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Kat Von D’s Handmade Home

Nov 19, 2012

by Alison Feldmann

From one Etsy fanatic to another, I must say I’m jealous of tattoo artist, musician, and television personality Kat Von D’s amazingly quirky home. In this episode of her web series, Kat’s Kloset, Kat shows off her love of handmade home decor and her many Etsy purchases. (Be sure to check out the episode where she gives a tour of her closet and shoe collection. So many amazing accessories!)

What’s your favorite Etsy purchase?

Acoustic  iPhone Speaker Dock Utilizing a Vintage Antique Atwater Kent Gramophone Phonograph Horn - READY to SHIP-
Acoustic iPhone Speaker Dock Utilizing a Vintage Antique Atwater Kent Gramophone Phonograph Horn - READY to SHIP-


  • peppermintpink said 7 years ago

    I have so many Etsy purchases - mostly vintage clothing, bits and pieces that I can use in my clothing creations in my shop - peppermint, but love everything! Cool stuff - wish we could've seen more of your looks awesome!

  • mumre said 7 years ago

    I love how many unique items you can find on Etsy that suit anyone's personality! The wooden belt buckle is awesome. Doesn't it rock to get something with great quality that's made just for you?! Our shop sells mostly repurposed art and gifts with some hints of original crochet and watercolors. We just love to create and give items that would normally be thrown away new life. Great post- We Love Kat!

  • ArtDecoDame said 7 years ago

    She has such a fun home!

  • mizdarlin said 7 years ago

    I loved watching you on "Miami Ink" (the last time I could watch you, just have basic cable .) I'm in Canada, and always had a penchant for Goth, Morticia-vibe stuff...amd always imagined that you did too! Your love of miniatures seems to hint at a calmness and curiosity for detail, evident in the things you showed us..the piano belt buckle was awesome, and I love classical too, but for me Bach rocks... baroque and roll, as I always say! I make both jewelry and ooak hats and scarves, and your piano buckle has inspired me, I think I'm gonna do a hat that reflects this soon.. We all strive to surround ourseves with things we love and relate to, and you've done a wonderful, evocative job of creating surroundings that reflect who you are...really enjoyed this 'tour', looking forward to more.....

  • Iammie said 7 years ago

    Love it!

  • VixVintage said 7 years ago

    Love, love the doorbell, all your other finds too!

  • CharmedFox said 7 years ago

    Wow!! Your house is Awesome!! Everything ties so well together Thanks for sharing, and would love to see more!

  • feltonthefly said 7 years ago

    Kat.... you totally need some fabulously felty premium wool felt : ) Cuz you don't have any. And cuz you don't really have to 'do' anything with it (unless you want to, of course)... cuz it's pretty awesome and amazing just in its' natural state.... and cuz 'supplies' just don't get no respect. kwim?

  • PeonyKnits said 7 years ago

    So cool! Everything looks awesome.

  • funktionslust said 7 years ago

    Oh my gawd...I LOVE LOVE LOVE KAT!!! This is so awesome for having her on Etsy. Thank you!! Totally made my day. I love her home, her style, her everything. Huge fan, thank you for this video!!

  • LittleWrenPottery said 7 years ago

    Nice, great to see some 'celebrity' handmade endorsement!

  • solemareny said 7 years ago

    Those are definitely unique and cool pieces.

  • perebags said 7 years ago

    Awesome purchases Kat! Thanks for sharing!

  • PottyMouthGems said 7 years ago

    Such awesome stuff! Your home looks like it's gorgeous, Kat.

  • aorta said 7 years ago

    Wow. I buy a lot of cool stuff here, but that video left me in awe.

  • VeraVague said 7 years ago

    way to support handmade!

  • candydish20 said 7 years ago

    That was fun to watch. Etsy just astounds me with all the talented and clever people.

  • happycat2 said 7 years ago

    What fun! It's always great to hear other people appreciate handmade, fun, cool stuff! Your doorbell is just too cool! Thanks for the smile:)

  • maeve63 said 7 years ago

    Your home is awesome! I also love LA Ink daughter (passed away 7/10) got me watching it; she also paid for the tat on my leg; it was a mother daughter day. I would love to see more videos like this one from you. You're a very talented woman and it's nice to see how much you appreciate other's talents as well. Stay true :-)

  • ValerieTyler said 7 years ago

    What seriously cool finds! That doorbell is AMAZING. For as long as I've been on etsy, I'm amazed at how many new discoveries there are to make. Thanks so much for sharing. (Seriously, I agree with people above. Share more! Heck, there's a new show idea!)

  • lunalove said 7 years ago

    Kat is beautiful, and I love her etsy finds...the ipod docking station is fabulous!

  • PrincessOfPainting said 7 years ago

    Arrrgh. I love love love this. How cool is Kat. I adore her home and the things in it. I love the old fashioned gothic style. I hope she checks out my shop on here being a fellow female portrait artist and all ^_^ awesome.

  • TrashThings said 7 years ago

    Such a fan awesome style love this lady! thanks for letting us in x

  • slapsymaxi said 7 years ago

    WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely Funkatabulous! Love it!

  • CheriesArtsnCrafts said 7 years ago

    Woa! This is really awesome to see! Thanks Kat! A great side of your life that we love to see and be so inspired by, cool! Happy Holidays! Cherie

  • PrincessOfPainting said 7 years ago

    I loved that ipod station. I hope one day i'll be successful so I can have a home big enough for such awesome pieces of art!

  • HeyChica said 7 years ago

    Loved the dock and the doorbell!

  • RetroRevivalBoutique said 7 years ago

    Her whole house looks like it was dunked in cool! :D

  • volkerwandering said 7 years ago

    So fun!

  • GypsyIntent said 7 years ago

    That was fun, would definitely love to see more!

  • fatlittlesparrow said 7 years ago

    LOVE this (and Kat)!

  • BELLACOSAART said 7 years ago

    That gramaphone Iphone dock and speaker is amazing. Thanks for sharing your cool etsy finds. I have so many favorites myself, great pottery, cool art, clothes from Isreal. I can not stop creating and am very grateful to have etsy as buyer and a seller. I am a artist, painter mainly but also create jewelry. My latest thing is jewelry out of old plates. I love recycling things into works of art. Check me out if you like. ps I have totally always loved your artwork, amazing talent

  • snugglebugcrafts said 7 years ago

    Wow I have been a Kat fan since you started your show. Love your taste in Art and all the cool things you have in your house, especially the door bell. Hopefully you will check out my stuff at and "like" my store. Would definitely love to see more.

  • BrownBooks said 7 years ago

    That doorbell!

  • AlisaDesign said 7 years ago

    Oh, cool!

  • Glynneybug said 7 years ago

    Love this segment. Etsy is a wonderful place to dress up your home, and to just come to be inspired! I love that there is a whole world of artists supporting and learning from eachother. Kat- your house looks amazing from what I can see and I love all the vintage/newage marriages in several of your pieces. Gotta love unique!

  • crowsnestinc said 7 years ago

    love your support of artists!

  • shabbyvintagemom said 7 years ago

    Wow, SO many cool finds....but my favorite has to be the Doorbell! What an amazing eclectic Home♥♥

  • HappyWhoos said 7 years ago

    Pretty awesome! I absolutely WANT that doorbell!

  • vivianvaldes said 7 years ago


  • EndearingEphemera said 7 years ago

    Her eyeliner game is top shelf.

  • IsabelleKnits said 7 years ago

    What unusual and interesting discoveries! What particular terms do you use to discover those finds? It was a nice to see this video and learn you love shopping on Etsy.

  • decembermoondesign said 7 years ago

    OMG! That doorbell ROCKS!

  • PyaliaPixie said 7 years ago

    i am so in love with Etsy and anything Vintage so you house is like a awesome treasure hunt i swear the i pod doc was my favorite!! try checking out my shop its full of quirky handmade jewels for you to choose from! thanks for sharing Kat!

  • claribelskincare said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat! I love your home. I make natural skin treatments with active ingredients

  • SoliDeoGloriaSDG said 7 years ago

    What a lovely post! Would LOVE to have a full tour of her home ... it looks so creative and beautiful.

  • TheHeirloomBouquet said 7 years ago

    Really, really cool that you support handmade. We need to see more!!

  • Aboli said 7 years ago

    Started loving you more! Thank you for your support to handmade.

  • shannacreations said 7 years ago

    Great video! Loved it! In conclusion Etsy ROCKS! I love handmade and have to admit that Etsy is one of my addictions! I am fortunate enough to do something I love and have a passion for which is to paint and thanks to etsy I can paint everyday, here is my shop: for sharing Kat! :)

  • claudiaokeeffe said 7 years ago

    Amazing home :) beautiful :)

  • judemcconkey said 7 years ago

    LOVE! I've always been a huge fan of Kat's.. Such a unique and beautiful woman! I love the house and that eyeball door bell thing? that is so genius! Her appreciation for handmade is so refreshing and I would LOVE to see another video from Kat!

  • Ziporgiabella said 7 years ago

    The eyeball doorbell is fantastic!!

  • TayFox said 7 years ago

    my twin! lol jk Kats a long time supporter of handmade stuff, i remember years and years ago watching her youtube tutorials on cutting shirts >.< lol

  • dollybirddesign said 7 years ago

    Loved seeing your finds, and have your first book as inspiration.....

  • MegansMenagerie said 7 years ago

    Love that you support handmade!!! Beautiful home!!!

  • KarynHaydenDesigns said 7 years ago

    Really cool finds! Absolutely love the steampunk element to the pieces shown in the video.

  • PurpleChairCrochet said 7 years ago

    So awesome!!

  • GiftsWithCharm said 7 years ago


  • LuzPatterns said 7 years ago

    Love your style!, super cool things at yours!, check out my shop for soft and comfy crochet patterns, surely a girl like you would love the opposite just to balance! :)

  • BullesetMolecules said 7 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your finds. I am amazed every day at all the beautiful handmade treasures there is on Etsy. Definitely the best place to shop for Christmas or anytime.

  • BeadSoupJewelry said 7 years ago

    You have amazing taste, I love all the unique and eclectic things in your house and the stories behind them! Come and check out my shop sometime!

  • solocosmo said 7 years ago

    I really like the doorbell....

  • dragonpop said 7 years ago

    Loved this! It's so inspiring to see a celebrity touting the handmade movement. Kat definitely found some amazing treasures. Awesome!

  • loriville said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat, I think you'd dig some of my paintings; check them out by clicking my shop name!

  • butchandmiggs said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat!! Love your style, and LOVE that you support handmade on Etsy! Would be very interested to see a Kat's Kloset segment about jewelry that you love, or any other adornments... Please check out my shop- I just opened up this week, and I'm looking to take over the world :) A fellow tattoo'd lady, Kelly

  • myAvonlea said 7 years ago

    Ms.Kat Von D, My hubby and I had a blast watching your show. Love the fact you collect rarities, it gives such a unique interpretation of who you are. I have so many fabulous little artifacts that I will pass down to my generations, I think the history in each piece makes it all that more special. I said if I ever decided to get tattood I would fly over to your shop. I love your work. I wish you opened a shop on here and sold print to frame of your artwork. You're so talented. My little shops are MyAvonlea (means: returning to a childlike faith) and MaeLo ( Matt + Alison Elane + LoBasso = MaeLo, his idea, sweet right!) and my sister Kat, who we sometimes call Kat Von D, lol

  • SweetSincerity said 7 years ago

    I am such a huge Kat Von D fan, it's kind of embarrassing! I've pretty much seen every episode of Miami Ink ever made. I love how Kat is so supportive of other artists and artisans, that's the same spirit reflected throughout the whole of Etsy. and what makes it such a special place- mutual support and respect of each others unique talents!

  • lindareed00 said 7 years ago

    This is such a great video!!! Good to see that fellow etsy'rs are getting recognition for the great things they do!!!

  • Keikeaux said 7 years ago

    The personality you infused into your home is amazing, Kat! That iPod dock is fantastic! I was so excited to see you featured on Etsy today. Thank you for opening your home to the Etsy community.

  • mulberryhaze said 7 years ago

    Great Collection! I love the Phonograph horn! Thanks for sharing it! handmade artistic tobacco pipes

  • nicolpops said 7 years ago

    Wow, you have so much cool stuff in your home, Kat!!! I reckon you would like one of my OOAK dolls ;) By the way, your artwork is ace! All the best, Nic

  • CafePrimrose said 7 years ago

    Love Kat!

  • rorymosman said 7 years ago

    Wow you have some amazing finds! I really like the phonograph! Talk about versatile, being able to use your Iphone with it is so cool!! Probably one of my favorite things about Etsy is that you never know what you might encounter! It is like Willy Wonka's factory or a fantasyland, you just never know what someone might be creating! One reason I like working with feathers is that there really are no two alike. It makes every piece unique and one of a kind. Thanks for the glimpse into your home! If you like wearing feathers in your hair check out my shop. Thanks, Rory

  • mattyhandmadecrafts said 7 years ago

    So Cool!!!

  • maryjill said 7 years ago

    How beautiful, just like you!

  • crookedsmilecreation said 7 years ago

    What a great home! I really like the warm colors and the welcome feel. So awesome that you've made it so 'you'. My fav. purchase would be a lapel pin that was made to resemble mink. It's just a little bit of luxury that didn't hurt any animals. Great video. Lemme know if u need a handbag!

  • ParrisImpressions said 7 years ago

    Kat, thanks for supporting handmade! It is great to have someone on our side who is in the position to impact others. Handmade kicks ass! I'm so jealous of the gramophone- is it one of kind?

  • kjoo said 7 years ago

    WOW! Love kat!

  • wheatleypaperworks said 7 years ago

    Cool feature. I'm grateful to anyone who tries to raise the profile of handmade goods. All the best.

  • iHartFelt said 7 years ago

    I love your style! That piano belt buckle and that cool keyboard rocks!! ~ thanks for sharing your treasures in the video. If you have a chance stop by my shop sometime to see my handmade eco felt plush ornaments! Cheers, and Happy Holidays!

  • KnotOriginal said 7 years ago

    genius finds... more videos, please!!

  • revampedart said 7 years ago

    LOVE Kat and I love that ipod dock

  • RockCandyVintage said 7 years ago

    That acoustic iphone speaker is sooo cool!!! Great find =] There are so many talented sellers here on etsy. If you get a chance check out my shop... I have wood burned personalized ornaments, vintage clothing and jewelry. Happy Holidays!

  • CurlyGirlCrochet said 7 years ago

    My favorite is your doorbell - how cool is that! My favorite Etsy purchase has to be handmade soaps. Please come visit my Shop for original, unique, hand crocheted goodies - cat toys, dog toys, one of a kind scarves, cowls, shawls, and coasters.

  • nonamenicole said 7 years ago

    your lip color in this video is dope.

  • kayleighforsythe said 7 years ago

    Oh my god THAT DOORBELL!

  • twolefthands said 7 years ago

    You have such unique and amazing taste! I would love to see more of your decor! Thanks for sharing!

  • flameblue said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat! Wow! I loved all your handmade goodies. Hard to pick a favorite but I loved the door bell and gramophone. Thanks for promoting handmade items. Thanks for the video. :) I love buying and selling on ETSY. I have found unique handmade gifts for friends. I enjoy making handmade greeting cards with weird, interesting or unique embellishments. I design the front and inside of the card. My current favorite is thin wood embellishments with vintage images from porkshopshow here on ETSY. I find all kinds of interesting supplies on ETSY. I have something in common with you. . . facial tattoos. :) If you get a chance, please check out my shop. Just having you browse would be an honor.

  • peshka said 7 years ago

    So cool

  • 13penguins said 7 years ago

    I love it! You are so uniquely you. Everything about your look and your home decor is screaming "I am ME, and F**k you if you don't like it :) That's what is so supremely awesome about handmade. One of a Kind!

  • deemundorff said 7 years ago

    Very cool Kat! Love the eyeball. "haha!" Check out some of my vintage hats, other vintage items and handmade jewelry. Looking forward to seeing some more of your collections. Enjoy the Holidays and may you always be blessed.

  • sleepyking said 7 years ago

    Great stuff! That door bell! So cool. I love buying all kinds of things on etsy.. as well as selling! I make and sell plush animals and hand embroidered art pieces in my shop Sleepy King. It's my livelihood and I can't imagine doing anything else with my life at this point!

  • flameblue said 7 years ago

    Correction: porkchopshow wood cuts. *embarrassed*

  • MischiefInTheMaking said 7 years ago

    Love the incredible finds, Kat (and so vintage-looking to boot)! The unique qualities each creator brings to the table is what makes Etsy such a brilliant place. The more quirky the item, the better it is in my book! Especially that doorbell. I love working with eyeballs so that hit close to home. Thanks for supporting the "handmade" artists. It truly does mean the world to us!

  • SunnyA said 7 years ago

    Love the house n you. Check out my stained glass shop when you find some time. Have a good one!

  • Vikster said 7 years ago

    Kat, I am so stoked that you buy Handmade. I own two shops on Etsy. My first born is Viksterscrafts where I put just about anything I create other then sewing. My second shop is SewFairySimple. This is where I list all my sewing projects that I make. I love doing craft shows. I do so many different crafts cause I get bored doing the same thing over and over again. After the holidays, I plan on taking Viksterscrafts in another direction. So come visit my shop any time and if you see something you like to buy then I can say, WOW... Kat Von D bought something from my shop!!! I have watched you on TV since you started on Miami Ink. Love your tattoos and I would love to have one done by you, but I don't think that will ever happen in this life time. Loved looking at your home and you have great taste! Happy Crafting

  • TheMossyMoon said 7 years ago

    Loved all the neat treasures!!!

