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Why You Should Be Taking Notes By Hand

Apr 6, 2017

by Adam Jelic handmade and vintage goods

You might be thinking that taking notes on your laptop, iPad or even on your phone makes you more productive as they’re always with you. But several studies for years have found that people who take notes by hand tend to have a deeper understanding and the ability to integrate and retain information better, than those who use technology. We go through some of the benefits of putting pen to paper.

Improved Concentration and Understanding

When we take notes by hand, we obviously can’t write every single piece of information.  Instead it takes greater cognitive effort for the brain to process and categorise the most important information. When we’re more selective with what we note, it enables us to focus on this information more efficiently.

Better recall of information

Whether it’s highlighting key words or heavily underlying the most important things said in a meeting, creating unique trigger points help us re-call the moment we noted down the information and we remember the urgency and importance of what was said.

3 Note-Taking Tips That You Can Apply Right Now

  1. Bullet or Number your notes
  2. Keep your notes as brief as possible
  3. Use headings to sort and categorise information

It’s undeniable that handwriting your notes helps boost information retention. Whether it’s scribbling, highlighting or having neat and tidy handwriting, as long as you’re putting pen to paper, you’ll find that you have more clarity in each of your days.


  • bearhugsgiftstudio

    Bear Hugs from BearHugsStudio said 3 years ago

    Totally agree. I never remember easily unless I have hand written something down. Even when making a shopping list, once the list is written I don't need it. Have often forgotten to bring the grocery shopping list to the supermarket and surprisingly remembered all the 30+ items. For some reason this doesn't work so well when I have typed information. Nice blog Adam!

  • artdecadence

    Chrisy McConnell from ARTDECADENCE said 3 years ago

    So interesting. We've become so used to using technology all the time that writing notes has gone by the wayside. I'm going to sit down today with a big piece of paper and a pen and do some brainstorming. Thanks Adam.

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