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12 Hygge-Inspired Ways to Cosy Up Your Place

Mar 3, 2017

by Pip Lincolne handmade and vintage goods

I can not tell you how excited I am that our Autumn is nearly here. For one, it’s my favourite season EVER, due to crispier days, changing leaves, more soup/even more toast.

Secondly, my birthday is in Autumn, so it always feels like my native season. I think when we are born is a total clue re the kind of person we might be, weather-liking wise.

Me? I am a crisp, mild, toasty kind of person who likes to drink a lot of tea and puff little clouds of chilly morning air about the place. I’m into cosy and comfy. I’m into my own version of hygge, pretty much.

If you don’t know about the Danish word/concept of Hygge, you’ve been missing out. It’s a small word that embodies friendliness, comfort, cosiness and a general feeling of all being nice and right, in that moment.

If you do know about Hygge, you either love it or are breezily insisting that Lagom has surpassed the Hygge vibes, or perhaps you’re going to tell me that Kalsarikannit is all there is? I beg to differ. #nope Horses for courses. Just because apricots exist it doesn’t mean peaches and plums are over, right?! Live and let Hygge.

I thought it might be nice to shake up those Hygge vibes, in this fresh new year, on the cusp of a new season, and consider making our little bit of the world as friendly and homebody-haven-ish as we can.

Here’s a bunch of very easy ways to do that – or to simply be inspired by – Hygge-wise. Homebody haven, here we come!


12 Hygge-inspired Ways to Cosy Up Your Place

1. Cosy toes

Let’s start our Hygge journey underfoot, with something colourful and cosy to set the tone. I like this rug (below) because it has all of the colours and is an invitation for ace times.

Vintage Moroccan Boucherite Rug from Two Girls and a Pug

2. Comfy couch times

Next stop is an extra layer or two of pattern and texture for the back of your couch (or hung on the wall, even?) I’m into the plaid meets pop of colour here. It’s like Outlander meets Andy Warhol, or something…!

Hand-loomed Himalayan blanket from Faerymother

3. Friendly feasts

Ace snacks are super Hygge-friendly and these ramekins perfectly combine modern sensibilities with a retro kind of vibe. These would be good with a hearty soup ladelled into them, or with some crumble and ice-cream.

Chunky mid-century ramekins by About The Place

4. Slow living

Some slow-down pursuits are conducive to this gentler, nicer way of being. A little bit of succulent propagation? Some jam-making? A bit of bread-baking, perhaps? Some knitting, even? A slow read of the classics? I think so. I do.

Oval rattan basket from Simply Chi

5. Sweet light

Candles and Hygge are pretty much synonymous – and these geo candle holders are a nice mix of handmade local meets gentle-living. They have some other VERY nice candles too, FYI.

Hexagon candle stand by Hutwoods

6. Green feels

The more plants the better. If you can mimic the great outdoors inside your place, than you’re on the right track. Cleaner air, cleaner thoughts, greener lines. Create your own little forest and you’ll instantly feel more positive about the world. And you will get the Hygge feels too.

Vintage planter stand by Simply Chi

7. Pretty walls

Layering your place with treasures that are meaningful to you is an ace way to kick start some nicer times. You can create your own artwork, or buy something interesting and eye-pleasing. I’m very into the idea of vintage movie posters, especially if they are a bit quirky and/or Japanese.

Japanese Breathless wood-mounted movie poster by Wooden Posters

8. Games to play

Speaking of slowing down, how about a lazy ongoing game of some kind? There are heaps of vintage games ripe for the picking on Etsy, but I kind of super LOVE this vintage-meets-now handmade version of the classic Mastermind too!

Handmade Mastermind wooden game by Kubiya Games

9. The snuggle is real

If you’re keen to cosy down, you might need extra blankets, am I right? This Kantha style quilt is a delicious medley of prints and will guaranteed a comfy time. It’s also big enough for two. #JustSayin

Vintage Kantha quilt by Habitation Boheme

10. Restorative doses

Be it an Aperol spritz, some mulled wine or a little homemade lemonade, they’ll taste extra delicious and feel extra Hygge in some vintage amber glassware. You could consider a bar-cart too, if you want to next-level your nice times?

Amber drinkware set by Oh La La Camille

11. Idea sparkers

What are you going to do when you are sitting around with your friends or special people or just by yourself? You are going to bounce ideas, hopes, thoughts, memories, dreams and wicked jokes off one another. If you are stuck for ideas this book is really great. I used to have it and it’s inspiration packed and very old school charming.

Vintage Australian girls’ hobby book by Browse With Bunty

12. Soothing sips

If you don’t quite fancy a cool drink or cocktail in your swoonworthy amber glassware, then perhaps some freshly brewed coffee or a bracing cup of tea would be better? Again, I’m going for green because it’s comforting and reassuring. I’m also going for stoneware because it feels sturdy and nice.

Japanese-made stoneware coffee set by Vintage Collateral

Are you inspired to have nicer, more homebody-ish times? I really 100 percent am.

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