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Shopping gift guide for the “Etsy Dad”

Aug 3, 2016

by Laura Quattrocelli handmade and vintage goods

Father’s day is officially one month away and if you’re anything like me, Dad is the HARDEST person to buy for. He never wants anything and when I finally convince him that I want to get him something and won’t take nothing for an answer – he says either “Socks” or “Beer”.
It’s no fun at all, especially because I love giving presents and I know he won’t really want a hand-painted piece of art like some Dads would. So instead of that, I’ve put together a list of my Father’s Day suggestions to transform Difficult to buy for Dad into an #EtsyDad.

What is the “Etsy Dad”? In my mind, he’s cool, he’s forward thinking and likes to D.I.Y.

  1. Genderless Jumpsuit by Hu The Man
    What Etsy Dad wouldn’t wear this? It’s progressive, it’s friendly and it’s super stylish. Described by the maker’s themselves as “The comfiest and the sickest”.

Gift Guide for Father's Day

2. Dog Tag Bottle Opener by Pet Haus
If he’s an Etsy Dad, he’s got a dog and he loves to sit in parks with his pals. He’s young and fun and this personalised dog tag says it all.

Father's Day Gift Guide

3. Letterpress Father’s Day Card by Pink Teapot Press
If he’s Etsy he’d appreciate the feel of letterpress and of course who wouldn’t appreciate being told they’re awesome?

Father's Day Gift Guide

4. Man Up Beard Oil by The Nakid Label
Though the Etsy Dad may look unkept, he’s actually really well kept! This beard oil one of the reason’s his face smells so good all the time. It’s packed with Omega 9, Omega 6, and a plethora of vitamins which will add illustrious shine to his bushy bristles all day long.

Father's Day Gift Guide

5. Bearded Sailor Print by Bernie and Fox
And because all bearded Etsy Dads are proud of their look, this fun Sailor Print will make his man cave feel a little more fun and a little more Etsy.

Father's Day Gift Guide

6. Personalised Hammer by Creating Monkeys
Etsy Dads love to DIY and we love that they DIY but this personalised hammer will make sure he has a part of you with him even while he’s making. It will remind him not to mess up and might also embarrass him in front of his mates.

Father's Day Gift Guide

7. Heirloom Seeds by Hay Seeds Aus
In my opinion, a true Etsy Dad loves cats, if he tells you he’s allergic, he’s lying. And to prove his love of kitty’s, planting his own Catnip seeds could show you how much he mean’s it.

Father's Day Gift Guide

8. Vintage Mickey Mouse t-shirt from Dimes Vintage
Keep him looking super hip and on trend with this vintage Mickey Mouse t-shirt, too cute!

Father's Day Gift Guide

9. Air Plant Bubble from Fox Hill Llamas

He might not know he needs it, but this cool hanging air plant holder is made from Llama fibre felt and jute string for hanging. Spruce up your own home whilst spoiling Dad.

Father's Day Gift Guide

10. Halloumi Cheese making Kit from Om Nom Cheesemaking

Finally, the Etsy Dad has his own Halloumi Cheese Making Kits. Making your own anything is very Etsy and this cheese making kits will surely impress your guests when you tell them that the man of the house made the Halloumi himself!

Father's Day Gift Guide

If you’re still not sure what to get Dad and you’re looking for more inspiration you can visit our Editor’s Picks Page and find him that perfect something.


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