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Oct 11, 2015

by Reana McCourt handmade and vintage goods

Etsy’s Australian community of makers, designers and curators have got together to #makeforgood and create a silver lining for girls living in poverty. At least 20% of the value of each item featured in the #makeforgood collection will be donated to Because I Am A Girl, a Plan International initiative.


Whimsy Milieu, Pendulum Necklace $35 | Shop more #makeforgood jewellery


Australia’s community of Etsy sellers care about girls’ rights and have decided to work together to help create a silver lining in the lives of girls growing up in poverty. Creatives from all over Australia are participating in #makeforgood and have created custom pieces to the theme of ‘silver linings’ inspired by Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl campaign. At least 20% from every item in the #makeforgood collection will be donated to Because I Am A Girl.

We are so proud to announce that, from today, you can purchase #makeforgood items. By shopping the #makeforgood collection in the lead up to Christmas you can help Australian Etsy sellers reach their goal of providing grants to 150 Cambodian women to start their own micro businesses and lift themselves – and their entire communities – out of poverty.


Kiralee & Co, Hanging Vase $95 | Shop more #makeforgood homewares


Peaks and Puffs, Mountain Photo $39| Shop #makeforgood paper & party supplies

It’s not only existing Etsy sellers that are participating in #makeforgood – keep your eyes peeled for limited edition pieces from photographers including Katherine Dorrington and Pauly Vella!



Too Many Pies, Hand Knit Bow $16| Shop #makeforgood art & collectables

From one-of-a-kind jewellery and bespoke artworks to homewares, beauty products, and children’s toys, the collection reflects the diverse talents of Etsy’s creative community in Australia and their collective motivation to help educate and empower girls and young women in developing countries. Discover the #makeforgood collection at and buy a gift with meaning this Christmas.

The #makeforgood collection is available on Etsy at from 11 October until December 24, 2015.

Are you a maker or creative and would like to get involved in #makeforgood? Read how to participate here.


  • Winterowls

    Jennifer Ross from WinterOwls said 3 years ago

    So excited and proud to be part of this campaign. I've loved watching the very creative and individual ways, that different makers have interpreted the theme of silver linings.

  • SevenBlueberries

    Tanya from SevenBlueberries said 3 years ago

    Sold my first item today! We are on our way to making a difference....Im so happy to be a part of this campaign, thank you!!

  • secondstudio

    Second Studio from secondstudio said 3 years ago

    Great job! Amazing great gift idea for Christmas! Absolutely motivation to help educate and empower girls or young women in developing countries.

  • mybeardedpigeon

    Cath Young from mybeardedpigeon said 3 years ago

    THIS is SO great!! we are going to raise a GAZILLION DOLLARS!!

  • Sonni

    Sonia Lyne from dandelyne said 3 years ago

    The passion of everyone in this initiative is SO inspiring. We are going to reach the goal and then some. YESSSS!

  • ColourscapePrints

    Kelly and Kelly from ColourscapeStudios said 3 years ago

    Fantastic work everyone! So happy to report I've made a couple sales today so we're making that difference already! I am so proud of all the sellers involved, everyone's enthusiasm is catching :D

  • EchidnaArtandCards

    Anita T. from EchidnaArtandCards said 3 years ago

    What a fabulous campaign and I am very excited to be part of it! I truly hope we can make a difference to give women and girls in need a better life.

  • kazzycaboodles

    Kaz from kazzycaboodles said 3 years ago

    Well done to everyone that's involved. It is so fantastic to see the creativity and love for such a wonderful cause! I've also managed to sell a couple of #makeforgood items this week too which is rather awesome. :) xxx

  • jacmatsuo

    Jacqueline Chan from whimsymilieu said 3 years ago

    So proud to be a part of this project! Great job, everyone!!! Hope to donate lots to the campaign!~

  • lemondoll

    Yvonne Mukauskas from lemondoll said 3 years ago

    Truly delighted to be a part of the #makeforgood campaign. Crossing fingers & toes that donations come flooding in for these inspiring and aspiring young girls and women, so that they can live the life "they" choose ♥

  • katrinaalana

    Katrina Alana from KatrinaAlana said 3 years ago

    This is such a great campaign. So proud of the Etsy and the community for pitching in and contributing in their own way.

  • decoradolls

    Crissie Mellado from spacecakedesigns said 3 years ago

    What an amazing display of kindness amongst such incredible talent. I'm so proud to be involved and I hope we do make a difference to the lives of so many girls who don't have the opportunities that we do :)

  • outofcharactercreate

    Out of Character Creations from OutofCharacterCreate said 3 years ago

    This is an amazing Campaign to be part of, I am truly honored to be working for such a great cause with such a diverse talent pool of wonderful creative minds - well done to all the organizers

  • narellehorsley

    Narelle from FELTBYNARELLE said 3 years ago

    Happy to be involved, I've made one sale but hoping for more coming up to Xmas for Gifts!

  • Fivegirlssoap

    Dominica Wyndham from FiveGirlsSoap said 3 years ago

    Great idea for us to donate via the work of our hands and then with dollars to help girls through this campaign. Fantastic idea. Love seeing what everyone has listed.

  • narellehorsley

    Narelle from FELTBYNARELLE said 2 years ago

    Sold my first item yesterday...before the opening date of the 2016 program...and It had only been on my site for 1 day! So Pleased!

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