  • velvetclownpaintings said 7 years ago

    Kat Von D is so flippin' cool:)

  • sromo77 said 7 years ago

    Love Your Finds! Great unique taste! Thanks for sharing with us (=

  • violetsobsession said 7 years ago

    Wow Kat! You have such a cool collection, and I know that's only the tip if the iceberg. I too am a lover of what I call "handmade goodness." I also have a mild obsession with all things vintage and antique. I love objects with a story. Thanks for sharing yours.

  • sprigofpink said 7 years ago

    Gorgeous Kat, I would love to make you a piece of jewelry(just cuz, you're you!). If you get a breather, message me:)!

  • gilstrapdesigns said 7 years ago

    Wow girl you've got a bad house. It is so good to see you here with us on ETSY. I love everything that you've shown us especially your door bell and keyboard much continued success to you. Take care Kat Debra

  • LilaJo said 7 years ago


  • jjbackman said 7 years ago

    How awesome - thank you for giving us a peek!

  • floridascarf said 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this post. It was really motivating. Kat's series on Youtube is so fun. It would be great if more people shouted out the handmade wares that they have like that.

  • vjeric said 7 years ago

    Kat Von D!!! On Etsy ahhh my life is made.

  • gearheadthreads said 7 years ago

    Love that doorbell! . .. check out my T's some time!

  • stitchedinseattle said 7 years ago

    I make custom home decor in Seattle come check out my shop when you have time, pretty please!! Thanks, Melanie

  • jamieribisi said 7 years ago

    Love that she's listening to Ryan Adams on the horn!

  • mamalester said 7 years ago

    I'm an Etsy fan also. Love everything about it also have a shop AND a necklace you might like. Renaissance Goddess is the name of it. Check it out at etsy/shop/

  • TikiBarSoap said 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing, love your style!

  • BonjBonCreations said 7 years ago

    Well.........from a grandmothers point of view..............I loved your video and home and yes would love an hours tour of everything in it. I also love ETsy and am an avid buyer and have a small shop of my own. Thanks for the wonderful support of all these so very talented people, so many of them too. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, BONNIE

  • teazel said 7 years ago

    love kat!

  • gaiaconceptions said 7 years ago

    I have the acoustic horn in my is just as super rad as it looks and sounds !!!! An eyeball dope is that. Come check out our shop..I think our organic clothing would be stunning on you :) Especially this piece to show of your amazing body art...

  • BonjBonCreations said 7 years ago

    Well...............from a grandmothers point of view..............I love your video and home. Would love to see much more, maybe and hours tour of your home. Looks as though it might take that long. Thanks so much for taking time to celebrate ETsy and all the great talent that is here. Wishing you and your family a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  • gaiaconceptions said 7 years ago

    We have the acoustic horn in our studio and it is of my favorite EYSY purchases. Dude, an eyeball doorbell how dope is that. We would love for you to swing by Gaia Conceptions. Our organic clothing would look lovely on you and we have a few pieces that would effortlessy showcase your stunning body art !!!

  • BonjBonCreations said 7 years ago

    This is what a Senior Moment is. So now you have three different comments from me. Ignore the last two. I tried to get rid but no luck.

  • PetiteRobeNoire said 7 years ago

    Oh how I adore Kat von D. I love all of the wonderful finds you have. That keyboard and especially that gramaphone - must have!!!! Kat I love creating things for myself. I like to repurpose and redesign clothes, make jewelry, I have learned to make shoes (yep, real ones with leather stacked heels and shoe laces), and this weekend I learned how to make and block hats. My current obsession is the 20's and early 30s. The silent and early precode films, finding that perfect necklace that is similar to the one worn by Constance Bennett in a 1930's film, or a shoe or gown from the period, or even learning how to wave my hair - this girl is a vintage fan-atic.

  • OwlHouseDesigns said 7 years ago

    Love your finds Kat!! I am an artist as well and would love for you to check out my store! Thanks!!

  • valkasinskas said 7 years ago

    Yes! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I love seeing this quick peek into your home & your fave handmades! Love your aesthetic & attitude. I'm no surprised you are stoked on handmade and custom pieces and happy you did this quick vid. I'd be stoked if you checked out my shop: I have some funky & fun dark pieces in the shop right now, not to mention some rad rose cuts! Best, Val Studio Metalsmith VK Designs uses only conflict free diamonds and recycled metals. 5% of each sale goes to support Earthworks "No Dirty Gold" efforts.

  • valkasinskas said 7 years ago

    Yes! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I love seeing this quick peek into your home & your fave handmades! Love your aesthetic & attitude. I'm no surprised you are stoked on handmade and custom pieces and happy you did this quick vid. I'd be stoked if you checked out my shop: I have some funky & fun dark pieces in the shop right now, not to mention some rad rose cuts! Best, Val Studio Metalsmith VK Designs uses only conflict free diamonds and recycled metals. 5% of each sale goes to support Earthworks "No Dirty Gold" efforts.

  • DancingMooney said 7 years ago

    That iPhone speaker dock is Amazing!!!! So fun to find Kat on etsy too, yay!

  • StippofallTrades said 7 years ago

    Love this! I admire your sense of staying true to your style! The color palette is inspiting, goth, yet chic at the same time! Super cool! My shop is humble in comparison! LOL! Post more, I'd love to see more!

  • woods2010 said 7 years ago

    The gramophone ipod dock is amazing- I love how you have combined purchases that have modern features or processes yet still have a connection to an older time period. Looking forward to seeing some more if you let us! Check out my shop on etsy if you like hand-illustrated jewellery! x

  • kzannoart said 7 years ago

    You are too cool for school, thanks for sharing !

  • ikabags said 7 years ago

    So cool :) thanks :)

  • beadbooty said 7 years ago

    Fabulous finds, Kat! I think my fave is the belt buckle...such beautiful detail. And that it speaks to your love of music makes it even more special. I started making guitar string bangle bracelets last year when my attempts at learning to play the guitar kind of tanked (I'm not ready to give up, though. One day I will be strumming those strings as well as turning them into bracelets!!) Check them out! Hope you'll share more of your Etsy goodies soon!

  • kissmekrafty said 7 years ago

    Kat!! I love you! You absolutely fascinate me because you are strong and beautiful and girly all at the same time. I have often told my husband that you are the only one I would let tatoo me. Thanks for sharing and loving Etsy!

  • hinikaye09 said 7 years ago

    Love your collection...Too Cool!

  • jamasters said 7 years ago

    Great Etsy finds! Hand made rocks!

  • seaofwild said 7 years ago

    love it

  • 609East said 7 years ago

    Thanks for a peek at your collection, you have some great stuff! Looks like you really appreciate what goes into a handmade piece. Thanks Etsy for providing a site to showcase so much talent. Hope you can find time to check out my felt skull ornaments.

  • CharzharGlass said 7 years ago

    Who doesn't love handmade treasures made with love and creativity. Thanks for sharing your finds. Feel free take a look at my little colorful shop, or search CharzharGlass.

  • FullMeasureSoapCo said 7 years ago

    Our house is stuffed full of Etsy items! We've been selling/shopping since our first shop opened in 2008 and it's one of the greatest aspects of the internet, in our humble opinion. Just knowing not only where, but WHO are item is coming from is an experience in itself. Very cool collection. Thanks for sharing!

  • ArthursPlaidPants said 7 years ago

    Awesome video! Loved the items in her collection.

  • SticksAndStonesGifts said 7 years ago

    Fantastic video! I love it.

  • PyxusPassionProject said 7 years ago

    LOVING this post! Kat's got great taste so I'm not surprised that she has the coolest pieces you can find on Etsy! I'm proud to say that she's bought a few pairs of my leggings in the past - it was the highlight of my initial sales when I started selling on Etsy!! (and still is lol) My favorite handmade items sold here on Etsy are the amazing skin products by DressGreen - LOVE and can't live without them. :)

  • artfulmusicianNY said 7 years ago

    Kat check out: your kind of rock n roll art

  • jniebuur said 7 years ago

    Woohoo, we want more Kat! That was so cool to share... :)

  • Lin222 said 7 years ago

    WOW...that was so amazing!....It's so wonderful that a "famous" person has purchased so many things on Etsy and that she is so supportive of Etsy in general. ....I wish I could visit Kat's home and check out more of her unique "stuff" ....Kat's home is like a Museum, full of creative things....Anyhow, TXs so much for posting this article...It was a BLAST!....Lin222

  • Bailoutabarista said 7 years ago

    Kat Von D, I am awe struck by your home. It is the most interesting home I have seen. You have awesome taste. Besides being beautiful you are more than interesting. Hope to see more from you.

  • baconsquarefarm said 7 years ago

    Wow factor happening at your place~ incredible finds from practical to eclectic and eye candy for the soul. The door bell rocked so clever, I'm so amazed by all the talent on etsy and speaking of which, thanks for supporting handmades :) Plus you have a wonderful smile and pretty eyes, thanks for sharing your home with all of us.

  • OdieBellsDesigns said 7 years ago

    Wow !! Love your place.. But love that you love Etsy. Thank you for purchasing on Etsy..

  • TwinkleStarCrafts said 7 years ago

    I can tell that you really appreciate the treasures you have found on Etsy and that you have been gifted by the artists in your life. Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your home and for supporting the many Etsy artists that you do. I love that you enjoy a variety of different colors, textures and styles. I also love that you have no qualms about telling anyone who cannot appreciate your taste to go screw. Well done on that front!

  • MinaMinette said 7 years ago

    Probably would have enjoyed the video. Stopped at the "F" word...I guess I'm showing my age, but I don't see where that has a place on Etsy.

  • writebacksoon said 7 years ago

    What a great video Kat!.. So many amazing things to look at in your house & appreciate that you shop on etsy! Such fun.. love the tats! ;)

  • Parachute425 said 7 years ago

    Thanks for supporting handmade, Kat! Love your clothing line and your tattoo art is wonderful. Thanks for the peek.

  • SusanFaye said 7 years ago

    The doorbell is beyond cool.

  • florekj said 7 years ago

    Thank you!

  • florekj said 7 years ago

    I Love the door bell!

  • PurpleVanity said 7 years ago

    Your home is warm and inspiring. I love that door bell!

  • MissHildebrandt said 7 years ago

    WOrd! Nice little treat for the daily etsy visitor! Thank you first of all! THEN, I'd like to share with you that I am a painter, painful when not painting, and the creative fancy is mostly tickled when capturing the tiny aspects of NAUGHTY keping the class. The more ambiguous pin up! Cheers. XCL Hildebrandt

  • FreshFromtheFlame said 7 years ago

    That belt buckle is beautiful. I think you need some of my handmade copper pieces Kat.

  • elover said 7 years ago

    Love! Love! Love! Have been a fan of Kat Von D for years and what could be better than Etsy and Kat rolled into one??!!!! I can't say I'm surprised she's an Etsy fan..both rock!

  • MagpieandMolly said 7 years ago

    Your home is beyond words! Every piece looks like it has a history to tell, which is such a beautiful thing. If you have the chance, I'd love it if you took a look at my jewelry. :) And THANKS for supporting handmade!

  • taracastaneda said 7 years ago

    Not surprised that Kat Von D is a handmade lover! She's so unique it's built into her DNA! Loved her video and she has some awesome stuff in her house!

  • allyfain said 7 years ago

    kat, you are so inspiring!!!! on twitter and now etsy!!! your style speaks to me! let's see more!!!! :)

  • castledenoir said 7 years ago

    Dear Kat,check out my vintage shop!:))

  • JulieMeyer said 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your cool things! Loved it all.

  • ReaganHayhurst said 7 years ago

    Kat, that was a fabulous!! Thank you so much for sharing, I now have a few new favs myself. Can't wait to see more!

  • WintergreenDesign said 7 years ago

    Such cool and unique pieces you've acquired!! Love it!

  • TuscaloosaRoad said 7 years ago

    I love the gramophone ipod dock. What an amazing find!

  • ArchetypalTheatre said 7 years ago

    Great examples of why living with handmade items makes life special! Thanks for the fun peak inside your world, Kat.

  • eelizabeth said 7 years ago

    All that Etsyness is great but, holy crap!, is that a wax head sitting on the piano?!

  • Motleycouture said 7 years ago

    Thank you for inviting me into your home! Beautiful and so interesting! Love vintage and all the history and stories behind each piece!

  • RECCIEatETSY said 7 years ago

    Super creative. Blessing.

  • nicoleduff said 7 years ago

    Kat! That EYE looks so real! It's CREEPY but I love it! WOW! All cool Etsy finds, for sure! I am passionate about redesigning vintage furniture. I have a special love for retro styles, bright colors, and bold patters but it depends on my mood. LOL Which is why my shop is called "MOOD DESIGN STUDIO" check it out! I just opened my shop but I have been selling my furniture for about a year now, I cant get enough of it! Hope to see more of your collection!

  • EmilieCyr said 7 years ago

    Wow Kat Von D on Etsy, that is sooo COOL! We were wondering if our product was fitted to be sold on Etsy, we were not sure this type of clientele would come shop here. Now I have no doubt anymore! We are big fans by the way! We do really unique and quite special wood plugs with eyes! They are a bit like your door bell! The plug clientele is quite a niche, but it's been 8 months now that we are online, and people are ♥'ing what we do! We are so proud to be able to create a handmade product that is elegant, creepy and original! We would love to hear your opinion on our EYE plugs :) Thanks Kat and thank Etsy for this post, a boost of motivation for us! Hope to see more of your collection, it is really inspiring.

  • BambuEarth said 7 years ago

    The iPod dock is probably by far my favorite thing! I love that you support artists and the handmade community. Blessings to you! ♥

  • darastone1 said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat, Awesome finds... I have my own shop it has only been open a little over a month or so and I am just starting this process. So to see your video really inspired me to not get worried and to just have fun with it! My shop is a personalized shop, you imagine it and i create it! I work mostly with Wood Plaques and wall hanging and have some great kids stuff as well as holiday items and scrap-booking things. Check it out if you would like, not sure that it is right up your alley but figured since you asked I would share!! Thanks again for your support for us Esty Shop Owners!

  • prasadpingali said 7 years ago

    Kat Von D's sentiment on social media is positive. Check out all the buzz.

  • recycledwares said 7 years ago

    I was so surprised to see your video on Etsy. Thanks for sharing your personal space with us and all your great Etsy finds. I hope you share more!

  • TheRavensDaughter said 7 years ago

    ETSY Eclectic! ☠ ☠ ☠

  • TheQueenOfQuiteALot said 7 years ago

    Very cool ! Kat you should have a regular segment here on etsy xoxo

  • Deadbydawn2007 said 7 years ago

    Loving her chairs a lot, especially the eyeball doorbell !

  • unastigsdottir said 7 years ago

    what a lovely gal she is!

  • laurelhowells said 7 years ago

    the doorbell was definitely my favourite!

  • NalandaJewelry said 7 years ago

    Her home and her collection of handmade stuff ROCKS!!!!!! :)

  • ericawalker said 7 years ago

    So fun! I've admired Kat and her work for a long time.

  • DIVINEsweetness said 7 years ago

    Awesome stuff!!... loved the Iphone dock!!! I LOVE KatvonD!!!!

  • bohemiansway said 7 years ago

    Hello Kat ~ I loved seeing some of your fav's, I'am also a lover of handmade items and I have made many things for family and friends but my true love is anything VINTAGE, anything with a past from an awesome 1940s piece of luggage to a 1950s bustier with organza cups, to a cast acorn hook from a scholl built in 1915. My shop has a bit of evertthing, stop by sometime and I'm looking forward to your next visit to Etsy. Here's to the Past, Present, and Future ~ Maria

  • SteamedGlass said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat - Thank you for supporting steampunk style creativity here on Etsy and pointing us to some amazing artwork. Brian Poor's animitronic eye bell has to be my favorite. Also check him out here: Thanks for including my artwork!

  • teenrags said 7 years ago

    Love, love, love your collection of pieces of art work. AMAZING! Please show more Of your collections. There are great artists in ETSY. I love vintage items that has been through many journeys! Thank you for sharing.

  • ohhhlulu said 7 years ago

    oh wow! I loved this, and that gramophone ipod dock is incredible! So cool.

  • HCbyHeatherJewelry said 7 years ago

    Great finds, Kat! I think my favorite is the doorbell... very unique. I appreciate handmade/handcrafted anything- they just mean more, and have more value, than, say, an iPhone dock from Walmart. Very cool! Yes please show us more cool stuff you have!

