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Weaving Workshop with Maryanne Moodie

Mar 6, 2016

by sarrowsmith handmade and vintage goods

“I’ve always loved textiles and woven pieces, for me, have that extra something. The colour and the texture, the way they come out at you away from the wall and beg to be patted and touched. The endless possibilities. Each piece has its own personality.”Maryanne Moodie

On a sunny Melbourne morning, we had the pleasure of hosting talented Australian Etsy Seller and Weaving extraordinaire, Maryanne Moodie in an intimate workshop with digital influencers and media held at Etsy HQ.

Gathered around the craft table, we explored the beautiful art of weaving through storytelling, inspired conversations and using different techniques and textures.

Check out some of our special workshop moments below:

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The workshop space was transformed with beautiful flowers and decor by Ditto Ditto Florals,  delicious food by Fred Gets, Maryanne’s weaving on display and all the little details that filled the space with good vibrations and that glorious weaver fever!

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The table was set with Maryanne’s own pieces, some of the work of her previous students and the Weaving Kits from her Etsy Shop. This included a beautiful collection of yarn, a loom and a beginners instructional booklet with all the handy tips and tricks!

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During the workshop, Maryanne shared her amazing weaving adventures, lessons learned and some of her early teaching experiences when she first started. She encouraged us all to learn from others, find our own unique weaving style and that it’s perfectly fine to break the rules when you need to because sometimes, that’s exactly where the magic happens.

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Step by step, we experimented with different techniques, patterns and textures. Maryanne helped us to look outside the box and find our own way of creating meaning and connection with a piece. Whether it’s recycling an old (but very loved) shirt or collecting different fibres and materials around the home – her philosophy is that all the pieces that we make and love, should always reflect ourselves, our home and our creativity.

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Maryanne’s love for teaching and her generosity of knowledge was something that really inspired each and everyone in the room – from the beginners, enthusiasts and all the experienced weavers. 

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No matter how many imperfect knots and loops, mismatching colours or how we had to keep that internal dialogue of counting ‘Up, down, up, down, up, down’  with our needles –  we couldn’t help but feel such a warm and fuzzy feeling from exploring a craft that offers so many endless possibilities.

At a time when everything is moving so fast and materials and goods are being produced so rapidly, it’s amazing to explore a craft that allows us to move more slowly and with great freedom.

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Under Maryanne’s guidance, we each let loose with some yarn and just a trusty loom in hand and got lost in the #weaveweird zone – to create a one of kind piece that had that special ‘somethin somethin.’ 

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At the end of the session, we were all so excited to experiment with more patterns, techniques and materials! Can’t wait for the next project! Wall hanging anyone?

“I can only hope that others will be inspired by my work and find their own fibre journey and feel as fulfilled and happy and I am.”  – Maryanne Moodie

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Now based in Brooklyn NYC, Maryanne teaches Weaving Workshops around Australia and the US. Check out her workshops while she’s in town and catch the weaver fever.

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Already got the weaver fever? Share with us some of your favourite weaving moments and experiences below! We would love to hear from you 🙂


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