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10 Shops for Wall Decor That Will Make the Rest of the Room Jealous

Oct 24, 2019

by Jackie Buddie handmade and vintage goods

As any art collector (amateur or otherwise) knows, in the quest to find that perfect piece to tie a room together, there’s no greater thrill than stumbling upon an artist for the very first time and feeling like their work speaks directly to you. “Artists on Etsy love to experiment, which creates a wonderful opportunity to discover something that you personally find super interesting and unique,” says Lindsay O’Brien, Etsy’s senior merchandiser for home goods. “Whether you have $30 to spend on a photography print or a little more saved up for an original oil painting, you can own a one-of-a-kind work of art with a story behind it, and that’s a special feeling.” Whatever vibe you’re going for—quirky, natural, or ultra-romantic—below we’ve rounded up some of our favorite fresh shops whose innovative creations cover a spectrum of surprising methods and mesmerizing motifs. Browse our gallery, then be sure to reserve a spot in yours for your new prized piece.

Ayaka MP Art

Abstract landscape with thread stitching from Ayaka MP Art
SHOP: Abstract landscape with thread stitching from Ayaka MP Art, $30

Using an elegant combination of watercolor, collage, and embroidery, mixed media artist Ayaka Prenton creates beautifully multilayered pieces that cultivate calm and encourage contemplation. “It’s very easy for one medium to overpower the rest, so I’ve been experimenting to maximize the potential and strength of each,” explains the Michigan-based artist, whose abstract landscapes and stitched floral compositions come in a range of soothing, subdued hues. “I hope my customers feel tenderness when they view my work, and that my pieces give them a sense of both the grandeur and delicacy of nature.”

Meenal Patel Studio

Assorted illustrated prints from Meenal Patel Studio
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Super Girls + Women: Lhakpa Sherpa print, Foodie Friends print, Reading Girl print, and Rainbow High Fives print from Meenal Patel Studio, from $26 each

Featuring warm, vibrant images of women of all ages engrossed in books, sharing wholesome meals, and even scaling mountains, Meenal Patel‘s inspirational illustrations serve as heartfelt reminders that there’s strength in both solitude and sisterhood. “Drawing is the place where I can sort out all kinds of emotions, oftentimes turning them into a little bit of joy in illustration form,” Meenal says. “My hope, with my art, is that a bit of that positive energy reaches someone else, that they sense a part of themselves in my work, and it makes them feel seen or understood.”

Desirée Pfeiffer Photo

Modern Flowers still life from Desirée Pfieffer Photo
SHOP: Modern Flowers still life from Desirée Pfeiffer Photo, from $60

Inspired by the interplay between colors, textures, and shapes in nature, still-life photographer Desirée Pfeiffer painstakingly composes miniature cinematic landscapes filled with suspended florals and artful objects, then captures their quirky modern essence on film. The result? A captivating collection of ultra-lush prints that range from the whimsically surreal to rich reinterpretations of Dutch classics. “My aim is to create something contemporary, yet timeless,” Desirée says.

Candice Luter Art + Home

A large dip-dyed macrame wall hanging from Candice Luter Art + Home
SHOP: Large dip-dyed macrame wall hanging from Candice Luter Art + Home, from $286

In the market for a sizable statement piece? Candice Luter’s awe-inspiring macrame installations will add loads of texture and dimension to even the most intimidating empty space. “Most people like to place my work over beds and sofas and in those hard-to-style areas, like stairwells,” explains the Iowa-based artist and 2019 Etsy Design Awards finalist. “It’s one thing to find a piece you love that has the width you need, but to also have the vertical height has been a huge bonus.” Crafted from a mix of wood, mirrors, and neutral cotton fibers with long fringed tips, each made-to-order masterpiece can even be dip-dyed with a custom pop of color to match your existing decor scheme. 


