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My Etsy Space – Get the Look

Mar 31, 2017

by Laura Quattrocelli handmade and vintage goods

We all have our own unique space, filled with things that make us happy, remind us of those we love or places we rather be. Whether it’s outdoors and in your home town or curled up in a cosy bed, we asked some friends of Etsy to show us their spaces and how they fill them with Etsy goodies.

Below are some beautiful snaps and how to get the look so you can make your space even a little bit more special.

Get Melissa Findley’s Look:

From the outdoors to in, when Jarrad Seng is not chasing elephants and cheetahs in the depths of Naimbia, he’s working away in his Etsy space:

Get Jarrad Seng’s Look:

Bec William’s home is definitely a place we’d like to stay, filled with Boho vibes, textures and patterns – who wouldn’t?

Get Bec Williams Look:

Ever wondered what a dreams look like? Li-Chi Pan know’s how to show us what a dreamy space looks like, the colours and the style!

Get the Li-Chi Pan Look:

Interior’s Addict always has her finger on the pulse when it comes to the little touches to make a space come to life!

Get the look from Interior’s Addict:

When it comes to having a sophisticated and stylish home, Tarina Lyell from Oh.Eight.Oh.Nine is not short of inspiration. Filled with natural earthy tones, if only our bedrooms could look this neat, or even half as neat as would be okay.

Get the look from Oh.Eight.Oh.Nine:

And finally, if you’re going to have a cook in your kitchen, you’re going to want it to be Sneh Roy from Cook Republic who has mixed vintage and new finds from Etsy Australia to create a story to style her baked goodies:

Get the look from Cook Republic:

  • Bakery Sign – Willow Scentials
  • Ceramic Dishes – Susan Simonini
  • Vintage Wirax Food Cover – The Fox and The Spoon

If you need more inspiration, head to Instagram and search the hashtag #MyEtsySpace to see more from our makers and sellers from Australia and NZ.

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  • artdecadence

    Chrisy McConnell from ARTDECADENCE said 3 years ago

    Wow...what a fabulous article...real eye candy. I always love looking at other's spaces and these are ultra inspiring. Thank you!

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