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Meet the Goal Diggers Behind the Etsy Stores

Jun 5, 2017

by Adam Jelic handmade and vintage goods

A cheeky take on the Kanye West hit song Gold Digger; a Goal Digger is someone that has the smarts, optimism, integrity and passion to live life on their own terms. They do so by setting goals and working each day to achieve them. Etsy is filled with inspiring and creative stores, we spoke with five Etsy sellers to find out how they set goals and also learn their tips and tricks on how to grow your business.

Andrew Deming and Rachel Gant of Yield Design Co

YIELD is a small independent business with a broad product range spanning furniture, housewares, bags/leather goods, and jewellery. The products are diverse in function and material, but are unified through high craft, thoughtful production, and a warm minimal aesthetic.

Yield Design Co

Yield Design Co 

How do you set goals for your business?

Goal setting has been a very organic process for us. As we prepare for each coming season, we reflect on the projects that were successful, those that perhaps were not, and aim to expand in the direction(s) that have the most promise. We focus on the products that seem to be gaining the most traction and the customer groups that seem to be engaging and responding to our work on a deeper level. We then brainstorm goals that relate not only to growing those same products, but also strategically adding products that fill a void that we observed ourselves or via customer feedback.

What goals have you set for 2017?

One of our two goals for 2017 was to significantly expand our furniture collection and relationships with the trade (interior designers / architects). We just wrapped up showing a collection of new products last week at a high-end luxury furniture fair.  This show helps us reach a focused audience, and we expanded to including sconces, wall mirrors, and planter stands after observing success with our tables and planters in the past. Our second goal was to  develop a stronger connection to our town and allow for more direct interaction for locals and visitors. We worked from January to mid-March designing and remodelling a space for our new store, Obscura. The store is stocked not only with our YIELD products, but with many of our favourite local makers and designers from all around.
To keep up with YIELD and their beautifully designed products follow them on Instagram here.

The Object Enthusiast

The Object Enthusiast

Emily Reinhardt of The Object Enthusiast 

The Object Enthusiast started out as a personal blog after Emily finished college. It was a place where she could talk about ceramics, as she didn’t have access to her own ceramic studio at the time. When her professor Yoshiro Ikeda, retired from teaching he generously gifted Emily his kiln, wheel and a range of tools and equipment, which allowed her to start her own business.

How do you set goals for The Object Enthusiast?

During my schooling I was told that it wasn’t a feasible goal to have a ceramics business. Now that my business is growing I’m starting to see the importance of setting goals each year. I set short-term goals every couple of months which I know I can accomplish and I feel like I’m making progress. Nothing feels better than accomplishing something you’ve had your heart set on – big or small!

What Goals have you set for 2017?

I achieved my 2016 goal in early January of 2017 which was to have an assistant who could help me get my business moving in the right direction. My incredible assistant Shelby has been a huge help to the production process as well as my own well being. For 2017 I would like to move my business into a bigger space as I’m still producing everything in my garage and am also working towards getting a bigger kiln.

Follow Emily and The Object Enthusiast on Instagram here.


Amy McQuade of Alcome Co

Alcome Co is a range of handcrafted body care products that are made from locally sourced and organic plant-based materials. Started by Amy McQuade and Vee one year ago, the range includes detox charcoal toothpastes and luxe clay masks.

Alcome Co

Alcome Co

What is a goal you set for Alcome Co in 2017?
We wanted to flex the creative muscle and challenge ourselves; we decided to release 3 new products that we absolutely love throughout the year. We are feeling amazing about releasing  our upcoming products and are excited to release our facial tonic this season!

How do you set goals for your business?

Vee and I are starry-eyed with our goals as we like to think big. We work out our meaningful long-term goals to get ourselves excited and motivated for where the business could go. We are then able to break down steps into achievable milestones that we are excited to work on so we stress-less during the day-day operations.

For updates on Alcome Co’s upcoming organic products, follow them on Instagram here.


Petina Watkins of Pepper Ink Tattoos

Pepper Ink creates beautiful temporary tattoos that give the appearance of a life-like tattoo, without the commitment. Pepper Ink was born out of the love for design and beautiful feminine tattoos, however Petina found it hard to decide on just the one design. After researching temporary tattoo paper she started playing around with it designs and they became increasingly popular for festival-goers, weddings and birthdays.

Pepper Ink Tattoos

How do you set goals for Pepper Ink?

I set one or two big goals for the year and from there divide these goals into quarterly goals. With my eye always on the big 1-2 goals for the year, I then create smaller steps and milestones to help me reach the big goals.

What is a goal that you set for your business in 2017?

One big goal I’ve set for 2017 was to have 20 big press mentions about my business from both online and offline press. I’m pitching a certain amount of press a month to help me get there and so far I’m happy with the results.

To see the tattoos that Petina and her team create daily, follow them on Instagram here.

Carol Havener of The Space Cube

The idea for The Space Cube was to create an attractive, functional and compact desk accessory that would hold everyday essentials without taking up valuable surface space. The business was born two years ago and aims to keep everyday essentials organised and in one central location.

The Space Cube

The Space Cube

What is a goal you set for your business in 2017?
The goal for this year was to increase exposure using content media and developing our social media platforms. It is always a work in progress, but we are currently moving about 100 units a month, which is a 30% increase since last year.

How do you work on your goals?
I am list maker! Writing it down and crossing off completed tasks is what keeps me motivated!


3 Ways You Can Be a Goal Digger 

  1. Set your goals no matter how big or small
    The mind is a busy place with over 50,000 thoughts a day, that’s why it’s so important to commit to your goals by putting pen to paper as this will help you gain clarity and focus.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone
    Start by familiarising yourself with what your ‘zones’ are so you recognise when they occur. We recommend doing one thing each day.
  3. Take action daily and track your progress
    Write your to-do lists and track the progress you make each week to ensure you’re focussing on the tasks which will help you achieve your goals.

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