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Studio Visit: 3D Printing with MIMAW

May 27, 2016

by Laura Quattrocelli handmade and vintage goods

If you have not yet stumbled upon the Etsy shop or Instagram account for Mima Workshop, then you might want to take a seat. Vei and Patrick from MIMAW have taken all the fun and colour and happiness from our minds and put it into a collection of unique trinket dishes and meticulously designed objects.

The team here at Etsy Australia were lucky enough to be treated to a creative morning with Vei and Patrick to learn about how 3D printing actually works, and how an object from MIMAW is manifested to life after months of prototyping and design. (It’s so much more than what we first thought)


The co-working creative space

MIMAW operate from a very cool reclaimed building called the Cotton Mills in Footscray in Melbourne’s West. From here they plan, make and create, whilst sharing the space it with fellow local creatives. Using reclaimed materials from the recording studio that was previously in the warehouse, Patrick and Vei took it all apart and built desks and most of the new spaces’s furniture.

Along with the creative community that use the space now, MIMAW have their set up of prototypes, past product range and range of materials and supplies.


Magic floating bottle and delicious blue something…


Behind the desk at MIMAW


Mix and Match with MIMA

As you walk upstairs, you enter into a big beautiful open space that doubles as a photography studio when needed. For our visit, Vei and Patrick turned it into a workshop and picnic space. See images below:


Custom 3D Printed sign made by MIMAW


The picnic style set up where we were taught about how a 3D printer actually works

Vei took us through the immense amount of planning and design that goes into making one perfect piece that will land on the MIMAW shelves. With a background in Architecture, you can see the technical training Vei has taken to get MIMAW to the point it is at now. Before the duo set up shop, they spent a year researching, planning and testing out different methods and materials to get their items just right.

From plastic to copper and timber, Vei and Patrick have trialed and tested many different forms of 3D printing and created their own within that bringing the different methods together.

“Sometimes a failed piece then turns into a finished piece and that failure is part of the object”.

We were then treated to a very fun workshop to get our creative juices flowing with the chance to paint a three scoop ice-cream with the colours and decorations of our choice!

See if you can guess who’s icecream is who’s.


Anna hard at work, adding fine details with gold leaf.


The ingredients….


We were quite chuffed with our creations



Vei and Patrick in their studio

Thank you to the team at MIMAW, we had a blast learning all about 3D Printing and painting our own pieces. If you want to see more featured sellers on our blog you can read more here.


  • PureInvites

    Pure Invites from PureInvites said 3 years ago

    How interesting... it's just amazing what 3D printing can create!

  • billandfrankie

    Paper and Lace from billandfrankie said 3 years ago

    This store is so freaken cool!

  • alikadevero

    Angelíca Duman from ATICAncientTreasures said 3 years ago

    Yay, ice-cream decor looks awesome!

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  • rebeccadirking

    Rebecca Dirking from rebeccadirking said 2 years ago

    I ordered a wreath from you and I havent received it.

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