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What’s Your Work Style?

Apr 3, 2017

by Sarah Ponthieu handmade and vintage goods

You spend up to a third of your time at work (sorry to break that news) but how much thought have you given to establishing your personality through your one piece of real estate in the office – your desk?

We recently worked with the team at Shop Til You Drop magazine to tackle that very question, curating their favourite Etsy AU finds to bring four office personalities to life in their hot-off-the-presses Autumn issue. From sleek black and metallics accents for the Perfectionists and earthy accessories for the Zen Masters among us to quirky statement pieces for Social Butterflies and on-trend must-haves for the office Influencers, the Shop team found the perfect pieces on Etsy.

Feeling inspired? We sure are so we asked Shop’s Managing Editor Danielle De Gail to tell us more about how to create a workspace that’s oh-so you.  

Why do you think it’s important to bring your personality to life in your office or workspace?

We spend SO much of our life at work so it makes sense to let your personality shine through. Many of us love our work so it shouldn’t be a gloomy place! It also keeps things interesting for your colleagues.

What are three easy ways to bring a little more of your personality to your office space?

  • An inspiration board – fill it with images and quotes, anything that makes you feel inspired and you enjoy looking at. Perfect to stare at when you’re on the phone or procrastinating!
  • A funny or stylish mug – sounds cheesy but sometimes it’s the little things that add more fun to work life.
  • Stylish desk accessories – pen holders, in-trays, folders…there’s so much cool stuff around, there’s no excuse to be dull and boring!

Set the World on Fire – Fox and Fallow

What piece on your work desk most symbolises your personality (and which personality are you)?

Hmmm…I think I’m probably an Influencer with a touch of Chatterbox, ha! My inspiration board reveals the most about my personality. It’s full of fashion images, art prints, cool inspirational quotes and some cute kiddie pics too (I’m a mum and a Cancerian and love sentimental things around me).

What are your three favourite Etsy pieces from each of the office personalities captured in the feature?

So many great things! I’d have to say the popsicle trinket dish, metallic stripy mug and ‘positive mind/positive vibes/positive life’ print.

Popsicle Trinket Dish – MIMAW

What do you like most about shopping on Etsy?

The fact that you can seriously find ANYTHING there – you could be searching for something that is so obscure and random (ballerina cake topper, anyone?) but with the right search words you can find it on Etsy. I love that the products are so unique compared to what you find in a regular store and also that you have that personal interaction with the sellers which makes it a feel-good buy too.

What’s the secret to making a day in the office a productive one?

I would say writing lists and prioritising. It sounds obvious but since becoming a mum and working part time, life is crazy – I need to be even more productive than ever. Procrastination goes out the window and you need to hit the ground running. I’ve also learnt to be realistic – you’ll never get through your whole to-do list so tackle the urgent things and the list will still be there tomorrow!

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Check out Shop Til You Drop’s top Etsy picks for the office or pick up the magazine’s Etsy-packed Autumn issue, out now.  

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