  • superflyhel said 7 years ago

    The coolest thing by FAR was your doorbell. Love it! I have an etsy shop myself. I keep noggins warm mainly. I would love to make something for you sometime

  • masked08 said 7 years ago

    My fav part is the - If you don't like it F you lol I'd love to make you something, Kat! I can deliver it when I come get tattooed by you 8+)

  • Livelifemadkit said 7 years ago

    I adore the doorbel! haha funny I would love that one on my wooden door! ;-)

  • suzedablooze said 7 years ago

    Really, great taste, I loved the door bell! Aren't handmade artists THE best! Love to see your fashion taste, such as headbands and stuff? Susiex

  • MrsWaggy said 7 years ago

    Maybe something wacky and handmade for your friend's kidlets? You can find some cool necklaces in my shop at

  • HiggsMandy said 7 years ago

    AWESOME! I adore everting Kat does!! Much love <3 Mandy

  • sweetcookie said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat! So refreshing your place!!! Thanks for the tour - and when you get married, you may wanna use my mushroom or urban cowgirl wedding invite!! lol ♥ Rebecca

  • TJLubrano said 7 years ago

    The Ipod station was AWESOME! And teh doorbell...I'd totally freak out at first and then stare back hehe. I'd love to see more items that you have in your home. Handcraft products are just amazing as every artist tend to lock a bit of their soul in whatever they create. I'm an illustrator myself and I do have some stuff on Etsy. Would be so cool if you'd have a look around! ^_^ XO!

  • sweetcookie said 7 years ago


  • RuinBibber said 7 years ago

    Absolutely amazing house!!!....LOVE all of the great Etsy Finds!!!

  • urchinbags said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat, I just love the items you showcased in your video and your excitement and would love to come for tea and see more! I make handbags, wallets and accessories made from reclaimed materials... could be right up your street! Anyway I wanted to include a link of a bag that may just be the one for you... What do you think?

  • IcingOnTheCupcake said 7 years ago

    Those are some amazing finds! Love to see the handmade support.

  • katrinamitten said 7 years ago

    Kat , I love everything that you showed on the video. Are you interested in Native American art and Jewelry? Please Check out my website at

  • MerCurios said 7 years ago

    So awesome!! Kat is a HUGE Fan of Bloodmilk and Rocklove too!! ...She also has one of my crystal bench rings around there somewhere. :)

  • LoveAlwaysLavern said 7 years ago

    ooooo Love the steam punk inspired buys! would love to see more! I started making things i couldn't find anywhere else. I love skulls and taxidermy and when i couldn't find any Christmas stockings i liked, I decided i would make my own with skulls and other weirdness.

  • GreenLinebyK said 7 years ago

    I have always ADORED Kat, her quirky style and her amazing personality! Kat, you are an inspiration to us all on so many levels! Love, love, love your home, purchases and HUGELY love that you support handmade! What an awesome video and peak into the home of a woman whom I admire so much! Just made my day.

  • MuleMotherBooks said 7 years ago

    Hey there Ms. Von D- My, what a beautiful home you have! I do hope my collection is as impressive as yours one of these days... I so appreciate when awesome folks give kudos to craftspeople and handmade things. Thanks so much, it ain't easy making a living as a craftsperson! (Did you know the lowest paid career in North America is a female visual artist or crafts person!? What the fuk!?... Why am I not surprised..) If your into handmade books, have a gander at my shop!... If, of course, you ever see this message in the sea of messages above. Thanks much lady!

  • EForestCreations said 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your Etsy finds Kat! Love all the items you found! I mostly shop for gifts for others here. I love to find handmade items knowing that I am contributing to the artist community. I make Jewelry for the woman who just can't conform to one style. I have an eclectic collection here

  • sazzy15 said 7 years ago

    omg omg omg omg!! Freak out big time! Kat Von D is one of the people who inspires me, she is very artistic, beautiful and just soo cool! I am so happy to see that she loves Etsy :) Yay! I gotta admit that the gramophone ipod player is amazing!! I want!! Kat if you fancy popping by my store I would be so chuffed, even if it's not to purchase but just to have a peek I will be a very happy girl *faints*! My store, is filled with vintage retro items that you may like, there is so much there which are unique finds and I have such a huge variety of things. I think you may like one of the brooches i have (a violin- classical music ;) ) and I have some cool tin boxes one has a painting of the 'Ponte Di Rialto" in rome painted by Canaletto :) I also sell a few handmade gifts, and I sell lots of my own photography. It would be absolutely amazinggggg if you could pop by! I adore Etsy! I just wish I have enough money to buy everything. This is my store website: :) much love, sarah <3 xx

  • jwilladsen said 7 years ago

    Love, love, love the door bell - so fun! I just created "Jandeliers" an Outdoor Lighting Collection of custom chandeliers upcycling vintage fixtures and glassware. Hope you enjoy checking out the recent postings at our shop -

  • akunst said 7 years ago

    LOVE Kat and all her awesome handmade treasures !!

  • stinkybomb said 7 years ago

    Love this! You contacted us about our WWII hand grenade soaps a while back, contact us again! The handmade community loves your support. (and house!))

  • PeaceCircle said 7 years ago

    I am so excited that you took the time to boost up Etsy and all the amazing artist found here. Thank you for supporting hand made I am sure so many of us here do this for a living, but most importantly because it's what we love, who we are and have no other choice. >>>If your not doing what you love... what the hell are you doing?<<< Peace Kat, enjoy your hand made holidays!!!

  • basht said 7 years ago

    I have way too many fave etsy purchases... as the number is in the hundreds and I've been buying here since 2006. Etsy has introduced me to so many amazing artisans and friends.

  • KarenSofia said 7 years ago

    Really fun to watch! I especially love the gramophone docking station! I'm seriously considering getting one for myself. Thanks for sharing! If you're into handmade jewelry, please check out my shop >> Cheers!

  • SavageSeeds said 7 years ago

    Beautiful collection, Kat! I'd love to have any of the pieces you shared! My home is full of handmade / vintage / Etsy art... I am very passionate about DIY and upcycling. I love being apart of the Etsy community and having the awesome opportunity to sell my handmade items all over the world. Nothing makes me happier. <3

  • TheFeistyDragon said 7 years ago

    The doorbell is great! I love peeking into people's homes and seeing how different their decorating and style differ from mine. I'm always looking for ideas for new designs for my shop, and Kat Von D's style is always a great place for me to start!

  • vintagechicllc said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat, loved your stuff, and since your into piano's, music, you need to check out my etsy site, I have a piano/organ light that I hand made from a broken piano, it's really cool. You can find it on my site .... Hope to hear from you. Larry

  • WanderingLilyDesigns said 7 years ago

    I am Wandering Lily and I create from found objects in nature. Far reaching with flowers, feathers, bones, crystal, leather, lace, expired shell casings and more! We like our beauty a little rough around the edges but girly all around! Thanks for the fun post! Dock and doorbell are awesome!

  • chelseachildress said 7 years ago

    I love the old fashioned style! Thanks so much for taking the time to talk about the value of handmade! If you ever need any custom children's clothing, I would be delighted to make something for you!!!

  • GroovyGreenGlass said 7 years ago

    Kat - LOVE your house! If you are ever in need of any glassware/lamps/jewelry made from recycled bottles... check us out! Stay Groovy! :) Deana

  • suldrun said 7 years ago

    There are to many great things on etsy and the fun part is I never look for anything, stuff will find you on etsy. And very year I but my self a handmade gift here for my birthday. I bought anything from clothing to home accessoires and Diy stuff to make my own stuff with. I have an Etsy shop aswell, the greatest part of that is, the fact that the products I make her in little Village goes all over the world.

  • Freshline said 7 years ago

    What a great video Kat! Loved watching it! Thanks for supporting handmade artists! I have a shop on etsy:

  • Freshline said 7 years ago

    Great video Kat! I enjoyed watching it! Love that you support artists here on Etsy! I have an shop selling art, stationery & more: Thank you!

  • SaraBJewelry said 7 years ago

    Thanks so much for sharing your badass home, Kat Von D! My faves are the door bell ringer, the phonograph iPod dock, and the amazing terrarium! p.s. I think one of my gemstone cocktail rings would look amazing on your pretty hands ;)

  • RFBdesignsbyPeggy said 7 years ago

    that was awesome Kat, you sure have some great things. love them. Etsy is a wonderful place to get everything hand made... I design hand knitted fashion doll clothes, also I sew for 11.5 / 12 inch dolls, and My husband just started making 1.6 scale furniture, that looks completely real, soon to be added to my Etsy store

  • jadadreaming said 7 years ago

    I am totally inspired by your amazing things and want to see more! I make whimsical dresses out of all recycled materials... nothing you can buy in just any old store. Thank you for supporting handmade. xo

  • Furiousdreams said 7 years ago

    Awesome doorbell and I loved your keyboard. What kind of piano is that? It looks almost like a harpsichord on its side. What about paintings - you didn't show us any, but I'm sure you have a collection. If not, please check out my shop here on etsy.

  • WalterSilva said 7 years ago

    Kat you are the bomb! Love the personality in your home! Check out some of my Day of the Dead items: Happy Thanksgiving too!

  • designlab443 said 7 years ago

    That door bell is freaky cool!!

  • Lsca66 said 7 years ago

    Love it! Stop over and visit my store Kat, Crooked Crows Mercantile. Love your house too :)

  • Mama2Twins07 said 7 years ago

    The glass bulb was incredible! I am such a huge fan and I am totally jealous of your beautiful home!

  • Thecraftingjunkie said 7 years ago

    Wow! You have such a great collection. Love the doorbell, the terrarium and looks like you have much more fun stuff at home! The iPod speaker is close to my heart because I'm an iPod freak but like to mix new technology with the past technology (can you say 8 track?), I had one. Check out my store (thecraftingjunkie now and formerly thecraftingjunkiestore). I bet you'll like the nano watchband cuffs. Oh btw.. the keyboard is awesome! Want to see more!

  • joylemon said 7 years ago

    Feel Free to check out my shop! All letters are handpainted and customized to your liking!!!

  • dusk2dawndesign said 7 years ago

    Kat is KOOL as S***! love all the quirky, vintage stuff! especially that doorbell. my store is vintage jewelry and all that is cool and retro, take a look :)

  • darkponydesigns said 7 years ago

    Love the playfulness and the originality of your style! Check out my shop for lots of playful women's clothing including bustiers that would show off all of your amazing ink! xo

  • aggieray said 7 years ago

    That was so amazing. I loved the I phone doc. So glad to see that you support the wonderful handmade community of ETSY. Thank you for your creative imput!

  • bibliographica said 7 years ago

    What an amazing collection! As an Etsy seller I am constantly blown away by the insane talent that is popping up all over the world thanks to the wonderful people behind Etsy, who made it possible for us to get ourselves known, even in some small way. I am also an Etsy buyer but don't have a collection as wild and fantastic as yours! Wow is all I can say! Thank you so much for sharing and do share more! :)

  • AllisonBoehm1 said 7 years ago

    I love finding handmade things on Etsy! Mostly hats for my little girl who is 9 months old!

  • littlepancakes said 7 years ago

    Wow, so many people trying to sell something to Kat in their comments. Maybe it's just me, but that kinda thing just tends to turn people off...

  • VintageJunkInMyTrunk said 7 years ago

    That was amazing -- how cool was that doorbell? Would love to see more, and now I need to have that keyboard. Fun video!

  • bekka1 said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat Your house is too cool!!!! I,ve been trying to find a new door bell and the eyeball is great!!!! Is this a etsy item I was trying to find it but can,t and I don,t think I have the right artist! Bekka S.

  • VillaCollezione said 7 years ago

    hi Kat! thanks for shopping on etsy & sharing your cool finds! luv the doorbell and the gramophone where old meets new! inviting you to come visit my vintage shop with eclectic selection!

  • LiLaO said 7 years ago


  • seacoi said 7 years ago

    What a cool doorbell! Awesome!

  • OldAndCold said 7 years ago

    Pretty! Oh so pretty things. I absolutely *love* the gramophone. I have to get one of those. Although I might need the space first....but definitely getting one of those! Swing by our shop sometime, our handmade book racks might just be right up your alley ***

  • AzimuthVintage said 7 years ago

    YESS // if you don't think that's awesome then f**k you :) made my day.

  • AlternateHistory said 7 years ago

    You always decorate your living spaces so amazingly! Great video! I enjoy customizing my little home as well, and am also quite the fan of Victorian esthetic. Any unique, medical, scientific, or natural oddities are welcome in my curio cabinets (and jewelry boxes)!

  • bannerandsail said 7 years ago

    Love the wood carved piano!!

  • awkward said 7 years ago

    aw man, that's pretty cool! :D

  • COGnitivecreations said 7 years ago

    I want to move in. :o) Love the steam-victorian contraptions as well and am a sucker for anything combining nature and industrial/mechanical.

  • liquorish said 7 years ago

    Kat your home rocks! I love your show, your style, your attitude toward life....very carefree and to be true to yourself. I just wanted to give you a shout out and say I think you are AWESOME and stay the Kat we all know and love :-) - Heidi

  • tubbytabby said 7 years ago

    The eyeball doorbell is frickin awesome! I can so see people freakin out when they come to your door. Oh, I sell handmade and vintage jewelry, check me out (in your spare time) LOL

  • OneLaneRoad said 7 years ago

    I use to have a vintage shop on Etsy (now I screen print awesome t-shirts!) and once sold a phonograph speaker similar to the one you have!! It wasn't hooked to an ipod dock....just the horn.... but now I'm kicking myself I didn't keep it for this purpose!! Man, that thing is so cool. And so is your eyeball peep it!

  • jessicaNdesigns said 7 years ago

    Loved this peek inside your home! Your collection is awesome! I especially loved that belt buckle! Amazing! I have a shop here My favorite thing about it is customizing vintage silverware however my clients want! I especially love my coffee spoons! I buy a ton off of Etsy and do handmade swaps with other shop owners and I love that! My most recent favorite things I bought is hand knitted thigh high leg warmer "boot socks" from Grace and Lace Thank you for sharing!

  • fuchsiabloomstudio said 7 years ago

    Thanks Kat for sharing some cool handmade elements of your home with us- I love the little terrarium! I mostly collect vintage pottery and glassware here on Etsy, as well as vintage components to use in my jewelry... As far as handmade, my favorite shops are Joom for handmade pillows and Creative Works for really pretty handmade pottery and knick knacks. Seriously , you can spend hours shopping here on Etsy and not know where the time went!

  • queta54 said 7 years ago

    hi kat, love your home and love your show:) i make home made jewelry check it out and check out my circle, favorites shops and items they're full of beautiful things and many vintage goodies. love ya!

  • POUTfits said 7 years ago

    This video is tooo cute. Kat bought something from me once and now I am even more flattered; she obviously has impeccable taste. Handmade 4 LIFE!

  • recrudescence said 7 years ago

    Myself and my husband have drooled over Kat's home and belongings many times. Take a look at her clothing line. I greatly appreciate a celebrity who is willing to take the time to promote other artists. Many thanx Kat

  • LoveFatimaJewels said 7 years ago

    my favorite is the horn for the ipod. It's awesome and unexpected.

  • persnicketychic said 7 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your fabulous finds; I now have a few new favorite fellow artists for sure! I love quirk!!

  • SilviaMarzucchi said 7 years ago

    Kat, your house is outrageously beautiful!!! My faves are the eyeball doorbell, the belt buckleand...your red lipstick! You rock girl! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful etsy finds! Ciao

  • NetWorth said 7 years ago

    Way to support Etsy, Kat.

  • Dimples216 said 7 years ago

    Oh wow that is really cool that Kat shops on Etsy....I have more respect for her now knowing she appreciates handmade goods! :-D

  • allisonrhode said 7 years ago

    Love the doorbell, creepy!!!

  • elizenazelie said 7 years ago

    I'm also a tattoo artist and sell my prints and paintings here on Etsy... one of my favourite things about selling here is taking my shop's profits and using them to buy cool vintage and handmade decor for my own tattoo shop! We have a eclectic shabby art deco theme in the shop so it really allows for a cool variety of stuff. Selling and then buying from etsy is like a cool trade program where I can make art and decorate with the art of others in the same fell swoop, its a great system!!

  • 5seed said 7 years ago

    Love the iPod dock!

  • dcmetaldesigns said 7 years ago

    Very cool! if you get time you should check out my web site and etsy shop. Thanks, Darryl

  • snyrse said 7 years ago

    I could so live there! I am committed to giving handmade or buying from other artists. I believe/hope this is the way of the future.

  • floradavis said 7 years ago

    Great blog post! Such fun things all in one abode! How about adding something with cat hair? as in jewelry around your beautiful neck. Please check out my quirky cat hair personal adornments. Thanks! Flora

  • linn302 said 7 years ago

    I love your style and handmade stuff. Here is my new etsy store: I'll be adding more items soon. I hope you can check it out. Thanks ~Linda

  • OldTimeVintageFinds said 7 years ago

    First of all, *THANKS* for supporting the handmade community. Your finds rock! Love that hand carved keyboard buckle. Etsy continues to amaze me with all the creativity. I use my photography to create unique handmade cards. Along with my three dogs, we make a great team. When I'm not in my studio creating, I'm out picking for those vintage treasures that I sell in my other shop here on Etsy, Looking forward to more episodes. Thanks for sharing!

