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Rad Picks for Rad Dads

Aug 3, 2015

by Reana McCourt handmade and vintage goods

Dads, they’re so special even their names rhyme with ‘rad.’ Whether your dad is the best because he tells the funniest jokes, taught you secrets to ensure a soufflé doesn’t sink, or because they’re the person who stepped into that important dad role, we want to help you celebrate dads! And with Father’s Day only one month away it’s the perfect time to start thinking of how to avoid sheepishly handing over a gift card (unless of course he’s into collecting gift cards, then go for it!).


Header image: Guardian of the Dad Jokes card 

Get a thoughtful card that will go straight to the pool room to sit proudly alongside your macaroni, finger-painted creations from kindy.


Does your dad have a beard? Does he like whiskey? What about campfires? Whoa, is your dad the manliest man ever?! Well we think he might just like Reid Beard Oil in scents like ‘Cinnamon Whiskey,’  ‘Bushranger,’ and ‘Campfire.’


These leather keychains from Nine Muse Leather can be customised to remind your dad the important things, like “this was given to me by my favourite daughter.”


I’m going to be honest, I know nothing about knives but BatCountryForge sure does. Owner Dave Rae makes everything by hand in NSW, and even tries to use recycled materials where possible. You can learn more about his process here.


This yellow tour de france edition watch is nearly as good as the yellow jersey, and a subtle nudge for dads that aren’t always on time.


Not only is this a great present for a dad, but it’s made by a dad too! Peter and Krystal, the father-daughter team behind Winestains Barossa (who you can see here), create handcrafted homewares forged from aged wine barrels

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Reana is an Instagram addict, maker, travel bug, and admin for Etsy Australia, a job which she has stated as being “second only to the person who gets to name nail polish colours.” She’s currently on a mission to live more sustainably, and feel less guilty when she doesn’t.


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