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Winning the Community Choice Award in 2015 by Sonia Singh

May 30, 2016

by treechangedolls handmade and vintage goods

Last year I was privileged to be awarded the Etsy Design Awards – Community Choice Award for my shop Tree Change Dolls. It meant so much to me to receive this prize! I was, and still am, amazed by the number of passionate supporters I have in this truly global community that my Etsy shop and social media have made possible over the last year.

in central park

When I started my Etsy shop, I had never sold anything online before, let alone had any experience in setting up my own small business. I didn’t really know how to begin. Luckily a came across an invitation to join Etsy Resolution – an online course with tutorial videos on how to set up and run your own Etsy shop. This not only gave me a good understanding of the basics, including lots of helpful tips from experiences sellers, but also introduced me to a wonderful community of like-minded artists, designers and craft people. It was through this group that I found out about the Etsy Design Awards.

I was excited when the finalists were announced by the Etsy judges and flattered to have been listed. Winning the Community Choice Award I owe to all my followers on social media across the world.

The award was great promotion for my shop and a great validation from Etsy about the values and ethics behind how I operate my shop and my business. I felt privileged to be recognised by Etsy and given the opportunity to visit their New York Headquarters!

giant pretzal



In April this year I my partner and I took our free trip to New York. What an amazing city! We stayed in Brooklyn, not far from the Etsy Head Quarters which overlook the Brooklyn Bridge. Visiting Etsy HQ I met with people who work in areas such as marketing, app design and community outreach. It was interesting to have a look behind the scenes and hear about how Etsy has grown over the years. I got the impression that it was a great place to work, with a lot of like-minded, creative people who were all very friendly and keen to give advice as well as interested to hear my story and my thoughts and suggestions on how they can improve things for sellers such as myself.

me and John

Of course I also got to do some sightseeing, saw a couple of Broadway shows and even got together in Central Park with a group of my Tree Change Dolls followers, where I signed cards and took lots of photos. How amazing to travel to a great city I’ve never visited before and meet up with so many people who share my creative spirit, down-to-earth values and desire to make the world a lovely place.

To vote for your favourite in this year’s Etsy Awards make sure you vote, you can make one seller’s dreams come true!


  • nayanailiffe

    nayana iliffe from NayanaIliffe said 2 years ago

    congrats, sounds like an amazing trip and a wonderful experience :)

  • endryu

    Andrii from OakKitchenBoards said 2 years ago


  • 26Seeds

    Chelsea Hopkins-Allan from ChelseaHopkinsAllan said 2 years ago

    Congratulations. I think your dolls are awesome. SO many values I respect and encourage in a product. Recycling/reuse, diversity, creativity, quality, positive self image... !!!! Well deserved!!!!

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    FRANCIS LANDRY said 2 years ago

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