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Berlin: 16. April – Etsy Start-up Nights „CodeAsCraft“

Feb 15, 2012

von maikitten

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Etsy Start-Up Nights präsentiert CodeAsCraft – John Allspaw: Wie man sich auf Systemausfälle vorbereitet und sie gut übersteht.

Ihr seid ein kleines Start-Up. Eure Website oder App ist online. Genauso wie bei großen Firmen wird es bei euch zu Systemausfällen kommen – Und was dann?
Wie ihr mit Systemausfällen umgeht, wird euch Etsy Ingenieur John Allspaw, der vorher u.a. bei Flickr und Friendster gearbeitet hat, beantworten. Für Drinks ist gesorgt (Danke Held Vodka)!

John Allspaw – How to prepare for system failures and survive them gracefully

You’re a startup. You have one developer, one designer, and one business guy. You put your app online.
Amazon Web Services, BareMetal servers or other hosting services may or may not affect how often you see specific types of failures, but failures will happen.

The question is: What will you do when failure DOES happen?

Join us for a talk of Etsy’s own John Allspaw, who will get deep into the nitty-gritty of the pitfalls and challenges of responding to sometimes disorienting and escalating scenarios, and how you might be able to prepare for them.

Drinks provided (thanks to Held Vodka and Lemonaid). Discussions welcome.

About John: John Allspaw joined Etsy in 2009 as SVP of technical operations. John has built the backing infrastructures at Flickr, Friendster, InfoWorld, Salon, Genentech, among others.
He is the author of the books “ The Art of Capacity Planning“ and „Web Operations: Keeping the Data On Time“.


RSVP per Mail an mzeisler@etsy.com

20:00 –23:00 Uhr in den Etsy Labs