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Why Are You Making For Good?

Aug 1, 2016

by Sigourney handmade and vintage goods

Foil print by WrittenByBrittany

Registrations are now open for Make For Good 2016! Sign up here to get involved with this year’s campaign.

Make For Good gives Etsy sellers from Australia and New Zealand the opportunity to work together to create a very big difference in the world. By crafting and curating beautiful items which reflect the theme “Creating Brighter Futures,” and donating at least 20% of the sale price toward Plan Australia’s Because I Am A Girl initiative, the Etsy community is able to help women and girls held back by gender inequality realise their potential and go on to make their own positive impact on the world.

With the launch of Make For Good just over a month away, we’re sharing inspiration from some of our sellers about why they’ve chosen to be a part of this campaign. Some sellers feel a personal connection to the cause, while others enjoy the opportunity to do something good for the world, while doing something good for their business. Read on to see why our community is so excited about this initiative:

I am originally from Sri Lanka and I am also a sponsor of a small girl through another charity because I understand what it is like to grow up like a second class citizen. I know what it is like to miss out on education and opportunities just because I was a girl. I was once like those girls featured in the video so if I can change even one girl’s life that would be great.


I believe that every girl and woman deserves an opportunity to access a better future, be it through education or role models. Since having my daughter 5 years ago I have been more aware than ever of the need to raise girls in a way which will make them confident, proud and strong.

Friends In The Leaves

I did it last year and it was just such a great cause. It is a cause that resonates with me. I am a woman in a non-traditional research area and would love to contribute to brighter futures for others.


Works in progress from NuviArt_, Laurie_Melia & debrabonddesigns

Works in progress from NuviArt_, Laurie_Melia & debrabonddesigns

Others are looking forward the opportunity to do something positive for their business, while doing something positive for the world;

I have always had a lot of repeat business in my Etsy shop and been able to build a caring and friendly relationship with a lot of our customers. They just rose to the occasion when it came to Make For Good.  They were almost as excited as I was to get involved in the project because of the personal connection that they had to my business.  I love that fact that my customers cannot only support me in small business but also make a difference to women and children all over the world. They wasted no time jumping in to help.


I purchased some items last year from other Etsy makers (before I was selling myself) and loved the idea. I was so excited to be involved.


I love the project! Giving back, paying forward, sharing success are all things that make me feel great and remind me the future is bright. The fact that I can help others give back through their purchase is fantastic too as it widens the giving circle so greatly.




Make For Good items in Progress from CeramicSnippets, WildSaltSpirit and LimeJewellery

For some sellers though, it’s just common sense;

Because I always donate a portion of my shop takings to a worthy cause and this is worthy. AND I have two daughters who have every opportunity in the world, when so many other girls have so few. If I can’t make a difference in a woman’s or girls life, given the privileged position I am as a white Australian woman- then what is the point of getting out of bed? We have a responsibility as women to help those less fortunate than us, this is such a great way of doing this!


Feeling inspired? Be sure you’ve registered for Make For Good 2016 and stay up to date with all the latest news, then join the conversation in the Facebook group!



  • kazzycaboodles

    Kaz from kazzycaboodles said 3 years ago

    Oh my goodness it is so fantastic to hear others and their motivation for this fantastic cause! :) I can't wait for launch day!!!! <3

  • bellablackbird

    Christine from bellablackbird said 3 years ago

    Many women in different parts of the world struggle to feed their families, empowering girls and women to help themselves in a small way makes a big difference.

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