Assorted botanical art prints from DANCELSTUDIO
SHOP: Assorted botanical art prints from DANCELSTUDIO, from $17

If, like Germany-based illustrator Danii Pollehn, your ideal environment includes lots of pretty potted friends, you’re sure to dig her sunny drawings of big, leafy botanicals and cozy, plant-filled living spaces. “With my collection, you can add more plants to your home without taking up more windowsill space,” Danii says. Snag a set of frameable postcards and prints and get your own little green gallery wall going, or hang one in a less-than-light-filled corner so you can still get your foliage fix. “I try to put the happiness I feel to be surrounded by plants and a relaxed atmosphere into every design I create,” Danii says.

Kindred Quilting Co.

Modern quilted tapestries from Kindred Quilting Co.
SHOP: Modern quilted tapestries from Kindred Quilting Co., $154 each

Contemporary textile designer Kayleigh Excell gives traditional quilting methods an on-trend twist with her colorful collection of patchwork tapestries and pennants. Carefully pieced together from cuts of soft cotton, her cheerful compositions feature bold, geometric interpretations of rolling hills, rainbows, and sunsets—each one crafted with modern interiors in mind. “My Harvest Moon was created for calm, boho spaces. The Shapes wall hanging is perfect for a fun, mid-century home, while the Mini Rainbow Pennant was designed for a nursery or gallery wall,” Kayleigh says.

MO Photography Prints

Assorted travel prints from MO Photography Prints
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Odda, Norway, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Chicago, Illinois travel prints from Mina Okamura, from $15 each

From remote Icelandic fishing villages to the cobblestone sidewalks of Denmark, Mina Okamura’s quietly stunning travel photography captures the distinct feeling of being in a particular place at a unique moment in time. “My goal is to portray the actual experience of taking the photo—the light, the wind, the smell,” says the California-based shutterbug, who hopes her gallery-quality giclée prints will instantly transport her customers to their favorite faraway destinations as well. “I fill my own walls with these photos, and each one rushes me with feelings.”


Porcelain gardenia wall flower from MAAPSTUDIO Artworks
SHOP: Porcelain gardenia wall flower from MAAPSTUDIO Artworks, $309

As in nature, each sculptural ceramic wall flower from UK-based artist Monika Skrzypkowska is completely unique. Individually carved from 100% porcelain, high-fired for indoor-outdoor durability, and fitted with a keyhole for easy hanging, these wilt-proof statement pieces are designed to grace your walls with a touch of tranquility for years on end. “My aim is to create objects that connect us with peaceful gardens and encourage us to pause,” Monika says. Whether you choose a spray of gold-lined tulips for your living room, a set of petaled tiles for your backsplash, or a single porcelain gardenia to mount above your headboard, these decorative clay blooms are sure to captivate.

Albina Bratcheva Art

Landscape oil painting gilcée print from Albina Bratcheva Art
SHOP: Landscape oil painting gilcée print from Albina Bratcheva Art, from $36

Alternating between oils, watercolors, and acrylics each time she puts paint to canvas, Ukraine-based artist Albina Bratcheva produces an inspiring array of naturalist pieces that range from vast moody landscapes to incredibly detailed floral bouquets. Snatch up one of her hand-painted originals and display it as a singular centerpiece, or pick an equally stunning print and incorporate it into your personal gallery. “I see my work in cozy homes with beautiful interiors, white walls, and high ceilings,” Albina says of her widely appealing aesthetic.

Yoshie Suzuki

The moon over the sea abstract pastel painting from Yoshie Suzuki
SHOP: The moon over the sea abstract pastel painting from Yoshie Suzuki, $300

The brightly pigmented squiggles, circles, and curves in Japan-based artist Yoshie Suzuki’s original abstract paintings come alive using a surprising technique. “I paint only with my fingers. I press my finger gently and rub the pastel on paper,” Yoshie says. By focusing on broader strokes and leaving room for imagination, Yoshie lets her customers find their own meaning in each piece—a process that’s intended to be somewhat therapeutic for the beholder. “My works are a prayer for peace and happiness,” she says. “I hope when someone sees my pictures, they heal any aches in the mind.”

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