  • nevastarr said 7 years ago

    Dear Kat, I have just the thing for you! I create up cycled metal art & garden items. ( light bulb terrariums, spoon fish ect. ) However artistic experimentation has left me with vintage scientific beaker terrariums ( really cool but my beaker supply has since dried up ) Anyway I have large one left looking for the perfect home. It yours if you want it - free of charge, I just want it to go somewhere, it will be appreciated :) - perfect fit for eclectic decor. You may contact me thru my shop if interested. PS - Love the cunning & creative collections! Thanks, Neva Starr

  • orangeskunkjewelry said 7 years ago

    Loved watching the video! That doorbell is so cool! Thanks for supporting handmade :)

  • BirdAndMoonStudio said 7 years ago

    Oh Ho, WOW!!! All those wonderful handmades, so kewl......and kinda spooky

  • beachlifebeads said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat, Awesome, interesting and quirky.......just like I like it! Thanks for sharing! Debbie

  • claramunro said 7 years ago

    In the last year or so I've 1. learned who you were 2. followed you on twitter 3. grown an apparition for your style and tastes. I think it's awesome how you support shopping on etsy and encourage others to look into it. I hope that one day I'll be able to get my gear up on this amazing site and hopes of sharing it with others.

  • Krystyna81 said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat, love your home - amazing etsy finds and your personality makes me smile :) check out my shop if you lovely ladies for your walls! Ps - I am in awe of your talent!

  • AudreysArtistry said 7 years ago

    I make unique fused glass jewelry. I also have a thing for skulls. :)

  • LambkinToquesetc said 7 years ago

    Cool doorbell! Does the eye connect to a screen so that you can see who is at the door?!

  • BeadedByCori said 7 years ago

    Awesome! Love the terrarium in the light bulb. My shop is

  • GiveMeAlittleSmirk said 7 years ago

    Me and my sister loved watching your show. I make t-shirts and custom drawings.

  • 4PennyGirl said 7 years ago

    Totally amazing.. I love all your stuff, wow.. so much to fun.

  • alexibon said 7 years ago

    Thanks for opening up your home and sharing your collection. It's great that you support artists!

  • accentonvintage said 7 years ago

    You top the list for owning some real cool things!

  • quiltsbykandy said 7 years ago

    Awesome video!!! I make quilts out of t-shirts and babies clothing and would love to make a quilt for you Kat. If you get a chance, I would love for you to visit my etsy shop and here's a link to a few pics of my quilts: Thanks for looking. Kandy

  • cubo said 7 years ago

    i'm buying things not only that i can use them but also because i like them..! they are so many unique creations and you dont know if you can find them again some other day! (the Eye door-bell is wonderful!!)

  • kloin said 7 years ago

    Fabulous stuff, the doorbell is particularly amazing! Would love to see more of your Etsy purchases. I make hand embroidery patterns :)

  • vsxnsta said 7 years ago

    COOL! Visit my shop VSXNSTA.ETSY.COM

  • Bananamoo said 7 years ago

    very nice!!!

  • sassygraceboutique said 7 years ago

    The doorbell rocks.

  • pkgbylcn said 7 years ago

    Wow Kat, thanks so much for sharing your personal space! So many great things...I can't decide which was my favorite, torn between the iPod speaker and the doorbell! :) I definitely would love to see more. I would be honored to have you visit my shop!

  • LunaZen said 7 years ago

    Very cool finds Kat!I LOVE the keyboard and mouse, they are great! Where did u find them? Keep sharing your treasures & visit my shop sometime, so you can check out my little treasures... Images, color, and random randomness. :)

  • WhatOnceWas said 7 years ago

    I love your wonderfully eclectic taste!! There are so many amazingly talented artists on Etsy. You might like this quote--it is proudly displayed in my shop announcement: "Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found." James Russell Lowell (1819 - 1891)

  • metalogical said 7 years ago

    That iPhone phonograph dock is the coolest thing I've seen in a while.

  • mylifeinviolet said 7 years ago

    watched la ink forever. love you and the show! your home is so ecclectic and cool. it seems perfect for you x i have two shops on etsy, check me out! second one is this one- i would love to m ake you something xxx

  • eMeLLeS said 7 years ago

    I am in Canada and i love your show! Well maybe i Love YOU!!! Just kidding...I love my husband and my little girl!....Well i still love you! LOL! Anyways........enough about love! OMG! Your stuff is awesome and all those unique finds. Especially the Iphone thing (i don't have an Iphone but i would if i had that phonograph. I especially loved the doorbell! I would put that on my house and maybe use my grandfather's glass eye instead of it collecting dust! Thanks for supporting Etsy!

  • tamilopez said 7 years ago

    That's so awesome! And that's what Etsy is all about, isn't it? Interesting and unique treasures. Finding things that really speak to you. I have found some wonderful things on Etsy and I love connecting with people who fall in love with what I make. This was a very cool feature! Thanks so much!!!

  • WoodlandBelle said 7 years ago

    I once had the honor of making a terrarium ring for Kat von D. I see now that it fits right into her wonderful, eclectic collection! Thank you Kat for your support for handmade!

  • atomicblue said 7 years ago

    My fave Etsy purchase is some amazing yarn, it's hot pink. I knitted it into a hat with a huge pom pom. Handmade is awesome! Kat Von D totally needs to check out my hand knit on my avatar :)

  • byDelirium said 7 years ago

    What and amaizing purchase kat! I will love to show you my handmade jewelry you will find some skulls ;)

  • rockapplewood said 7 years ago

    Super cool stuff you got there. Ryan makes killer acoustic iPhone stands, I agree. joel-

  • normaharrell said 7 years ago

    That eyeball doorbell is THE COOLEST THING EVER!

  • GoldenSpiralDesigns said 7 years ago

    I can easily say that if I had that kind of money, I would spend it all on Etsy and Kickstarter. Let's hear it for arts patronage! The eyeball doorbell is unparalleled. Super cool stuff!

  • grannyjack said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the tour of your space. I just love the grammaphone box for your music. That is pure genius. I love making anything. I make clothes, tea cosies and hats. For the sheer fun of it I have recently started making tutus for my cats and dogs. Mostly because it makes me laugh.

  • bunnynicky said 7 years ago

    Loved all your stuff great taste ) my store on Etsy is KathrinesArtFair or just put in Kathrine Narducci I'm an actress/artist painter /street photographer just moved back to NYC FROM WEST HOLLYWOOD. LOVE YOUR THOUGHT'S

  • soule said 7 years ago

    Nice Collection! The Iphone dock/speaker is pretty AWESOME....

  • AcadianCrochet said 7 years ago

    Yes, I'd love to see more of your cool stuff, Kat. You have a great eye for treasures. I'd be honored too if you'd check out my shop. I do old-style thread crochet and I also have lots of neat vintage stuff.

  • ConfettiWestern said 7 years ago

    Here is my store of art prints, Kat!

  • OhioWoodandIronWorks said 7 years ago

    Totally loving all the unique items you have and how they appear vintage as well! My jaw dropped when I saw the keyboard!! It's great to hear celebrities endorsing Etsy and the handmade movement. Such a fun house you have and that's what makes it "yours!" Check out our shop: Ohio Wood and Iron Works

  • TheLotusRoot said 7 years ago

    cool! I'd love to see more!

  • gilliancorcoran said 7 years ago

    Amazing collection! I just love the doorbell :D

  • sandrahultsved said 7 years ago

    I would love to live like you do. I have a dream to once buy an old beautiful house in the forest and make it all look like it was from the 19th century. many of the stuff you showed would fit in that house, very inspiring^^ Also in my shop you can find my fairytale inspired, mystic and dark romantic artworks: And yes show us more!

  • popelkaLida said 7 years ago

    I LOVE "crazy" people... I LOVE originals... I very like her original and very different home !

  • andiespecialtysweets said 7 years ago

    You have great taste, Kat : ) Love the eyeball at the door! We were thinking it would be amazing to have one of those eyeballs in every tile in a shower. And when you turn on the water they all start looking and blinking.

  • UnearthedCreativity said 7 years ago

    I love the horn, so cool! I love repurposing & reusing old things! Check out my recycled, natural feather earrings :)

  • shellseye said 7 years ago

    Love the tattoos! Sorry, those aren't Etsy finds...There are so many interesting & amazing things here, I find new favorites every day:)

  • memphisjt said 7 years ago

    This girl is a trollip! She has no idea how rediculous she looks... Who wants to look at all of that crap? Get with the program! Not cute, sexy, or inspiring.

  • pinkpurr said 7 years ago

    Ha! I've seen that little eyeball at the cool Steampunk exhibit at the Shelbourne museum. Didn't know you could actually own one! The Clavier is very cool and would like to hear you play. Who knew Kat Von D is a Classical music fan? She just got cooler in my books ;-).

  • StrangerDays said 7 years ago

    I love that you said "F*** you" on a video made for Etsy! lol. sometimes Etsy is to uptight... I love you and now Etsy a little more. <3

  • AcrossLeather said 7 years ago

    Kat.. Hey Gorgeous! I'm Larry of @AcrossLeather here on the East Coast. Delaware to be exact, and I tool leather. If you ever decide to wear that piano keyed buckle the appropriate belt that's also keyed would be another story. That's way I think of handmade. I've been creating my whole life starting as a welder/fabricator and now for over 20+ yrs. tooling leather. Everything has a story to tell. From your vision to leather is the way I try to explain what the limitations are, none. Well.., here's looking at you from my store door;) P.s I have a blog also Larry

  • biddlebeed said 7 years ago

    Rock n Roll

  • carolgonzales2 said 7 years ago very unique .... is what I call your home.... very nice, thanks for sharing Kat!

  • slathered said 7 years ago

    I shouldn't be surprised, since Kat is a talented artist in her own right, but it is so cool to discover all the neat handmade items she has in her home. All of the pieces she showcased are as unique as she is. LOVE that iPod dock. Thanks for sharing, Kat!

  • Pixie2428 said 7 years ago

    Kat, You have shared some great items with us. Can you tell me where you purchased the light bulb nature decoration ? I would love to purchase one for my nephew. He is always exploring nature wherever he goes. It would make a great gift for him. I'm new on Etsy. My shop is Sew Beautiful by:D.C.

  • ShannonBonfanti said 7 years ago

    Would never have guessed you like classsical music! Really liked the video and if you have a chance check out or my shop under Shannon Bonfanti on Etsy. I make chakra balancing clothing with crystals inside that are Reiki attuned and Oneness Blessed.

  • debrajonesmax12 said 7 years ago

    Amazing finds! I would love to see more!! Maybe if Kat has a little behbeh, I could hook her up with some sweet duds?

  • PowersOfLove said 7 years ago

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing your favorite handmade finds! I loved them all. Some very talented people here on Etsy, and in the handmade community! It's so nice that you help support everyone's passion to create. Stop by and have a look at Powers Of Love sometime. My passion is crochet, and my favorite things to create are fingerless gloves and slouchy beanies! Peace and Happiness to you!

  • summerstonya said 7 years ago

    SUPER obsessed with etsy too...thanks for sharing...awesome!

  • ElectricOutlet said 7 years ago

    The vintage on Esty is what I really love. Trust me, I've been on Etsy all day. Great poosttt!!

  • rachelcorcoran1 said 7 years ago

    Really interesting finds, LOVE the ipod speaker, very clever! Thanks Kat for supporting the Etsy community :) PS: You may recognize this girl ;-)

  • TheRustySpiderweb said 7 years ago

    That doorbell kicks ass! I would love to see more of your handmade finds.

  • TheRustySpiderweb said 7 years ago

    That doorbell is so rad! I would love to see more of your handmade finds.

  • dashley1 said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat - Very nice! Love the little terrarium. I too have one made in a small glass tea pot. I'd say my most unique - well - 2 of my most unique purchases were my Oberons Gateway - Vintage Key Door Chime for my new front door - and a little gift that I bought for my son for Valentine's Day a few years back (since it looked just like him) -- Thanks for sharing Kat!!

  • lisaburkin said 7 years ago

    That doorbell is just too cool!!!

  • jermznappy said 7 years ago

    Handmade! Yeah!

  • jtron8 said 7 years ago

    That was the coolest doorbell I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing! :)

  • ScurvyGirl said 7 years ago

    Those were some awesome finds!

  • fullgive said 7 years ago

    the phonograph horn is amazing- id love to have it. Kat- let's trade. your horn for my leather. thx in advance!

  • angelyques said 7 years ago

    So much cool stuff! I cannot wait to be able to outfit my space with all the wonderful oddities you can find on here! Speaking of which you can check out my store here:

  • jenniejune said 7 years ago

    My jaw dropped at the awesome-ness of that phonograph ipod dock!! WOW! Love a home that is filled with curios and conversation starters - how can you ever be bored in a home like that? You might like this print of my original oil painting "Don't Fear the Reaper": Cheers!!

  • christyn320 said 7 years ago

    I loved the items that you have found! Just remember that on etsy you can find food as well! Homemade and delicious! Check out Muffyns ( where we make delicious and somewhat unique muffins for everyday!

  • KristinNoelDesigns said 7 years ago

    The doorbell is brilliant! I LOVE handmade jewelry! Most of the artists here on Etsy use better quality goods than are available in mass produced pieces. They are made with love and made to last! My shop is here: Thanks for sharing!

  • brandywine said 7 years ago

    Kat bought tags from me to sell at Wonderland a while back. I think it was the coolest thing ever to happen to me!! I just love her and think she is such a beautiful soul.

  • RoasterV said 7 years ago

    Too awesome. What great finds.

  • brynnalex said 7 years ago

    So much fun! Thanks for sharing!

  • kristyfrost said 7 years ago

    Thanks you for sharing. I have an Etsy store it is crochet stuff. I am just starting out so I don't have much. I love doing baby items and doilies.

  • terbearco said 7 years ago

    what amazing stuff Kat! thanks so much for opening your home to us and sharing your unique finds and treasures! contact me, I would love to make you a rubber stamp out of YOUR OWN drawn art!

  • SundayOwl said 7 years ago

    Dear Kat, I love your home, an amazing creative space. That acoustic horn and eyeball door bell are sweet.

  • annagreenjewelry said 7 years ago

    I love it all, especially the doorbell and the acoustic IPad horn dock.

  • steph3949 said 7 years ago

    My husband is from Colton too. Love your style. Visit my shop if you want great vintage-Revisited Art

  • balancedbadarts said 7 years ago

    ... okay, I'm going to have to break the bank and get one of the doorbells. And yes, I would definitely love to see more of your Etsy finds :) I may have a piece or two of jewelry you might be interested in?...

  • KittenishCouture said 7 years ago

    Love it!! I hope to have cool stuff in my house like this!! So awesome.

  • fawa said 7 years ago

    Me gustó mucho tu colección de cositas de etsy y como las integraste a tu casa! yo hago retratos de personas en sellos labrados a mano! y soy tu fan!

  • deepanganpablo said 7 years ago

    Thank you very much Kat. It was so awesome to know you buy stuff from Etsy. I sincerely admire you more for that. I love your collection. I just wished it was a longer video 'cuz I wanted to see more :-). I am new on Etsy. It would be soooo great if you'll be interested in one of my miniature pixie sculptures in my "HappyLittleFolks" store. It would be something I can brag about. :-)

  • ILuv2MakeJewels said 7 years ago

    I loved this video! I hope you make with this theme in the future.

  • xZOUix said 7 years ago

    well oh, no wonder! we have sooo many talented artists here on etsy and i'm proud to be a part of this community :::-) thank you for sharing your treasures with us! off to visit your youtube channel,

  • thebluecabinet said 7 years ago

    Just what ZOUI said. So proud to be a part, and so amazed at the magnitude of the community. Thanks for giving me some inspiration this morning. <3 P.S. Since you asked, we make lights out of vintage finds and we make lights out of electrical parts and I'd love for you to see them. Thanks!

  • paramountvintage said 7 years ago

    the phonograph ipod dock is amazing!!! i noticed a clip at the end of your wardrobe. i sell vintage clothing on etsy, and i would, love, love, love to see your collection!

  • DemarisJewelry said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat, such a cool house. I love wacky stuff too. I have something different. I know you love family because of your mom and dad tattoos amongst your others. I have a great braided family tree that is different from anyone elses. If you would like one, I would love to make it and send it to you. I can make it a little cooler with blackened steel and silver for you, maybe on a black leather cord. Just let me know. Demaris

  • roostuff said 7 years ago

    Loved everything, but the doorbell is my favorite. Yes, I also love the strange and along with my love for strange, I have 3 Sphynx. Nobody would understand that but you and other sphynx owners. Well, time to watch your other videos. Deb

  • blingitongirl said 7 years ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these finds!! I love quirky and unusual items and knowing that these things have been rescued and upcycled, which saves antique treasures from being discarded and forgotten, as well as saving the environment. You have awesome taste Kat!

  • botny said 7 years ago

    LOVE all the amazing finds, Kat!! The phonograph is definitely incredible, as well as the doorbell, and seriously everything else you've so graciously shown us!! My husband and I's house is decked out with pretty much all Etsy finds, thrift store finds, antique store finds and nostalgic's the best feeling in the world walking into a cozy unique house everyday knowing that there's a story behind each and every piece in it. Love your house! Thanks again for sharing! -Dana :)

  • TheChucklePatch said 7 years ago

    Love the eco lightbulb - been eyeing that myself. Check out my store: thechucklepatch Handmade items I make are owl nightlights from shells I find on the west coast of Florida. They are too cool - hoot, hoot! enjoy! So glad you like etsy! Cool house!

  • StellaPearl said 7 years ago

    You have such great finds. I'm always boggled at the creativity in the world! Thanks for sharing your Finds!

