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What we’re seeing at #MWF15

Jul 28, 2015

by Reana McCourt handmade and vintage goods

The program for Melbourne Writers Festival (MWF) 2015 has been released and we’re delighted to announce that Etsy will be joining! The MWF is Melbourne’s annual, two-week celebration for writers, readers and thinkers and this year they’re celebrating 30 wonderful years. If you’re not in Melbourne you can follow online with the hashtag #MWF15.

Here is what Etsy AU staff are excited about seeing at this year’s Festival:


Sarah’s pick – The Moth: Ask a Storyteller

the moth “I’m a HUGE fan of The Moth podcast and the incredible stories revealed therein so I can’t wait to find out how to craft my own StorySLAM worthy piece.”


Sigourney’s pick – Gattaca Screening

gattaca “I’m a secret science nerd who lacked the dedication to maths to pursue it as a career, so this is right up my alley. Gattaca is one of my favourite films and beautifully mixes science and ethics with some really amazing cinematography (and the amazing bone structure of Uma Thurman). Questions around genetics and fate always bring up really interesting, and often challenging ideas, throw in the current research on the human genome, and an incredibly knowledgeable panel, and this is sure to be a memorable discussion.”


Anna’s pick – Hannah Kent & John Marsden: Convicts

hannah kent “Two of my favourite authors! Hannah Kent’s Burial Rites is one of the best novels I have read in recent years and John Marsden’s books are the reason I survived adolescence. I am very interested to hear Hannah and John’s clever takes on the role that convicts play in their historical novels.”


Caitlin’s pick – Oslo Davis at the Little Library

oslo davis “My pick is not so much a writer as an illustrator. Oslo Davis will be sketching live at The Little Library in Melbourne Central. The concept of The Little Library is one that I love – ‘borrow a book, return it, or bring back another in its place’, and as a person who spends much of her spare time doodling on scraps of paper, the idea of watching an illustrator capture the scenes in this place is one that fills me with both intrigue and excitement.”


Helen’s pick – Women in Media: A Magazine of One’s Own

annesummers What’s driving women to move from print media to cyberspace, setting up their own publishing platforms? How are they changing the way the news is made and read? Jamila Rizvi (Mamamia) and Anne Summers (Anne Summers Reports) survey the brave new media world with Monica Dux.


Laura’s pick – Frank Woodley: Kizmet

frank woodley “There are SO many speakers I’d love to hear from, but one I just can’t go past is one of my childhood favourites: Frank Woodley. I grew up watching the Lano & Woodley series, still have the set on DVD and watch it religiously. A lot of how I act and what I say is a direct inspiration from Frank Woodley. I’ve always loved his genuine way of portraying a character which is essentially, being himself. I can only imagine his new character of Kizmet – will be just as hilarious as he has been in the past. I also love kids and children’s stories and how free and honest you can be while telling stories to kids. This talk should be great!”


Reana’s pick – Festival of Dangerous Ideas

FODI “I love listening to great minds & can’t wait to experience the Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) in Melbourne. I’m particularly excited for Jon Ronson & John Safran’s discussion on shame culture.”


William’s pick – Workshop: Zine Making

zine making “I’m a huge fan of hand-drawn risograph zines, and have a whole bunch scattered around my house. My friends and guests always comment, so I’d love to learn how to make my own with some of the ideas I’ve had!”


Dana’s pick – Paper Trail Tours at Melbourne Central

paper trail “I love books, Melbourne and Dress Memory author Lorelei Vashti so I can’t really think of better way to spend an arvo than traversing through the city talking books with her!”


Jennie’s pick – How to be Creative

pip lincolne“I’ve always loved the way Pip Lincolne inspires people to live more creative lives (without putting on a Martha Stewart type front that can make you feel intimidated!). I’m guilty of letting my creative time slide when life gets in the way so I’m excited to listen to Pip’s talk so I can feel re-inspired and also hopefully walk away with some practical tips for remembering to make creativity part of my everyday life.”


Etsy AU – Driving Digital Business

driving digital business And of course we’ll all be front-and-centre to see Etsy admins Anna and Jennie alongside Etsy seller Emer Diviney (Wirely Home) deliver their seminar on Driving Digital Business. We’ll see you there!



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