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Host An Etsy Made Local Market in Your Community

Jun 6, 2016

by Sigourney handmade and vintage goods

Above image taken at Sydney Made’s market for Vivid Festival.

Last year, 425 Etsy sellers connected with almost 70,000 buyers around Australia as part of Etsy Made Local. The national event showcased the amazing talent of Etsy sellers around Australia, and allowed the community to purchase thoughtful handmade or vintage items to put under the Christmas tree for their loved ones. We’re doing it all again in 2016, and are aiming to make this year even bigger & better!

How can we top that you ask? We’re looking for hosts from off the beaten track (because why should capital cities have all the fun?) This Christmas we’d like to sprinkle the Etsy magic a little further afield, and support four Etsy Made Local events in non-capital cities. The aim of Etsy Made Local is to show off your local creative community, while creating a fun, unique event for buyers and sellers alike.

There are a few criteria for these events, including:

  • Your Etsy Made Local event must happen on November 19
  • Your Etsy Made Local must be free for the public to enter
  • Your Etsy Made Local event must be at least one hour from a capital city
  • All stallholders must be Etsy sellers, and only sell Etsy Legal items (exception made for food vendors)
  • The event must aim to showcase the creative breadth of Etsy sellers in your community
  • As event host, you must adhere to deadlines to ensure we can help spread the word about your amazing event!


If this sounds like your kind of party, you can fill out an application form here.

The four successful cities will receive a financial bursary from Etsy, as well as signage and swag to help make your event complete. We’ll also put you in touch with captains who have hosted events in previous years to help with any tricky questions you might have.  Applications close June 24

Whether you’d like to team up with another event, or hold a street fair, Etsy Made Local is all about hosting an event that showcases the best your community has to offer!

If you’d like to take part in the event, but aren’t sure where to start, why not connect with your local Etsy team (and if your area doesn’t have a team, why not start one?)

Etsy Market

We can’t wait to help you celebrate your local creative community!

**Please note: Hosts for Capital Cities have already been selected. If you would like to apply to be a seller at a capital city market or help organise, please stay tuned for more details.


  • HeavenlyImaginings

    Amanda Christina from HeavenlyImaginings said 3 years ago

    1 Hour from a Captial city is a bit sad as there are lots of thriving areas that are over an hour away from the Capital cities.

  • SigourneyLikeWeaver Admin

    Sigourney from LikeWeaver said 3 years ago

    Hi Amanda! It has to be at least an hour from a Capital City, but can definitely be more! Our aim is to spread them far and wide so we'd love to hear to from remote communities with a thriving creative spirit.

  • michelemccumberkelly

    Mimi La Fae from MimiLaFae said 3 years ago

    I'm more than an hour from any city, with the bad roads in the Northern Rivers I found markets un-viable long ago. Australia is so big, people tell me about events "near" me but the logistics of attending events is a reality, people from the city rarely understand, good luck, it's the thought that counts......

  • lquattrocelli Admin

    Laura Quattrocelli from LittleQuattro said 3 years ago

    Hi Mimi La Fae, we meant at LEAST an hour away from any capital city, you can be as remote as you like :) We encourage you to apply and host a marked for your community there!

  • sarsparilly

    Maria Murphy from sarsparilly said 3 years ago

    Maybe it should be re-worded? I read it as it has to be within an hour of a capital city also. Maybe ..."more than one hour from a capital city" instead. I gave up on applying initially because I was confused about that.

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    FRANCIS LANDRY said 3 years ago

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  • Fluturi

    Rebecca Madigan-Keals from Fluturi said 3 years ago

    I'd love to know who to get in contact with for the Brisbane event please

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