  • lilwaterox said 7 years ago

    Wow, you're such an inspiration, a woman who keeps chasing her dreams!!! I hsve an etsy ship just recently opened. I would love to make up one of my vintage inspired aprons for you. I love then because the bring back ladd on the kitchen. They are styled to make any Pin Up girl look hot for a photo shoo.t

  • glyntpottery said 7 years ago

    What an amazing collection! The iPhone dock is brilliant!

  • AttysVintage said 7 years ago

    thanks for letting us take a peak into your awesome space. i admire anyone who can step out of the box and make their space their own. looking forward to seeing more from you. oh, and thanks for being such a fan of etsy!

  • VioletDreams said 7 years ago

    Wow Kat... what kind of makeup are you wearing? You look like a china doll. Just beautiful.

  • donnieleandro said 7 years ago

    kat will you marry me...check out my shop, i have a blue skull ipod holder, you will love it kat

  • sandrostumpo said 7 years ago

    My favorite things were those tall black chairs! Look like something you would see in a castle. Your SKULL KEY IS THE MENU/OPTIONS BUTTON. Like when you right click on the mouse if you want to copy/ paste after selecting text- it does something similar. If you are e-mailing or on word it has more options.

  • jleahc said 7 years ago

    You're so adorable. :) Here's my little, tiny, itsy, bitsy, etsy shop: Have a good holiday!

  • ranasalame said 7 years ago

    Kat! You are a pretty amazing person always so genuine and inspiring. I used to watch you on TV and I still follow you via other media outlets. Check out my handmade gemstone jewelry I love to find different beautiful gemstones each one almost speaks to me. It takes me a long time to select each strand. Please find me on twitter and instagram @ranasalame

  • whphotography said 7 years ago

    Perfectly eclectic. The only thing missing is some fine art photography..... xo.

  • jmariesf said 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your finds! I love that phonograph horn i pod docking station and the belt buckle the most! check out my shop if you like...workin in a hardware store by day, making jewelry by night...just getting started on etsy.. thanks Kat!

  • Powerofflower said 7 years ago

    Very cool house!

  • sweetsere said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the tour! As per your request, Kat, here's a link to my shop with punk rock art, big weird roses, bottle-cap studded belts, and music-inspired work. Enjoi

  • FascistPanties said 7 years ago

    Love the doorbell.....Steampunk items are a great Etsy buy. Thank you for sharing.

  • AnomalyJewelry said 7 years ago

    Love you, Kat! Your home is gorgeous and I adore that you buy from Etsy artists. I am one of those artists and I would be HONORED for you to check out my jewelry. Thought you might get a kick of my 2 headed kitty necklace (see link above). Thanks so much for the tour of your home. I would LOVE to see more.

  • ievasapple said 7 years ago

    felt always inspired by Kat's pasion for tatoos, then i realised she has a pasion for fashion too when i saw her in Pure Fasion Show in's nice to hear that handmade is still apriciated. That is very incouraging, think I should kick my *ss to make more ;)

  • Moondustt said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat, Thanks for the video the phone agraph was mega cool! I love collecting anything that has to do with tea pots and green tea. <---- mega neard for green tea. :)

  • hanatiahakaraia said 7 years ago

    She is amazing. Can do no wrong in my eyes! she is timeless, and her rustic fashion style is pleasing and fresh.

  • Dovetails321 said 7 years ago

    I love your love for things handmade. I have the same love. I was looking at some of the stuff in the background during your podcast. That "church or cathedral item in the background when you were showing your I pod dock was amazing. I make hnad turned items such as Christmas ornaments, bowls and hollow vessels. I also make eighteenth century reproduction furniture. Woodworking in my passion but I do admire all the wonderful things the people can do with thier hands.

  • FreakyPeas said 7 years ago

    wow! so many posts...will you be able to read them all?? Thanks for being a supporter of Etsy. I think its the most amazing venue ever! I collect ravens/crows. I need to start painting them myself....hmmmm

  • pandalillies said 7 years ago

    Those items are amazing! I'd be honored if you took a look at my Etsy store! ;)

  • LitwaArt said 7 years ago

    I always think people who hire decorators are missing out. I've always loved unique cool antique objects and as an artist I've got lots of friends in Philly who also have cool unique living places too. Thanks for giving us a peek into your awesome home! I'm new to etsy & haven't sold yet, check out my shop I think you'll like my painting "Smoke" Best Wishes! Lauren

  • Reconsumed said 7 years ago

    That phonograph ipod dock is awesome!

  • GordonSellen said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat Great Original Pieces, you gotta Love the imagination involved. I have a shop on Etsy. Search, SellenArt. Thanks Gordon. :-)

  • ifathome said 7 years ago

    amazing post! LOVE the blinking eyeball!

  • Latham22 said 7 years ago

    haha love this video you collect good stuff :D

  • TheColourSmith said 7 years ago

    I love your door bell and acoustic Ipod doc- and space bar! Your home has a great vintage aesthetic -Now lets see your jewelry!!! Kat--Check out my etsy store -x-o-

  • TwoLittleWings said 7 years ago

    Since I opened my shop TwoLittleWings a couple of months back I have never had the I-want-ies so bad in my entire life! Every new featured artist has something in their shop that I would love to have for myself or give as a gift to someone else. I dream of winning a mega jackpot one day and spending the rest of my life happily creating my own pieces and spending lots of money buying from all the other incredibly gifted artist here on Etsy. Thank you for bringing attention to the site and opening your doors to us so that we could share in the fun of your treasures.I am mesmerized by the doorbell! It looks like something straight out of Beauty and the Beast (the original french version) that would be on the castle door. The gramophone is so cool to look at, that for me would have been enough. Add in the awesome sound and it's love! Your choice in handmade items is totally original and unique just like you! Your welcome to do a fly-by my shop and check out some of my one-of-a-kind creations anytime :-}

  • avigailadam said 7 years ago

    you have a good eye, that door thing is crazy. im sure it freaks ppl out all the time.

  • payMeNpeonies said 7 years ago

    I love that computer keyboard! So cool ! I am so amazed by all the talented peeps and fabulous Vintage finds on Etsy. Thanks for sharing your cool finds and opening up your home! My shop is payMeNpeonies---stop by if you're looking for unique antiques & extraordinary vintage! cheers!!

  • TheBeautyofBoredom said 7 years ago

    Nice! I love how honest she is about some of the things she likes being not practical/used for anything other than looking pretty, nothing wrong with that! I may be a little like that, haha. The ipod dock is pretty sweet. Also, I LOOOOVE those black chairs at :40. I've been looking for chairs like that for awhile. Anyway, interesting video, I am off to check out her shoe collection, haha. And my shop is The Beauty of Boredom- I have vintage books, accessories, and knick-knacks.

  • SalvadorKitti said 7 years ago

    Holy Kitty Litter :) Wows

  • MissCrysti said 7 years ago

    When you were showing the ipod gramaphone (?) there was a vase with flowers that lit up!! I LOVE that, where did that piece come from? Happy Holidays!

  • OrphasOriginals said 7 years ago

    Thanks Kat for sharing your beautiful home and great Etsy finds with us, loved your show. It is so exciting to know someone as famous as you shops at Etsy.I just opened my store last night selling upcycled bags and purses made out of old jeans and clothes. Would love to have you stop by and take a look around.

  • scrapbookcompleted said 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your Etsy finds Kat! They're so unique and creative. The computer keyboard is incredible! Love you on LA Ink! Check out my shop if you're in need of a greeting card, scrapbook, or related items. I make custom items too!

  • UphillDreams said 7 years ago

    Kat... you're awesome. No seriously... (thinking of another word for "awesome"....) remarkable! Your home is almost as amazing as you are talented. If I had a chick crush I'd choose you :) You inspired me to pick up my craft a few years ago after struggling with "artist block" for a long, long time. Now I'm a student at Penn Foster for their jewelry design program. My Etsy shop is full of wearable whimsical color that I know you'll dig.

  • Mammaschest said 7 years ago

    I love Kat, I'm studying illustraton and she's a big reference for me. You can love or hate her home, but it's obvious that it's unique and different! I love people like her. And that doorbell...I need it!! <3 <3

  • happybdaytome said 7 years ago

    WOW, Super cool !!!

  • anndsart said 7 years ago

    Love all the unique items. My favorite etsy purchases have been clothing items that are handmade with care. :) I make funky coasters that you will not see anywhere else.

  • orangess said 7 years ago

    That doorbell is insane!!!!!!

  • SamiChan8 said 7 years ago

    You are one of my inspirations for starting my shop here on Etsy.I love your artwork,always intricate and clean.I took a risk ask my parents ,if I may open a shop,with alot of thought they let me.I love your statues in the background.The doorbell is ,so awesome.Please check out my shop.Sending you love from Georgia xoSamican8

  • zoeyschmoeyvintage said 7 years ago

    That was so legit! :) She is a true artist in every aspect!

  • desireemariedesigns said 7 years ago

    yay for handmade! love your video, would love to see more. I love to create womens clothing, and accessories that are vintage inspired with a modern edge, please check it out, would love to make you something of course!

  • mOytoyz said 7 years ago

    I didn't even know that they sold stuff like that ipod dock/speaker on here. Those are some great finds!

  • QueenSedeen said 7 years ago

    Thank you for taking me on a tour of a few of your favorite handmade items. The Reacoustics ipod dock is an unexpected beauty I must say that plays to the musician in me. Although the Microscopic terrarium in a light bulb from Steamed Glass made me feel like a 5th grader in steam punk science class. I bet the UPS guy gets a laugh out of that crazy unique all-seeing eye you've got watching over your front door. It is really cool that someone made that and you loved it and made it part of your life. When you have time stop into my little shop. I have two new ink creations visiting... C ya soon.

  • BlackPrinceDolls said 7 years ago

    ...over the top or what?

  • kristendeblauw said 7 years ago

    Thank you taking the time to share some of your favorite Etsy purchases! I think we are all very happy that you support handmade goods! It is a great thing!

  • HeatherMattoonArt said 7 years ago

    KAT!!!!!!!!! Holy crap your house is gorgeous and rad with rich character and soul baby!!! If you like seeing paintings of cats or dogs as snappy dressers, you should totally check out my shop! CATS IN CLOTHES :D Keep ruling bella

  • mslizz said 7 years ago

    I love your house and that door bell ; I love everything handmade , Elizabeth .

  • lucajenn said 7 years ago

    The Ipod dock is fantastic!

  • TwoThirds said 7 years ago

    wow! what cool finds! That is so awesome Kat loves Etsy as much as I do too! ^_^ . I can be on Etsy for hours looking at great shops. Everyone has so many unique items and great ideas.

  • supercuteness said 7 years ago

    YOUR HOME IS AMAZING!!! Mahalo for sharing!!! Here is my Holy Medal Shop on Etsy!:

  • lolasloftvintage said 7 years ago

    Love the Acoustic iphone speaker and the keyboard! I love your artwork its amazing! I paint and draw. I also eat, breathe, sleep vintage everything from clothes to cars. Check out my store if you want. Thanks for supporting your fellow artists!

  • girlbyAileen said 7 years ago

    Kat, your collection of Etsy items is amazing! Love that door bell!! My shop is: and I would LOVE for you to check it out. If you don't find something that strikes your eye, I would be more than happy to design something specifically for you. : ) Like you I LOVE handmade. There is a story to every handmade piece and that makes it so special. Thanks for sharing your home with us and supporting our Etsy community. Aileen

  • sarahschroed said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat! I am such a fan of your creative work and spirit! I make vintage inspired guitar and camera straps and would love for you to check them out!! My shop name is The Little Things by Sarah Marie. I put my heart and soul into each piece, drawing inspiration from music and the vibes that I pick up on from each piece of fabric. Peace! Sarah

  • HisHeartMyArt said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat, you are an amazing artist and I love your creativity and work. I am totally a handcrafted silver jewelry shop, and would love to make something for you (free!) because to tell people that YOU wear one of my artisan jewelry pieces...! would be worth a million compliments! I appreciate that you support other artists and especially etsy. Thanks. It means a lot. Judy Reno

  • 443Jewelry said 7 years ago

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kat! If I ever get a tattoo... I want it from her. I appreciate your love for hand made and quirky weird items. Can check my shop out if you'd like. I'm really into druzy/geode/raw rock jewelry as well as charms and other beaded goodness :)

  • Rosamaria25 said 7 years ago

    Love The door bell Kat! really nice collection you have there.I'am a big fan of your makeup line! Thank you for supporting handmade! I have a jewelry shop here on etsy. stop by any time

  • Rosamaria25 said 7 years ago

    Great collection Kat! the door bell is my favorite! I love your makeup line btw! I have a shop here on etsy. stop by any time!

  • DollFromTheAttic said 7 years ago

    I need an eyeball on my door.

  • LuckieJinx said 7 years ago

    I loved everything you showed on Kat's Kloset! I recently opened up my store Luckie Key Co. due to people liking my one of a kind jewelry made from vintage items topped off with an antique skeleton key! I recall the places of where I got each key and can give that info if requested :) Let me know what you think of my necklaces <3

  • ClaireyLou said 7 years ago

    Your home looks so interesting and unique! That doorbell is amazing!

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    Wow your smart-cool stuff-lovely house!

  • modpets said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the awesome tour Kat. You seriously rock. Please do post more, very inspiring!

  • SeaFindDesigns said 7 years ago

    More! I love seeing what people buy!

  • AlphabetCityStudio said 7 years ago

    I love Kat!!! I've actually seen her a few times at her shop since I go to Adam, and she's super nice!!.. Love that she loves her microscopic "nature bulb" and has it there "just because." Thanks for supporting hand-made @ Etsy Kat!

  • AutumnLeavesJewelry said 7 years ago

    Your house is amazing! Just took a break from watching True Blood and saw your vid. Love the items, especially the doorbell with the eyeball, looks so real. The iPod dock is genius too. Thanks for showing us your gift you received, this is one of the things I love about selling on etsy...and metalsmithing for clients...the magnificent connections we make through our art. Personally I love being my own boss and having a studio and hubby who support me. If I had to work in an office I would crumble. Thanks for sharing your amazing creativity through your show, and supporting artists here on etsy!

  • PrayerNotes said 7 years ago

    Serious house! Love it! Love the video, too! ~Cynthia

  • sabershores said 7 years ago :)

  • Ivriniel said 7 years ago

    Um, Etsy? Were you aware of this: When you invited MS. Von D to contribute to your website?

  • longwinterfarm said 7 years ago

    Ivriniel, that whole business was dismissed as a forgery 4 years ago, where you been? Think about it, what kind of moron would write slurs all over a friggen publicity photo? Kat's not a moron, Kat's a collector of awesome.

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  • FourSticksStudio said 7 years ago


  • posiesforlulu said 7 years ago

    Wow! Your home is AMAZING!!! I love the gramophone iPhone dock! I have a vintage shop you might like! xoxo Raina

  • Gallivants said 7 years ago

    Awesome finds! I LOVED when you turned on Ryan Adams in that amazing iPod player!

  • my5384 said 7 years ago

    Ha! I dig the Acoustic iPhone Speaker. Awesome home!

  • hatsbykat said 7 years ago

    Hi KAT I am KAT! Check out my knitwear. Cowls, infinity scarves, slouch hats and more!

  • jhowel20 said 7 years ago

    i love love love the keyboard and want one just like it and want the iphone speaker how did you search them please do tell.

  • littlemisssavage said 7 years ago

    Wish I lived in USA so I could buy some of the amazing big items I find on here! Check out my bandanas and other alternative girls accessories @ ♥ xx love from the uk xx

  • PixeyMeat said 7 years ago

    I bet I would keel over at the sheer awesomeness in her entire house.

  • Snowberrylime said 7 years ago

    finally had a moment to watch the video - how awesome!! I'm loving it all and really fancy one of those keyboards..... kat von d rocks!

  • antiraketraket said 7 years ago

    oh, if I would have just as much money as she does I would probably also have a million things from here already...

  • boneyarddogz said 7 years ago

    Very Eclectic & unique- stimulate's the creative mind... we have a Crust/Punk upcylced clothing shop on Etsy check it out sometime- Bone Doll...

  • newtribetextiles said 7 years ago

    THANK YOU! It has been said 1000 times above, but it really is so important for people like you, in the public eye, to promote handmade. There are so many of us artist who rely solely on people to buy our creations for our income, and it is so awesome that the handmade movement that is occurring right now is becomeing so visible in the main-stream. Art is no longer just for collectors and eccentric artists, it is for EVERYONE! Thanks for promoting handmade!

  • rosalba said 7 years ago

    Handmade is the shiz! Your home looks like a fun place to be--I'm sure I could spend hours prying into all the goodies. My specialty happens to be one-of-a-kind original clothing. I'm sure your styley self is all about this, and I'm only gauging that on seeing this clip about your house--I've never seen any of your shows otherwise--I don't watch a lot of TV. But by all means, if you get a free minute, check it out, b/c I'd love to have someone as artistically awesome as yourself wear something...! Thanks for sharing!

  • BunnysVintage said 7 years ago

    WOWZA The doorbell is very Jan it. If anyone is looking for a beautiful Art Nouveau inspired piece to complete their xmas outfit, check out my store for my devore velvet kimono jackets, designed for Florence Welch no less xx Shameless self promotion! ; ) <3

  • RavenNJ said 7 years ago

    I too love the doorbell. I have very eclectic tastes . Wish I had the time to do more handmade items... but vintage is my first love.

