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Getting Ready for the Holidays

Jan 1, 2010

von halloemily


“Retail is a lot like farming in that my year is very back-loaded. My holiday season is the crop harvesting, then I have to cultivate, water and let it grow during the slower times.”


The holiday season is here and now is the perfect time to show off your lovely products. Here are some useful seller resources.
Do you want to print these tips? Here is a PDF for you to download.

General Tips

  • There is a downloadable guide book to help you get started on Etsy. It contains many helpful tips and resources, from listing an item to product photography or how to gain exposure.
  • Need some help getting ready for the holidays? Check out the Etsy Holiday Bootcamp series.
  • Have you signed up for the German edition of the Etsy Success Newsletter? It gives you tips from Etsy’s seller education team and fellow top sellers on how to make your shop bloom.
  • Join an Etsy Team. Teams are a great way to get support and tips from other sellers and to connect as a community. Also, on average, team members on Etsy are 30% more successful than non-team members. Here’s how you get started on teams.

Language Settings

  • Etsy.com is now in German. Go to your account settings to set your language, currency and region preferences. And remember, no matter your settings, Etsy.com remains a single global marketplace where you can find items from all over the world.
  • Sellers can now list items in both English and German. Make sure to go to your shop settings (Shop Settings > Info & Appearance > Language) to list your products in English and German and reach an even wider audience.

Location Settings

  • Etsy is a global marketplace but we also want to support local economies. Therefore buyers can filter their search results by location. In order to show up in the location filtered results, you have to make sure to set your location. Go to your public profile in your account settings and make sure to select an option from the autosuggested drop-down locations. Find more information here.
  • We have a new feature for our Germany based sellers: The Impressum! Under certain circumstances it is mandatory in Germany to have an Impressum in your shop. Read this blog post to find out more and fill in your information in your shop settings.

Customer Service

  • To reach as many buyers as possible, make sure you ship internationally! You can either choose the option of shipping „everywhere else“ for a standard rate, or do a little research and offer different shipping fees for EU and non-EU countries. Buyers will definitely appreciate it.
  • Especially during the holiday season, buyers are keen to know when to expect an item they ordered. Shipping Notifications is a new tool to tell buyers that their purchase is on its way. When you mark an order as shipped, you’ll see a button to add a Shipping Notification. It includes a note to the buyer and tracking information. Read more about them here.
  • As a shop owner on Etsy, you can create custom coupon codes to offer special discounts in your shop. Your coupon codes are unique to your shop, and you determine when shoppers can redeem your codes by activating and deactivating them.
  • We Germans love to pay via bank transfer. Etsy is supporting this payment method for any seller who has selected a public profile location outside of the US. Make sure to go to your shop settings and add bank transfer as a possible payment method.

Growing Your Audience

  • Spreading the word about your shop is important all year around. That’s why we want to introduce a new feature to you. You can now easily connect your Etsy shop to Facebook and Twitter. Buyers will not only see a „like“ button for your Facebook page underneath the banner of your Etsy Shop, but you can also post items on your Facebook page when listing them in your Etsy Shop. Watch this Video and learn more about connecting your shop with social media services.
  • If your primary shop language is English, you can try the just launched Search Ads. A few weeks ago we launched search relevancy (instead of recency). If you want more options to promote your shop, search ads help to appear in a highlighted section of search results. More info on Search Ads here.


We hope that these tips will help you be even more successful not only during the holiday season, but beyond.

If you have questions, please get in touch via hilfe@etsy.com.

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