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What’s Your Table Type?

Nov 14, 2016

by Laura Quattrocelli handmade and vintage goods

If you’ve ever shopped on then you probably know that there is an endless amount of stunning one-off handmade ceramics and homewares for sale. From the wabi-sabi nice to hold cups and saucers, to the clean cut minimalistic dinner plates for a sophisticated party.

It doesn’t matter what your style is, there’s something for everyone on Etsy which is why we had to celebrate with a lunch themed as “Difference Makes Us.”

Earlier in the month we asked some long-term friends of Etsy to dine with us and celebrate all that makes us unique, by mixing and matching from a variety of homewares (all found on Etsy) to create their own perfect table style.

You can buy all the pieces seen in the images below for yourself, right here.

Etsy Homewares

Triangle dish from Liquorice Moon Studio, Plates by Kirsten Rose Ceramics, Spotted bowl bySusan Simonini, Wooden spoon by Gyspie Squaw and Sons, Foil leaves by Foiling Star, Plate by Urban Cartel and geometric magnets by Fiddle Leaf


Marble coasters from Whitewick Home, Bowls and plates from Urban Cartel, Concrete plate by Fox and Ramona, Mr Draper Linens, Tea light from Bon Luxe and cookie by Sweet Mickie.


Cup and Bowl by Sarah Murray Ceramics, Bind | Fold Linen, LIttle dishes from Pirdy and Mari Bray


Be Kind, Be Honest, Be Silly spoons by House of Bec, Coasters by Vantler Leather, Copper knife from Kat Relish


Ceramic spoons from Spin Spin, Cloud plates by Urban Cartel, Mr Draper Linens, little dishes from Liquorice Moon Studio, Fox and Ramona, Mari Bray

Along with homwares to mix and match, we used different vessels and floral arrangements to decorate the long lunch tables.


Table set with a mix match of vases from Things By Bea, Minky Moo Ceramics and Fox and Ramona

Sharing food is always more fun than not.


Eatsy table.


Flay-lat created by Katherine Dorrington featuring Susan Simonini Ceramics, Liquorice Moon Dish + Mr Draper Linen


Cups from Susan Simonini, Rob Fuller Ceramics, Makers General Store, Dish from Susan Simonini and Spoon from Gyspie Squaw and Sons

It’s not a custom table setting without some hand-drawn menu’s, place cards and menus! Little Confetti Love helped us with ours.



The room and the flowers bringing our lunch table to life.

You can shop everything you saw in the images right here.

And if you’re still not sure what your style is and want a little help? This quiz will get you there…


What was your table type? The Minimal Modernist, Earthy or Quirky Creative?