  • darlenerobb said 7 years ago

    The belt buckle was awesome!!! Vintage and all things handmade is what I'm all about. I just started my store but everything is created by me. Darlene!!!! I currently make handmade cards and gift embellishments but am starting to venture into grocery totes (fun ones) and our line of aprons for hot chicks ( this was just to be funny not to offend anyone but im sure itll stir up some controversy, oh well screw it i guess). My post is mainly because I am designing an entire line on skulls. Itll be cool hope you get to take a look itll post in a couple of weeks.

  • carley465 said 7 years ago

    Ok I have to admit the doorbell, the ipod player and the computer keyboard were my favorite things you shared. I do have a shop on etsy and everything in the shop is made by me. I am a needle tatter. Hope you can take the time to pop by and take a look around and feel free to give me any feed back on it. :)

  • hasincla said 7 years ago

    That. House. Is. Amazing. So many unbelievable things! The human imagination is fantastic, and taking something from your mind and making it into a real object is even better!

  • lucieveilleux said 7 years ago

    The doorbell is quite amazing!! I am a silversmith and i truly believe buying handmade is a powerful gesture. Here's one of my lastest etsy purchase which i just adore because i love everything spikey!

  • boobahblue said 7 years ago

    Love it. Amazing space, funky, old, eclectic style...warm and cozy, super fun. It's the kind of space you need to spend an hour walking around and checking out before you take a seat. My kind of place.

  • aniO said 7 years ago

    ^^ <3

  • tracyelcock1 said 7 years ago

    What a sensational home and very inviting :) Thankyou for sharing your love of handmade items it was a pleasure to watch you and get a small glimpse into your life. I have personally been a follower and admirer of yours for many years. Please pop by and check out my Etsy store, I am a mother of two with a passion for making children's clothing and accessories <3

  • DareYouToJump said 7 years ago

    man! ms. von d! i thought you were cool before, but your love and support of the handmade just got you some points in my book. thanks for supporting handmade! awesome collection!

  • itsrainingwax said 7 years ago

    ONE word AWESOME!!!

  • Linsartwork said 7 years ago

    Love your eclectic style. I have to agree that the phonograph ipod dock is fantastic. My store -Linsartwork- is a collection of my original art- paintings and drawings - and the note cards created from them. I love drawing in pen and ink. I call them my doodles as I while away the hours in a meditative state when I draw. Hope you get to check them out. Linda

  • lovemeeksie said 7 years ago

    I love her. the items in her home are so carefully that. it is so important to have items in your home that you love, because they are in your life everyday!

  • SplitPeaBoise said 7 years ago

    Wow! What a fantastic place! Would love to see more. It's rad to have someone in the public supporting handmade! So, thanks!!! It's such an important part of this unique world. Pop by anytime!

  • whitemagic said 7 years ago

    Super cool stuff and yes, the ipod dock ROCKS!~ Gotta get me one fo sho. If you dig witchy stuff and unique handmade candles and other witch wares, check out White Magick Alchemy.... and can I get a tattoo? xo

  • retrobabyvilla said 7 years ago

    Check out my shop! I've got great baby blankets for your friends with kids. :)

  • shangat said 7 years ago

    Love the items in your video! I am going to check out all of those stores now. My store link on Etsy is Thanks Kat!!

  • lalunnaturals said 7 years ago

    When I saw your name I had to watch because your awesome billboard is just blocks away from my home and I see it everyday when I'm stopped at the red light on Fountain and La Brea. I just L*O*V*E your home and all the groovy doo dads. Although I make natural skincare and perfume, I collect vintage perfume (and I bet you do too). You should come over one day for a sniff!

  • lalunnaturals said 7 years ago

    Oops, forgot to sign, Maggie

  • CuriOhs said 7 years ago

    Kat you are the coolest! I love you show and your style! Wanna trade some jewelry for tattoos?? :)

  • VintageExcellence said 7 years ago

    I loved that iphone dock!

  • iworkartwork said 7 years ago

    I love the eye ball moving ring bell is absolutely fabulous!!! and the iPhone dock.... and I love that she supports handmade movement So cool!! Kat; come to see my crochet stuff, come!

  • MissBags said 7 years ago

    So nice to see you like handmade have some great finds. Love the door bell :)

  • buysomelove said 7 years ago

    Love you MAGICAL home!

  • deckermichelle said 7 years ago

    Kat Von D, I greatly enjoyed your video and I would love to see more handmade items that you have in your home. The community on is incredibly talented and will only keep growing. My favorite item has to be your key board purchase, fashionable and functional! My shop is all about "giving the gift of thought"

  • RawElementsJewelry said 7 years ago

    Being an accessory junkie myself and having a huge appreciation for hand-carved goods, I absolutely loved the piano key belt buckle. That thing friggin ROCKS! I've gotta say my fav item I've ever purchased off of etsy was a super detailed hand-carved Northern Cardinal out of beach wood. All and all I love vintage antiqued items, old books, typewriters, polaroid cameras, old records. When I create my jewelry it has to always go through some type of antiquing process, whether I'm using a patina, or carving an interesting texture, to using various hammers to give it a weathered look.

  • ShopClementine said 7 years ago

    How did I miss this when it was first posted? So cool. And now I really want an awesome, flattering, sexy scattering of stars next to my eye. Never thought a video clip on Etsy would make me want a face tattoo.

  • joanreese said 7 years ago

    LOVE your Style!

  • PeculiarForest said 7 years ago

    Ha, love everything, especially the bell at the door and the lightbulb, awesome.

  • nicolaclare7 said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat, Thanks for sharing your etsy finds! Why do I not have a doorbell with a blinking eyeball? Check out my etsy shop!!!! That's me being shameless only because you said post your etsy shops below. *blushes and walks away in shame*

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  • elenabrotsis said 7 years ago

    My favorite item has got to be the peaking eyeball doorbell. It's a definite necessity. That's exactly my style, a lot of oddities and antique types. I favorite thing to collect is skulls and looking forward to having an orrery collection in my future. Check out my shop at:

  • mememe111 said 7 years ago

    I love Kat Von D.... such an unabashed artist. Love, love, love you and your fabulous SPIRIT KAT VON D!

  • walkonthemoon said 7 years ago

    We'd love to see some of your handmade jewelry ;)

  • nuevowoodcrafts said 7 years ago

    That doorbell Rocks!

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    Kat, you are am amazing artist ! Thanks for sharing...loved it! .. have to say, the ipod dock is a fav.

  • camelliacollection said 7 years ago

    Pretty Cool.

  • dallashuggins said 7 years ago

    Holy butts that's great! Love the gramophone! Although everything shown is absolutely wonderful

  • mdguitar said 7 years ago

    Absolutely great stuff!! LOVE the computer keyboard and the gramophone ipod dock. Love your Etsy finds Kat...awesome! Stop by my shop and visit if you enjoy wonderful old vintage rings...especially vintage biker rings!

  • DaydreamGems said 7 years ago

    This is my dream home. I would definitely love to see more. My ambition is to have a home like this in the future. So brilliant!

  • diPalermoBody said 7 years ago

    i love that everything is very in keeping with your style. handmade is the way to go and that phonograph is probably one of the coolest things ive seen. so cool that such an old fashioned concept can become useful with something as modern as an iPhone.

  • VintageLoot said 7 years ago

    I love her. Wish I could be that cool :-) Interesting piece!

  • teostationery said 7 years ago

    sweet space with neat mix of interesting things, really fun place to hang out and poke around i'm sure!!! anyone looking for fresh cool stationery for old fashioned letter writing check out my little shop:)

  • bluejeanjulie said 7 years ago

    Etsy is just a great way to find the COOLEST in vintage and hand made. I sell vintage but also work with leather and make one of a kind chairs piano benches, foot stools etc in LEATHER. I have bought so many things I love on Etsy. There is a huge pool of talent to buy from here. I love your doorbell. Where else could you find somehting like this... SHOW US MORE...

  • wonbien said 7 years ago

    That doorbell is no joke.

  • jmayoriginals said 7 years ago

    very cool!

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  • BeezyBeeArts said 7 years ago

    UNIQUE! Kat, I liked your sense o of originality, "not-like-everybody-else", but also so all-round, ''put-together''-ness. That funky doorbell is something totally unforgettable. Thanks for taking time and sharing.

  • bigwaterapparel said 7 years ago

    So cool. I love the phonograph ipod dock. Amazing!

  • theshack said 7 years ago

    Way cool and inspiring.

  • rudeandreckless said 7 years ago

    Handmade finds and gifts are my absolute favorite! The beauty is that the uniqueness provides a never-ending supply of unadulterated inspiration, which is a special blessing in itself for artists. I've always felt that during the creating process, you're giving someone a little piece of your self, that's going to live on in them forever. I absolutely love to think that so many smiles and happy memories can be made and shared through even the smallest handmade creation. And look at all of the amazing energy you have about your home. Beautiful that you shared, and I especially loved your excitement whilst doing so. I myself make miniatures, my place is slowly being devoured by them. lol And custom animal sculpts, I love sculpting people's pets, and have been making memorial pieces for this very reason. There is so much sadness in the world, and I'd give anything just to know that I helped make someone smile. Spreading happiness helps make the world that much brighter. Thank you for sharing this. Your passion and enthusiasm made my day <3

  • ThankfulRose said 7 years ago

    Loved the video! I actually love your tattoos and bright lipstick!! I make recycled sweater coats, inspired by Katwise right here on Etsy! Check out my shop...I am in the process of trying to build inventory after a very successful holiday season!!

  • debraamato said 7 years ago

    It must take your friends 5 visits before they see all the funky and unique pieces you have!

  • GlassGuitarPicks said 7 years ago

    very cool

  • Jeenkies said 7 years ago

    very cool indeed

  • zippandesigns said 7 years ago

    I'm so thrilled to see that you're such an avid supporter of handmade awesomness. I'm such a fan of your work Kat, and have been meaning to send you a piece of my hand crafted sterling silver jewellery, as I'm sure you'll find appreciation for the detail. I make anatomical hearts, skulls and many other designs. Let me know if there's an address I can send to...All the best!

  • PoetryofObjects said 7 years ago

    I DO love your doorbell and of course the ipod dock/old phonograph "horn". However, I think maybe I thought your keyboard pad was perfect. Your vintage vibe along with the creativity is inspiring. Thank you for sharing some of your space with us!

  • bla1992 said 7 years ago

    I love Kat have been a fan of her work for quite some time, interesting to see another side to her. Thanks! x

  • FlowerMoundEscape said 7 years ago

    I never thought I could have doorbell envy. I stand corrected. I have bought a ton of stuff, but my favorite has to be the earrings I ordered for my daughter and kept for myself! They are simple but not plain. What you can't see in the photo is that they sparkle so much with a greenish, bluish kinda light that they go from simple elegance to "hey buddy, I said LOOK AT ME!" with the changing light. Here they are-

  • vixjewellery said 7 years ago

    Kat, I did enjoy your video, a little look into your world of cool collectibles. Cheers, Vicki

  • sarasedam said 7 years ago

    Awesome stuff Kat and as an artists as well I want to thank you for supporting Etsy and purchasing hand crafted items! They are by far the most unique and coolest items compared to store bought merchandise! I also enjoy getting to know the artist and the dedication they put into their work. Anyways, if you like tie-dye hit up my shop, []Deace, <3 & Tie-dye til I die! ~Sassy Sara

  • Calinthe said 7 years ago

    Kat I love you, and one day I hope to travel out and get a tattoo done by you. It's great too see someone who values the true unique quality of hand crated pieces by the kinds of wonderful people who sell through Etsy. There's so much here that you can never find anywhere else. I personally have a love of all things natural, from crystals big and small, foxes tails, hand-made jewelry and too much to even fathom even in my own mind anymore. I myself am another hand-made jewelry vendor. I made handmade Witches bottles necklaces, bath salts, candle anointing oils, earrings and I'm working to start making so many more things and grow my shop. I'm still new to the world of Etsy as a seller, but I'm already in love with what I do.

  • SurfSeaGlass said 7 years ago

    I loved your video; I would love to see more of your amazing items. I have 3 shops on Etsy: LynnetteJewelry - genuine gemstone jewelry SurfSeaGlass - genuine surf tumbled sea glass jewelry jewelry56 - loose gemstones, beads, lampwork beads, etc.

  • YetzeniaLeiva said 7 years ago

    Lovely home! Really inspiring.

  • PetalsNPicks said 7 years ago

    Wow! How nice to see an appreciation for the unique and hand made finds here on Etsy by a celeb. Kinda like being put on the map! If you ever want to dress a door or wall space, please stop by and check out my ooak wreath designs. All the best to you! And thanks for sharing.......

  • jackieoframes said 7 years ago

    pretty amazing, loved all of your things, especially the light bulb. I'm a bit of a minimalist so most of this wouldn't work for me, but I love it for you.

  • gaylesgems said 7 years ago

    I LOVE your style! Everything in your home looks eclectic, artsy and gothic. I'd love to see more! My shop is called Rock Kandy Jewelry, stop in and check it out :) I'd love to make you something.

  • AmysAbstractArt said 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing all your cool stuff with us!! You can check out my shop at

  • KelpieQueen said 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your faves, this was a really fun video!! My shop is -- I sculpt little pinned fairy specimens. Maybe they will accent your already booming taxidermy collection ::wink wink:: thanks again for your video, and happy new year, Kat!!

  • tamarp27 said 7 years ago

    Love your antique keyboard and mouse, and especially the ipod dock... it's brilliant! I have a handmade jewellery and gift store that I just started in December called Sramark Handmades, and I'm so glad that I discovered!

  • Melissababycreations said 7 years ago

    Wow, you have some great stuff! I really enjoyed the tour. Your doorbell is so incredible! Love it, love it!

  • BeautifulDaughters said 7 years ago

    Very cool! Love your video. Check out my shop too.

  • cherryheartboutique said 7 years ago

    I love that Kat supports Etsy and starving artists! :-) Come and visit my boutique

  • nancysplace said 7 years ago

    Love your house, Amazing.Have a wonderful day Kat :)

  • happymomta said 7 years ago

    Wow so nice to be told "F@$k" you - so classy!

  • Laurapv said 7 years ago

    Very creepy and cool collection! Hope you can take a peek at my work one day - I think you would dig it -

  • pamelasegal said 7 years ago

    you are adorable as always. I make refurbished chairs with faux antiquing and fabulous designs of upholstery on the cushions. I really love the stuff you showed on the video. come check out my etsy store. I make custom quilts and wall hangings. Thanks, Pam

  • oncloud7 said 7 years ago

    I love it. Especially the iPod dock and keyboard. Show us more Kat!

  • welcometomania said 7 years ago

    Love the theme. Very cool collection, thanks for sharing! ♥

  • teapotandsnail said 7 years ago

    Wow - what a great place! And I want that terrarium!

  • disquogirl77 said 7 years ago

    That keyboard is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  • TheHouseOfPurple said 7 years ago

    I just love that door bell, and the mini terrarium, overall i really appreciate your sense of style! Do share more with us.

  • anordicrose said 7 years ago

    I like the door bell... what would the neighbors think if I had one.... so much fun !

  • walterandlucy said 7 years ago

    So great for you to invite us into your creative home. Would love to see more. I loved everything you shared. Now i would love to see clothing and jewelry! I have a shop here on ETSY. I mostly work in clay and metals. I LOVE insects and nature. I have a bone collection but need to decide what to do with it! Thanks again. It was fun! Shop=walterandlucy XO jill

  • joycebartoli said 7 years ago

    AWESOME home and treasures . Check out my Hubbies shop, Lou Bartoli. If interested would LOVE to make some silverware jewelry for you . Think you might be impressed what he can do . Again it was GREAT to see your treasures I myself loved the recycled light bulb :)

  • ByBunni said 7 years ago

    Kat, Thank you for sharing your finds and gioving ETSY a shout out. I have enjoyed watcing your home fill and change. I have fond memories of the house searching episodes.

  • livividli said 7 years ago

    Love love love your esty finds! I am always amazed at how creative people are...great keyboard and doorbell.

  • runningwithscissors9 said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat! Thank-you for letting us take a peek at your Etsy finds. I'm a Sphynx owner myself and only use my Natural Soap to bathe them.. swing by my shop to take a closer look at what I do.

  • sharonclancydesigns said 7 years ago

    I just discovered LA Ink on Netflix. My hubby and I are addicted. Kat, you are truly the coolest girl in the world, love your style, your home, and your amazing personality. So happy to see you here on etsy! xo

  • lapisbeach said 7 years ago

    Oh Kat- that is too cool! Love all the things you shared:) Yes- we def want to see MORE - if you need hand knit metal - I'm your girl!!

  • BellaMarie said 7 years ago

    Great video...that doorbell is awesome!!!

  • DTBLTD said 7 years ago

    Wow. . .that was a very kool video! Kat Von D talking to us on Etsy while showing us her personal items purchased on this site! I'm loving it! Gotta love the Etsy Vortex!

  • theartistlonewulf said 7 years ago

    hey love your gadgets and handmade inventions. know you love LA check out my prints of venice beach!

  • forpawsandhome said 7 years ago

    Wow I love the doorbell the most so unusual and cool I miss your TV show:( So cool that you shop here on Etsy. I mostly make toys for cats and dog hoodies Any new shows we can look forward to?

