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Apr 21, 2017

by Althea Erickson handmade and vintage goods
Image above via Ey My Message

Did you know the Australian government introduced new legislation that will, if not altered, require online marketplaces to collect GST on any sales into Australia, even if the seller sells less than the $75,000 threshold that would require them to collect GST?  The new law would not only increase costs for any goods you buy from overseas, but it sets a dangerous precedent for Australian makers who export their goods through platforms like Etsy.

We’re concerned about the consequences of passing such a law. Australia would be the first country to require foreign sellers and marketplaces to collect and remit GST on any item, no matter how small. To counter these protectionist policies, other countries will likely follow suit, meaning you could be required to collect and remit VAT, GST or sales tax on any goods you export to other countries. If every country were to pass these kinds of laws, we believe microbusiness exports around the world would plummet, especially through global marketplaces like Etsy.

That’s why we’ve shared our concerns with the government and are testifying before the Senate this week, and why we’re asking you to sign this petition opposing the new law if you share our concerns.

Will you sign our petition and then tell the government you don’t want a new tax on online overseas purchases? You can learn more about the campaign, created by Gary Elphick, the CEO of Disrupt Sports, here.