one of the talented makers on Etsy to create a custom gift for next year, like this custom illustration for a family of four, created by artist Mare Lloba in Spain.

…or these custom paper dolls, by North Carolina-based artist Jordan Grace Owens.

Or even this custom illustrated pendant by French artist Todd Borka. The possibilities are endless!

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