  • TheNauticalOwl said 7 years ago

    Her support of Etsy is awesome. I really love her. She is very sweet. I love that door bell ! Creepy and cool :) I love wood burning, or pyrography. That's what I sell in my Etsy shop. -Megan

  • OliviaKissel said 7 years ago

    Wow, the Re-accoustic gramophone speaker is pure brilliance. Genius!

  • artzfolk said 7 years ago

    I want to make one of my pet bowls for her.............( way cool )

  • bethanmyfanwyjones said 7 years ago

    I have a huge soft spot for Kat von D and I had no idea of her love of the handmade! Brilliant stuff, I am frightened of that doorbell though.

  • Bentjewelrydesign said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat,Check out my shop. Later, Karl

  • bykirsty said 7 years ago

    amazing gramophone speaker that's the coolest! love home made with a passion.... filling my first home with bespoke and beautiful items hand made by me fellow designer makers. keep up the amazing tattoo work Kat x

  • sappy said 7 years ago

    That ipod speaker is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  • kemarie said 7 years ago

    I Like how her closet looks like a botique

  • kemarie said 7 years ago


  • annetterumbelow1 said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat Von D I find this site amazing there are so many people out in the world who have fascinating ideas and their craft work is stunning. I enjoyed looking at your video and the very special items which you have. I found the i pod speaker amazing, I love the tattoos that you do on the TV, you are a very talented Lady keep showing us your work.

  • entangledspirit said 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for showing your home! The things you shared are so interesting and unique, I love it :) I have a beautiful necklace made with an antique key I love, also some costuming materials like masks and wings that are so unique and wonderful! My shop is Happy Medium @ I am inspired to reuse and recycled materials! Much love!

  • artgirlx said 7 years ago

    very cool:) i'd love to see your whole place (cribs style)!

  • VintiqueGypsy said 7 years ago

    Happened upon this post by happy accident. Your attitude is amazing and creative, supportive people or the arts are THE reason Artist of Handmade items are thriving and surviving today. We are brand new to Etsy, but have shopped and appreciated the site for years. I would love to make a gift for you and your home as a THANK YOU for keeping us all here on Etsy. Drop a line to if you're interested. Thanks, you're an inspiration!

  • janeeroberti said 7 years ago

    Love! I just stumbled on this post and spent a half hour on YouTube watching other Kat's Kloset episodes. I have steampunky-goth vibe in a lot of my work, and Kat is a new muse for me to imagine whilst I think of new cool things to create. She is so celebratory of all creative efforts--like her first pair of pants she sewed herself. Awesome. Go Kat!

  • ncbeadsnbags said 7 years ago

    You have a Beautiful home! I really enjoyed your video. Thanks, :)

  • thepopularjewelry said 7 years ago

    Loved seeing some of your favorite favorite was the cool!

  • saraelizabeth234 said 7 years ago

    Absolutely love your place and your creativity!! Totally want that phonograph now, amazing!

  • psucaspurr said 7 years ago

    its great to see how you are using art so functionally. well if you ever need baby items i love what I make out of yarn and crocheting

  • PeanutoakPrint said 7 years ago

    wow....great pieces!

  • myneedlehabit said 7 years ago

    HI Kat, So wonderful to take a look around your world. And seeing your overall aesthetic, I really do think you should check out my embroidered art. I create modern messages on vintage linen -- each one hand embroidered by yours truly. From rock & roll to modern life, there's a lot to see. Stop by soon. xo Carla

  • harmony5 said 7 years ago

    I love all your items and love buying from all the wonderful Etsy shops!! I would love for you to showcase more of your unique finds!

  • DiBAdog said 7 years ago

    Love that iPod holder!! You have very cool taste and I would love to see more of your fav's .. I make custom silhouettes of pets in sterling silver and gold .. love the www .. so cool to think who might venture into my little shop :)

  • NancysGarden said 7 years ago

    I love the doorbell! Thanks for sharing your home and stuff. I have a demon mershon pipe you might display.

  • PattysPosters said 7 years ago

    Thank~you for sharing and supporting Etsy! Check out my site please. one of the things I love creating is my 'mini coffins' with skulls. thanks, yer the best! pj

  • DreamsInBetween said 7 years ago

    It was really neat to see you on etsy although I should have known since you have such great style. The doorbell was my favorite as well as the miniature terrarium. As far as themes go, I am all over the place with my decorative pins as they are a way to express myself but if you ever have a moment please visit my shop.

  • AndreaIJewelry said 7 years ago

    Thank you for showing what great things can be found on Etsy!

  • ultravioletvintage said 7 years ago

    Yay! Thanks for sharing your cool place and funky finds and, helping to let the world know how amazing Etsy is! (((( hugs))))!!!!

  • ritakilanga said 7 years ago

    I really did enjoy looking at all the collections you have put together. I wanted to ask you about the keyboard, as I would truly love to get one. Our homes should mirror our expressions and it one place where you should feel absolutely safe and comfortable to do so, otherwise it is not a home but a lodging. Your home is you with all your expressive collections.

  • CopusHagenDesigns said 7 years ago

    Love the doorbell, I have never seen anything like that before. My home is filled with artistic creations, I think it is important to appreciate unique handmade artworks. When I go on road trips, I am always on the lookout for a handmade treasures which will remind me of my adventure with my family. Drove to Richmond Fine Art Museum today to see Dale Chihuly's amazing exhibit. Etsy is such a wonderful community to bring creative souls together! I make personalized superhero capes with the child's (or adults) initial so they can find the hero within :-)

  • loulindell said 7 years ago

    Hello Kat, I must say I enjoyed your video and was taken back when I heard you loved classical music., I have always admired you from the first episode of LA Ink I saw, you being everything I would love to be., spontaneous, funny, charming and just a burst of fresh air!!. I am also a lover of classical music and sometimes feel I was born in the wrong era. My passions and love lie in the 1800's decorating and primitive style., My shop like my home is filled with unique items, and i also make handmade recycled wool decorative pillows., from old salvaged army wool coats and blankets, feel free to check them out at cottoncreekcottage if you get a minute., Fun talking with you., blessings, Linda

  • HalaHelmy said 7 years ago

    Wow, totally loved the phonograph and door bell! Peoples' imagination never ceases to amaze me! Awesome collection Kat! I love digging into esty too, you never know or what you'll find. I've mainly bought jewellery, silver has always been an obsession of mine, and I'm proud to say I finally became a silversmith not long ago :) Feel free to check out my store Hala Design when you have the time. I don't have one specific style, my designs are all over the place, but that just the way I like it! Great seeing you on etsy! All the best, Hala.

  • moonandsable said 7 years ago

    I absolutely love that doorbell!! I know you like'd probably dig this necklace:

  • f2images said 7 years ago

    So jealous of all of your goods!! The doorbell makes me smile...really love. I really enjoy the diversity in your purchases, reminds of a show I watch called Oddities...some really interesting finds! You may like some of my insect prints, here is one of my favs...

  • katiekillham said 7 years ago

    I love your sense of style, which is reflected in your home as well as your fashion sense! I love outrageous fashions, but I don't often have the nerve to wear them. So, I live out my style through my shop, and through my beautiful friends who know how to rock my pieces. My friend, Sara Jane, for instance, has an amazing sense of style and is my favorite model for my handmade tutus. Check her out:

  • steampunkology said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat, Thanks for the Etsy shout-out! We love what we do...

  • DandelionByAngelaB said 7 years ago

    Love the doorbell! It must be so fun to see peoples reaction when they ring it!

  • elementalscents said 7 years ago

    Great video, love the doorbell!

  • popskullture said 7 years ago

    I love this! I covet the ipod dock immensely. Kat rocks!

  • TEJIDOS said 7 years ago

    Totally agree that what we do doesn't have to have a function other than pleasing our sense of vision. But, isn't it amazing what even THAT function does to a human being...we end up having feelings of comfort which translates to happiness, which in turn gives a person a positive aura. As the saying goes...'Smile and the world smiles with you'. Oh...and that door bell is TOTALLY rockin'!

  • bearmojo said 7 years ago

    Love the eyeball doorbell, we kind of have a thing for eyeballs here at

  • srebello said 7 years ago

    Thanks Kat for sharing your home with us.....Kat a very talented tattoo artist,,,,Kat ROCKS !!!!

  • Asherz8 said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat! This is Ashley from CraftyAshDesigns here on, check out my store! Loved some of the stuff you showed in this video/that you bought from! *To visit my store, put CraftyAshDesigns in Search Box or go to Cheers!

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  • junkstopcottage76 said 7 years ago

    Your house is awesome, the things you have shown are really great. I love linens. I sell them, but I also collect them. I love to have them made into funky purses that a friend on etsy makes for me. I also love everything shabby chic and girly with a touch of weirdness. I love creepy doll heads. I have old letters in my room that spell out "Pink Misfit". It kind of describes my decorating and the things I make. I love making jewelry out of junk and using resin. You and your show is the reason why I started getting tattoos. I watched your show and starting crying because I just thought you were a cool person and that started my tattoo collecting. I almost have a full sleeve, and would love to start on the other arm. Thanks for sharing your house with us! Etsy is awesome!

  • iloveyoumonster said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat, looking good! Love all the quirky, steampunk-inspired Etsy finds! That keyboard is fantastic. Anyway, check out my shop, it's a bit more squishy than what you showed, but maybe it will make you smile! xx Antarctica

  • infraredstudio said 7 years ago

    Hi kat. Thanks for sharing. Since you like skulls you might want to check out my laser cut stainless steel skull earrings. I also make them in fun acrylic colors. I love your eyeball doorbell so kewl!

  • ChirpAndBloom said 7 years ago

    Kat, you wouldn't be into my shop at all, but thanks for supporting handmade anyway! Enjoyed this tour of your Etsy finds immensely:)

  • christaburton said 7 years ago

    Love your creative nature..I have a vintage shop on Etsy..come see me!

  • spiritracer said 7 years ago

    Just love the beautiful and unique things you find. This one of the many goodies I've made. I've come along way since I first started doing steampunk and have a lot more to learn, but it's so cool and freaking fun to do. Keep posting Kat D

  • chloeandsofiasmom said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat!! I love your show and your book! My daughter Chloe and I came to your book signing in Ridgewood Nj and you were so awesome to her! You called her a little rock star and every time she sees you on tv she gets so excited! I think your such an inspiration to women and as an artist myself I'm totally blown away by your talent! Check out my etsy shop if you get a minute. It's all about bad ass women like yourself!

  • fredsprayer said 7 years ago

    kat, You are truly an inspiration and beacon of light people of all ages but especially to young Hispanic women like myself. Thank you sharing your love for creativity with us all. love, tina antique catholic jewelry

  • RobinsVintageLights said 7 years ago

    The doorbell is so cool and really creepy.

  • YouEnhanced said 7 years ago

    Keyboard by far..amazing!

  • claireferrante said 7 years ago

    That doorbell would completely freak me out, ha! I agree, the acoustic iPhone doc is amazing. Kind of want one now for my workshop now... :) Thanks for sharing your home!

  • Lissies said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat! You got som cool stuff ther! The doorbell was amazing! Yes I would like to see some more of the stuff you collect I collect pearls and jewelry stones. I got 40 kilograms! I use from this collection to make the jewelry I sell. My stole is dark, vintage, with som romantic in it. Feel free to visit my store:

  • Lissies said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat! You got som cool stuff there! The doorbell was amazing! Yes I would like to see some more of the stuff you collect! I collect pearls and jewelry stones. I got 40 kilograms! I use from this collection to make the jewelry I sell. My style is dark, vintage, with som romantic in it. Feel free to visit my store:

  • retroandme said 7 years ago

    I love the iPhone doc....totally rad!! Your home is beautiful!! xoxo my etsy shop:

  • AngelasAntics said 7 years ago

    thank you for sharing your home and passion for handmade things.......sometimes life doesnt have to be long as it evokes emotion then its a go!

  • feelingpeachy07 said 7 years ago

    I want the ipod dock haha :D

  • dianemarie23 said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat How are you!? First, can you do a butterfly tattoo on my shoulder (my kids and husband will die). Yes I know, butterfly, hohum typical, but it has a lot of meaning for me. 2nd, let me know what I can create for you. Seriously, I live to make things for people that they will love, meaning the best part of my job is doing custom! Tat for a custom hand made item! I currently only show my stained glass here but I can also paint. I am working on oils of local beach/ocean scenes. Peace and Love

  • GingerbelleStudios said 7 years ago

    Loved....just loved.

  • earnestgifts said 7 years ago

    Great Video, love the natures elements one with the magnifying glass. I just recently opened up my shop, please check it out, Thank You!!

  • Candychick said 7 years ago

    So super cool!! Handmade is so the way to go! Kat love your place so much fun!

  • grandmamarievintage said 7 years ago

    Yes! More and more I hear from new people discovering Etsy! Hopefully this little video will get even more word out about our amazing community. Thanks, Kat for supporting all of us!

  • swaggjewelry said 7 years ago

    Way cool stuff Kat and I love your house!!!

  • CoyoteRainbow said 7 years ago

    Thanks so much for supporting handmade and getting the word out. You made some great finds.

  • PetitDogApparel said 7 years ago

    Love seeing real vids and 'process' pictures in the blog posts, so inspiring :)

  • TallulahsSoaps said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat! Your house rocks! I love the eclectic style and your support of handmade.

  • SewRed said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat! I love your house and am so jealous of the Etsy shops you purchased from!! ;) Please check out my shop too! I make hand dyed/tie dyed skirts. I can totally see you rocking my retro inspired pencil/wiggle skirt! <3

  • kimmykw said 7 years ago

    Historically Haute Jewelry here and thanks for sharing your support of handmade Etsy shopping. Steampunk and Romantic Jewelry are my thing.

  • rscproducts said 7 years ago

    I love the house. I think I would just keep ringing your doorbell just to see the eye I make lots of different things, but mostly jewelry. I have this skull necklace that I will be posting in a few months....check it out :-)

  • laTeefahDoLLs1898 said 7 years ago

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  • artrajes said 7 years ago

    Very cool items you have selected!!

  • Marblry said 7 years ago

    You rock, Kat! Great video! I love to see others who appreciate reused vintage and handmade items!

  • sharonna said 7 years ago

    hey kat! our home is from the 1920's so we really try to keep everything looking old, too, including our cordless phone that looks like a reg. 'old fashioned' phone... so i really appreciate your ipod docking station and your keyboard ♥ ...check out my page- i think you'll especially appreciate my original switchplates {look at my 'collages/atelier' section} and i'm always happy to do custom orders, too!

  • rarebirdboutique said 7 years ago

    Kat, you cracked me up with the F U comment. I am so excited you shop Etsy! You're home is super interesting and I love the pieces you showcased. So you. If you want to check out my shop: it's I sell vintage. Hopefully you likey :)

  • jasminthestrange said 7 years ago

    hi there :) omfg - what a nicccce place to live, sooo tasteful!!! would love to see more, it´s very inspiring... if you find the time check out my etsy shop - i´m a mad hatter from berlin ;) <3 xoxo <3

  • bellydanceon said 7 years ago

    I am still exploring all the things I could do on etsy. I love designing costumes, as a fusion tribal dancer myself I like to offer that style of costume the most as well as streampunk pieces and corsets which I am working on now and will be adding to my collection soon. Hope you check me out

  • Loveurtigerlight said 7 years ago

    What an inspiring start to my day! Thank you for sharing your amazing treasures!!!

  • MiiniMoh said 7 years ago

    Amazing, your collection is so inspiring!! I love reading articles where celebrities shop on Etsy. This place is the largest source of inspiration there is on the internet.....sorry Pinterest. <3

  • kaylambittinger said 7 years ago

    That was awesome, thank you for sharing! I'm still new to Etsy and expanding my shop gradually, but hopefully you check it out.

  • LilithPearl said 7 years ago

    VERY cool home!! Luv it!

  • ponan122 said 7 years ago

    Very nice things you got, real pretty! Creativity is the greatest gift humans have but don't use enough. Let's create, use your imagination and make the world beautiful.

  • KEVINSKORNERFRAMES said 7 years ago

    I sure do like the belt buckle because it was made for you by a friend that knows something about you. From one heart to another heart, with love. Check out my korner frames at Inside or outside corners need to have something hanging on em. I have been building these to order and have enjoyed doing it. You know how keeping your hands busy keeps your mind clear. Keep up the great tats Kat.

  • skybluewater said 7 years ago

    Thanks for supporting the artists on Etsy and living in a "handmade environment" Love all of your unique items :-)

  • normacasas said 7 years ago

    I don't have a store on etsy but plan on having one before summer. You can check out my Face Book page Mad Monkey Bottle Cap Art. I love working with beer bottle caps. I make magnets, some of my customers put them on their fridge or the dash to their classic cars, key chains, zipper pulls, id badge reels, shadow boxes with famous icons and trays with collage of famous icons. Please visit my page and LIKE it. Well.....I hope you like it :) Thank you Mad Monkeys. -Norma

  • esmeraldadesigns said 7 years ago

    Awesome!, Kat!! Awesome stuff, much thanks for supporting handmade arts! -I make really really wild rings, like this one cheers, Christina

  • ksparrowphoto said 7 years ago

    I love all the great, creative stuff on Etsy! It really is a great place to buy, sell & network! For some beautiful images check out my store - - all my images can be printed in just about any size and look great on any wall! -Kristi K Sparrow Photography

  • Aromatinbox said 7 years ago

    Everything in your house is amazing and unique! Thank you for supporting handmade arts! For more beautiful handmade items check out my shop hope you will like it

  • moxnme said 7 years ago

    Love how you support handmade and you truely are an amazing artist yourself!

