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How to choose art you won’t get sick of

Mar 1, 2016

by Sarah Ponthieu handmade and vintage goods

The right artwork can bring a space to life but finding that perfect piece can sometimes be a challenge. Buying art can often be a significant investment (although, as we’ll show you, it doesn’t have to be!) so you want something you’re going to love as much in a decade as the day you bought it. But fear not, we’re here to help!  Here are our top tips for finding the perfect artwork for you and your home.

All about you (and your space)

Ready to add artwork to your space but no idea what you want? Start with you! Think about what colours, patterns or shapes you’re naturally drawn to or already feature in your home (or your wardrobe). Also consider how and where you spend your spare time – is a Sunday morning surf your happy place or is exploring New York City or tinkering with vintage motorcycles that really floats your boat?

Sarina Darakos print

Sarina Diakos Art fine art print, from $120 – buy it here

All of these things can help direct your search for the perfect artwork for your home. And your home itself can be a good source of inspiration. Look at what artworks already feature and think about what could complement or contrast.

margin print

Margin iced coffee art print, $22 – buy it here

Still struggling? Take some time to get some art inspiration by checking out the Art & Crafts category on Etsy, trawl Pinterest or flick through some home magazines. Take note of what artworks stand out or appeal to you – they’re hints to what might work in your own space.


Redefine art

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that ‘art’ only means paintings. By broadening your definition, you can discover a whole host of beautiful pieces that could be perfect for you.

Of course you’ll find plenty of incredible original paintings available on Etsy. But if your budget doesn’t quite stretch that far, you don’t have to miss out – many artists sell high quality prints on their work too.

tara spicer

Tara Spicer Art giclee print of Adrift original painting, from $70 – buy it here

And when talking art, let’s not forget photography and poster prints and the plenitude of amazing options you can find on Etsy.

Estelle print shop

Estelle Print Shop beach photography print, from $34 – buy it here

cloud walker studio

Cloud Walker Studios number poster, from $19 – buy it here

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous (or looking for something a little more tactile), why not try textile artworks like woven wall hangings or embroidered pieces?

Zoe Loves Ava

Zoe Loves Ava wall hanging, from $160 – buy it here

Flirting with yellow

Flirting With Yellow original textile embroidery artwork, $600 – buy it here

Even a well-curated collection of momentos on a hanging shelf or shadow box could be could be the artful addition you’re looking for.


Senkki circular shadow box, $220 – buy it here

Custom creation

If you’re looking for something truly original, why not get a piece custom made for your home? Try a custom portrait of your family or pet (or even your home!) or perhaps an artwork created using your favourite colours.


Jesses Mess custom family portrait, $180 – buy it here

house sketch

Mary Francis Smith custom house sketch, from $130 – buy it here

kate and feather

Kate and Feather macrame wall hanging, $352 – buy it here

Mix it up

Already own art but think you might have fallen out of love? Try refreshing it by changing frames or trying to position it elsewhere in the house. You’ll be astounded at the impact these little changes can make. Grouping artworks together in unexpected ways can also bring them new life – have fun playing with layouts until you find just the right fit.


Trust your gut

Sometimes, you just know. You’ll see a painting, wall hanging or print that you can’t tear your eyes away from and can’t live without. So don’t.

These love at first sight pieces are the ones you’ll always find a place for in your life and home.

arista blue octopus

Arista Style blue octopus limited edition print, from $180 – buy it here

lovely sweet william

Lovely Sweet William watercolour patterns, $95 – buy it here

Ready to print art you’ll love? Explore art on Etsy here.


  • LongLPhoto

    LongLPhoto from LongLandscapePhoto said 3 years ago

    Thank you for this article, Sarah. For those who like beach photography (Australian coast), my store has a number of options. Limited Editions, printed on archival quality fine art paper.

  • saffronurbaniak

    Milski Designs from MilskiDesigns said 3 years ago

    These are all gorgeous! I especially love the Zoe Loves Ava weave!

  • kazzycaboodles

    Kaz from kazzycaboodles said 3 years ago

    Gorgeous selections. I could easily see quite a few of these adorning the walls of my tiny townhouse! <3

  • AprelskayDesign

    Tanya from TanyaToys said 3 years ago

    Very beautifully! Thanks.))

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