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Meet the Etsy Resolution mentors: Adam Jelic

Jan 18, 2016

by Anna Hickey handmade and vintage goods

Our free, 4-week community-led programme Etsy Resolution is a great opportunity to kickstart 2016 with the support and skills of top-selling Etsy mentors. Meet one of our inspirational mentors, Adam Jelic from Mi Goals.

Knowing your lifestyle is a reflection of your dreams, Adam Jelic formed Mi Goals in 2010 with the help of close friend, designer Alec Kach, hoping to help set people up for success. Their idea? Create beautifully designed stationery that empowers people to set and achieve their goals and ultimately help them live their best lives. Mi Goals began when Melbourne-based founder Adam was on the search for the perfect diary. Unable to find it, he decided to make his own. Mi Goals has since grown from one product to more than 100 sold all over the world, and this year became Adam’s full time role. “It’s quickly grown from a personal desire to now trying to create beautiful stationery products that actually help change people’s lives for the better. It’s a win-win for us as it’s not simply about product but also about the effect our product can have on people, which is a very rewarding thing,” Adam said.  



Five quick questions with Adam

Why is Etsy Resolution a valuable program?

Having support and specific knowledge from people and stores who have had success on Etsy is an amazing program and opportunity for others to learn from. It’s very valuable because it’s essentially a blueprint to setting up a quality store.

Why is the new year a good time to start a small creative business?

It’s a fresh start, mentally you are in the frame of mind to start something and to start with a burst of energy.

Why is Etsy is good place to have a small creative business?

The Etsy marketplace is a perfect place to sell as it gives you access to people who actually are looking for quality made products.  

What inspires your creative business?

The response we get from our fans and customers who have bought our products and achieved their goals. That keeps inspiring us to keep creating and growing so we can impact many more lives.

What advice do you have for those who are hesitant to get started?

Just start, if we (Mi Goals)  waited for the perfect product or timing we would still be waiting.
Sign up before January 25th and make your creative dreams a reality in 2016 with Etsy Resolution.



  • wearethecraftmill

    Rich Palmer from TheCraftMillUK said 4 years ago

    I love being a part of the Etsy Community. This is just another great example of the benefits of being involved!

  • jdmama

    Kate from ShopTrueloveandCo said 4 years ago

    Love Mi Goals product, I had no idea they got started on Etsy! I have joined the Etsy Resolution and so far am having a great time!

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