  • marshawells51 said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat~ Loved your video of your cool finds on! Thank you so much for sharing. I'm a long time fan of yours and watch your TV show, I love the stories the people who get tattooed have, but more importantly your beautiful tattoos. If I ever get out your way, I'd love to get a tat of my Dad's Navy photo. I have an etsy shop at I make handcrafted bracelets specializing in macrame and the "Chan Luu" style wrap bracelets although my bracelets are not limited to these two styles. I'm always looking for a new kind of bracelet to introduce. I chose my store name because our grandchildren love to make bracelets with Mimi. Thanks again for sharing your special etsy finds!

  • JypsyLight said 7 years ago

    Kat ~ you're place is amazing! Just one're missing a JypsyLight in your closet! Ha!

  • 19rdill80 said 7 years ago

    I loved the keyboard!!! I would love to see more things. Thanks for supporting etsy artists!!!

  • pearlybirddesigns said 7 years ago

    I love your tats!! :) My shop is My favorite thing to handmake is a pillow! I can paint anything on them, which is really fun when I am in a creative flow!

  • creativegalina said 7 years ago

    You are so adorable and I love how much you value unique and hand made things. Such a pleasure to see same kid of love for creative souls. You are a real artist with creative blessing <3

  • honeystreasures said 7 years ago

    I loved the door bell! There are so many cool things just waiting to be discovered here on Etsy, that's why I love it. Thanks for sharing!

  • LavenderDesignstudio said 7 years ago

    Hi Ms. D. Thanks for showing us your treasures. Please take a peak through my Etsy store and peruse my hand carved bronze, copper, and silver jewelry art.

  • RinnovatoVintage said 7 years ago

    This was house, cool Kat! Thanks for sharing! : )

  • SweetBohemianLife said 7 years ago

    Loved this! Especially the eyeball doorbell! Freaky cool! I do custom printing on tee shirts and tee towels, would love to design something for you!

  • ToScarboroughFair said 7 years ago

    Kat, the only thing you need is a cat! And a hat for her, for that matter.

  • sideoftheroad said 7 years ago

    Love doorbell with the eyeball and the computer keyboard. Show us more!

  • AnnaCreative said 7 years ago

    Beautiful! Please take a look at my paintings.

  • dawitchi said 7 years ago

    I love your home! x Maybe one day I will make something that catches your eye ....

  • heeleesoffer said 7 years ago

    wow, really beautiful things. I specially liked the key-Bord and mouse, where can I get them?

  • TheGrandBazaar said 7 years ago

    They all great.

  • PaintedHorse said 7 years ago

    Loved this view into your home. Etsy is such a wonderland of beautiful, unique items and artisans! Thank you for sharing, Kat. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  • ninedragons said 7 years ago

    Whoa - I guess a few people love your stuff. Me too - the doorbell is my fav - the detailed-ness of it. I'm all about searching for details - so I look for them everywhere I go. That's what I photograph - the quirky, cool, odd, beautiful stuff that surrounds us as we wander through life... Post more stuff!

  • LeeAnnetteJ said 7 years ago

    Hi Kat - that was a really cool look inside your home that has so many Etsy finds. Absolutely love the keyboard. I'm just starting my shop - if you like vintage or primitive items adapted to today, maybe you should swing by or like my shop where I have primitive cell phone wristlets. Only a few are listed now but will be adding more. Look forward to your next video!

  • GeorgieGirlLLC said 7 years ago

    Love your house and everything we could get a glimpse of. The doorbell is the bomb! Love your lipstick too! Looking forward to your next post.

  • PaperOfYesterday said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat - As the tattooed Mom of an Artist, and a lover of vintage and wild handmade things, I love your taste. The gramophone deck is the bomb. For the most part, I sell vintage in one of my shops, but my favorite is my paper shop where you can find what little handmade I have time for - even some vintage pinup gift tags. Which reminds me, need to make more :) Keep it up, so very interesting to see what you have found.

  • sandierossiter said 7 years ago

    Kat, I love browsing Etsy and I love all the quirky items you showed us in your video. Would love to see more!! I especially love the piano belt buckle because I, too, play the piano. And that "Eyeball Doorbell" is one of the coolest, quirkiest things I've ever seen!! Thanks for sharing yourself and some of your special items! Hope to see more!! Sandie

  • KitKatCabaret said 7 years ago

    My gorgeous jet black Comfortable pirate boots, all the Vintage and WW 2 Historical ephemera I love for my film noir hand made art on wood and Arches paper, My mens fashion history and the antique post cards thanks kitkat

  • schmugalie said 7 years ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Eyeball Doorbell!!! I just opened my Etsy account and it's a work in progress. So confused!!! I'm a candlemaker. My candles are kinda funky. Check them out! Wickitty Wax Candles!! I'm also on FaceBook. Baba from Vintage Tattoo loves them. I hope you do too!!!!

  • fantijewell said 7 years ago

    I'm loving the eyeball doorbell too! Just opened my Etsy account. Loving the blogging side of things. I'm in the beginning days of organic soap making!

  • 2Dsastresbcn said 7 years ago

    its all about the ipod gramaphone speaker! we've got one too and love it! thought u might like to check out our store... maybe you'll dig our wares.... all handmade, 100% DIY

  • BachsCrafts said 7 years ago

    The ipod megaphone was very cool--especially that it doesn't use electricity. My fascination with handmade items I believe stems from my parents and grandparents having lived through the Great Depression. I love to see how creative people are--amazing!

  • TedraDesigns said 7 years ago

    hey kat ~ love that an amazing artist such as yourself is lovin' on Etsy. so rad. thanks for sharing!

  • VintageBeachQuotes said 7 years ago

    i need the eyeball doorbell...

  • Artsy said 7 years ago

    Like funky fun assemblages created from vintage objects? Love your home, great colors...

  • HighHopesVeganBakery said 7 years ago

    Super fun!! That door bell is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!! =D

  • BonjourMarket said 7 years ago

    Wow. I love your video. I also really like vintage. Check out my black and magnet board: http://www.etsy/shop/bonjourmarket

  • VermontSlateArt said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat, My husband and I hand craft slate switch plate covers from century old reclaimed roof slate here in Vermont, as well as river rock knobs (for cabinets, bureau drawers, etc.) which we "harvest" from the Green River, which flows by our home. I noticed an unusual switch plate in the beginning of this piece. I think our products would look KILLER in your home! Take care~ Noela

  • Morganna said 7 years ago

    LOVE your home. Coolest place ever. I thought the ipod dock made from the horn was totally awesome, must find one. and the keyboard was unreal. I don't think my store is nearly as quirky or fun as you might like, but I have been selling a lot of fabric garlands for weddings and other events and thought maybe you'd like to check them out. They can be funky too, like the ones that are hobo hippy. Who knows! Have a cool day! Deb

  • karitherrien said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat, Great video! Thanks for supporting handmade! Love your work too; you are an amazing artist yourself! I sell natural skincare products made with love! I have a lot of great baby products for new moms! Also, 10% of each sale goes towards a scholarship fund to send kids with Tourette's Syndrome to camp Twitch and Shout. They can have the iconic camp experience without feeling marginalized or different. My hubby, Joe had severe Tourette's Syndrome and suffered a lot. He died recently in a tragic car accident. I started the charity initiative in his memory to honor his life and legacy. Please check out my shop and share with friends!

  • Edemoma said 7 years ago

    Lovely finds, especially love that doorbell! Thanks for sharing :)

  • DejaReViewGreenArts said 7 years ago

    Your raw engaged enthusiasm for the creativity of others is inspirational and awesome. The way you say something to the effect that something, an artistic piece of work aka "It" doesnt really do anything - says soooo much. Though I generally myself (these days) make mostly functional art (by choice), the truth is... art... doesnt have to "do" anything. Your delivery of that message was simple, powerful, beautiful.To have something just because you love it, that it doesnt have to necessarily "do" anything for you or for anyone..... wow! I am a repurposer. I started out here on Etsy making custom/one of kind technology device cases. I have only been on Etsy since July of 2011. My customers have shown the direction of my shop to me and I LOVE it! I have been asked to make one of a kind custom corsets, festival gear, flask holsters and more....all one of a kinds. My latest project is a hand-folded, hand-painted leather bridal party project for a biker wedding (my customer's description) including cascading bouquet, matching bridesmaids bouquets, boutonniere's for groom/groomsmen, Mother's corsage, flower girl's basket. We are using a special lambskin leather hide (white with silver flecks) for the main roses in the bridal bouquet. I am hand-painting leaves. We are incorporating the groom's HD patch on his boutonniere as well the bride and groom have each donated their leather vest for me to use in the project as project leather.

  • jbeaudet said 7 years ago

    Very cool!

  • NevesMulysa said 7 years ago

    Hi from NevesMulysa on Etsy ... Your stuff is cool, congratulations for having awesome taste! Mine is similar but with more taxidermy and things in preserve. Yay! Suzie

  • showbelles said 7 years ago

    How interesting!!! I adore the doorbell, and I love the piano, or is it a harpsichord?

  • showbelles said 7 years ago

    How interesting. I adore the doorbell. I love the piano...or is it a harpsichord?

  • sewdenis said 7 years ago


  • TheStrangestGirl said 7 years ago

    What a fantastic house! The doorbell appealed to me most of all as my most favourite thing to make is jewellery with eyes in.

  • TheMetalmark said 7 years ago

    I am so happy to hear you appreciate handmade items. I make chainmaille jewelry and accessories. Unfortunately, I just closed my Etsy shop. I do have a website though! I'm not sure I am allowed to post it here. My business name is The Metalmark and my Japanese Strawberry pendant will be in the Spring issue of Wirework magazine. I hope you check it out! Thanks for showing us your home and your unique decor items.

  • CookieHoops said 7 years ago

    That was fun; i like your style and taste in things! I make lashes for all occasions and i also make felt Buddhas and Power Animals at Please check them out! ;*)

  • GBUcollective said 7 years ago

    Wonderful. What a cute you are. Pretty into DIY myself. It's inspiring to see you having fun with your environment! Check out my shop if you feel. I love working with metals and tools. I can't get away from my work bench. Doing something that feels rouged and come out with something feminism is very much enjoyed in my world. Thanks for being you!

  • PixiBond said 7 years ago

    AHA! I love you even MORE! The doorbell is fantastic; everything else you kindly shared. Thank you! I'm just starting with my shop...I love making things but I'm a beginner so nothing as cool yet but soon LOL! Lets see more cool stuff! Continued success to you GlobalGilrGear is my shop. Cheers!

  • margheritaarrighi said 7 years ago

    mi hai sorpreso... ma tu non facevi tatuaggi? comuque l'amplificatore per l'I PHONE è sorprendete! complimenti per tutto però...!

  • AutopilotEmpires said 7 years ago

    Kat is such a badass! She's an awesome artist and I love that she uses her celebrity to support more art! Please check out my handmade coin lockets, I'm very proud of them <3

  • thelazymermaidvintag said 7 years ago

    gunna gush a little...I love you and have enjoyed seeing your are the real refreshing!

  • majellamilne said 7 years ago

    Wow, you are sooo cool. I have just opened my store on Etsy and I would love it you checked it out. I have been creating some humorous, old fashioned, hand inked, pure and simple beautiful drawings, oh and one digital creation. Joy at a glance art.

  • TheMagickAttic said 7 years ago

    Ditto on the ' tall black chairs!' LOVE your taste and unique style! :)

  • TheMagickAttic said 7 years ago

    Ditto on the 'tall black chairs!' LOVE your taste and unique style! :)

  • chrisifalco said 7 years ago

    Loved the show. Am a huge fan of repurposing items for home and for use in jewelry making. Just opened my shop, but will be adding lots of interesting things. Would love to see more of your favorite items.

  • zedszombieranch said 7 years ago

    Kat, I love your taste! Thanks for making this segment! The doorbell is my favorite that you showed. You mentioned that you'd like to see Etsy shops that are in a similar vein. My shop may fit the bill if you have time to check it out. I make steel skeleton artwork!

  • FrenchMermaid said 7 years ago

    Thank you for your support to handmade artists. Http:// Http://

  • doters said 7 years ago

    Hey Kat, i'm a little late to this party, but thanks for the glimpse into your Handmade Home and to interact with you here!! Very beautiful, all of it!! I make anthropomorphic fetische figures and dolls...

  • jaanatoome said 7 years ago

    Kat is Brilliant! and etsy is just... fantastic! :)

  • jaanatoome said 7 years ago

    oh, and Kat! Please please post some more!! :)

  • Adka1 said 6 years ago

    Great taste kat! Coming from Europe I have a tendency for a contemporary style, but love what you did, very cozy have to say. Best wishes from

  • CandleMomma said 6 years ago

    Great finds there so freaking cool! I love using and making just about anything. I make sequin ornaments I make birdhouses out of ground up paper with a lil cement there pretty strange but so cool I paint them really cool and hang them outside. I even made a earth oven from clay and sand, I love cooking in it. I have a shop on Etsy and I make jewelry I make and sell lots of nose bling I truly love making all jewelry. I have so many Idea's but there is just not enough hours in a day to get them all done! Yes plz post more of your cool stuff, I Cant wait to see!

  • selectjewelrydesigns said 6 years ago

    Very awesome steampunk style. I would love to incorporate some of that into my home as I personalize it (just purchased an older home that needs some work.) just fantastic.

  • Sassyshades said 6 years ago

    Thanks Kat! I love the doorbell. Oh, how I would like to the jolt of surprise if my kids came to the front door and rang the bell....LOL! I have a shop on Etsy....stop by

  • allwithlove said 6 years ago

    If you like skulls, check out the totes, sunglass cases, etc and The Day of The Dead Quilt in our shop Thanks.

  • claysavant said 6 years ago

    Kat Von D, I think I have a necklace for you, ClaySavant, I call it Kaboom. Love your stuff!

  • sarahspurlock1 said 6 years ago

    Hey Kat! Thanks for making this video! I always loved watching your show. You're such a genuine person :) Please check out my shop- Thanks, Sarah

  • kotes said 6 years ago

    So so amazing! I'm so jealous of your keyboard!!! I'm a Biology graduate who decided to go to makeup school haha...i can't legally work where I'm going so I've started an Etsy shop! It's me, my mom, and my grandma :) Check us out!

  • Flothepug said 6 years ago

    Hi Kat, Love it that you are sharing a glimps of your home with us! Just started my Etsy shop today! It's mostly stuff for dogs not that much for Kat's ;-). But who knows! My own cute dog is the topmodel of my brand. Check it out if you like!

  • Vintiquesandmore said 6 years ago

    ~ So clever, and such talented people on Etsy! Thanks for sharing your home with the world, Kat! Your home is a fun and eclectic image of yourself... Never a dull moment in Kat's house!

  • coolondesigns4121960 said 6 years ago

    Hi Kat, I really enjoyed the tour of your house collection, please keep posting as I really felt at home. You are a very talented tattoo artist, I watched you from Miami ink !!! Beautiful women too...has anyone made a portrait of you ? Please have a look at my shop which I started in March of this year, more to come in jewellery, accessories, gnomies and interior decor. The wine cork boards could be right home at of them has a Rothschild cork amongst very tasty souvenirs of other wines, kind regards, Ghislaine.

  • naomimcneill said 6 years ago

    i'm still geeking out on the mechanism in the door bell!

  • jessasien said 6 years ago

    Good gracious, she is adorable. I had no idea.

  • 8point8 said 6 years ago

    This is a really fun piece. Thanks for sharing.

  • beachbabyblues said 6 years ago

    Kat , you are such a Cutie Pie !! Thanks so much for sharing your love of Handmade and Unique. You asked what we like to make , I LoVe doing Mixed Media pieces. I only have a few listed in my Shop currently.Because, I am focusing more on Weddings by making vases from recycled bottles and painting Book Bundles to be used as table centerpieces . Anyway,I would love to make something for YOU ! Look me up , Thanks so much, Susan (beachbabyblues)

  • artseat said 6 years ago

    wow just took the tour of your home, amazing!! I think it's so cool you love handmade unusual items, I dig the door bell and the phonograph! love your unique taste... would love for you to share more of your treasures!!

  • SwamiS said 6 years ago

    Loved your cool art! Love the wood carved keyboard and the doorbell eye! Would love to get my hands on one of those IPod Victrola speakers too! I live in an Ashram now and keep everything pretty much Moroccan themed as that is comforting to me, but I have been a designer my whole life after one thing or another...PLEASE SHOW MORE STUFF! LOVED YOUR SHOW AND TELL - LOVE YOU KAT! ^_^ <3 I am on Etsy with Swami Clothes (Clothing). Right now it is Shamanic/Spiritual Tibetan like jewelry. The chokers and bracelets are inspired by Shaman around the globe but especially Africa, Tibet and South America. I use the Shaman Dream Stones of Turquoise, Coral, Amber and more.... (Swami Clothing).

  • baronesloveydeluxe said 6 years ago

    Check It Out Kat!:)

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