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Sendle Launches Satchel Shipping

Aug 23, 2016

by William Hornsby handmade and vintage goods

We partnered with Sendle earlier this year to bring a very special membership offer to Australian sellers as part of our ongoing efforts to find ways to make running your Etsy shop easier. You gave us a lot of valuable feedback about shipping (which we know is a big part of running an Etsy shop and a pain point for many) which we passed on to Sendle.  So today we are delighted to announce that Sendle has a new offer for Etsy sellers – 500 gram A4 satchel delivery.

Click here to learn more about the offer and sign up.


Sendle is an Australian company that offers a carbon neutral door-to-door delivery service, to help make the shipping process easier and cheaper for you and your buyers.

When we announced the Sendle membership offer to Etsy sellers earlier this year, one of the biggest requests we received was for a Sendle shipping option for smaller items. Sendle listened to your feedback and we’re excited to share news about their resulting new 500 gram A4 satchel delivery offer.

Satchels are great for sending those small items: cards, jewellery, craft supplies, stationery, candles, soaps, clothing and accessories—get out the kitchen scales and use your imagination!

Starting at $7.15 per satchel with a Sendle Premium account, you can ship small goods from your door, with tracking, across Australia. Etsy sellers can access this discounted shipping rate by signing up for a free 12-month Sendle Premium account (valued at $120). Already have a Sendle Premium account? Then you can start using this satchel shipping option right away!

Setting up shipping is quick and easy: just wrap up your product and put it in any A4 satchel, book the pickup online with the Sendle dashboard, and then get back to spending time on the aspects of your business that you love.

Satchels can be up to 500 grams, and have a maximum size of 335mm x 220mm, which is slightly larger than an A4 piece of paper. You can send one satchel, or many satchels at once—there are no minimum order quantities, and they are all picked up from your door! Once picked up, you and your buyer can track your parcel’s journey via easy online tools and email updates. You can also breathe easy knowing that the delivery is carbon neutral.

You can read more about Sendle on their website, or on our previous blog post


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