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Plant Inspired Products for the Plant Lady

Feb 20, 2017

by Laura Quattrocelli handmade and vintage goods
Above tote bag made by The Middle Aisle.

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably either got a) a whole lotta plants around the house, at home and on your desk at work because you’re plant-obsessed. b) you try your darnedest to propagate seedlings and have that fruitful garden that everyone envies. c) you stop at front yards as you walk by to literally smell the roses. d) you think about plants all day long. e) you’ve got little succulents sitting on window seals all around the house.

Oh, I could go on but I might have to graduate from plant-lady to plant-freak. So rather than that, I’ve put together a must-have shopping list for the Plant lady (or man), which we all know is the new Cat lady (my previous profession).

Nothing says plant-obsession like some beautiful plant related products for the wall. There’s the traditional illustration of a collection of greenery to aspire to.

Or hand-stitched and almost as prickly as they are in real life – a stunning embroidered cactus that the cat can’t possibly hurt itself on.

You can stay green wherever you go and deck yourself out head to toe with Esther Sandler’s latest collection of plant inspired textiles like this whimsical backpack:

If you just want another planter to put another one of those baby succulents in then maybe something geometric to contrast with the soft greens?

Maybe you can’t even leave the house without showing everyone that you are the one true plant lady!


If you’re one of those “I love plant” people but can’t seem to keep anything alive, then fear not – you too can have a plant filled home. They just might be made of felt, or in this case; wool:

Okay, okay. If you’re thinking “I just want more plants, give me more plants” then fine. You can get yourself some heirloom seeds and set up your own little garden in the office or wherever you like of course!

I hope I’ve left you feeling inspired and knowing that it’s okay to celebrate that plant obsession in your own unique way.

Are you plant obsessed or do you make plant-related products? I’d love you to share them so I can add to my growing collection of all things plant-lady.

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