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Holiday Adventure Checklist

Dec 22, 2015

by sarrowsmith handmade and vintage goods

Planning a road-trip, holiday or getaway this summer?  Not to worry fellow explorers – we’ve got you covered!

There is something so exhilarating about planning a holiday – venturing to new place, taking some time to explore and having some meaningful adventures with the family and furry best friend. It’s that special time to build activities outdoors with the kids, spend some ‘me’ time relaxing in the sun and have as many glorious food rituals (and snack breaks) as one can justify “treat yourself, it’s the holidays.”

Well, to help you get you ready for the holidays and excited for that always daunting last-minute packing, check out this list of super stylish travel accessories for the whole family to enjoy!

From a cactus inspired top all succulent lovers would be proud of, food-themed accessories to match your snacks and an alien ice-cream colouring book to keep the little weird ones entertained, our holiday picks will make sure that your squad has the sweetest goods in town.

Let’s ‘alpaca’ the picnic bag and deck your holidays – the Etsy way!

Here is your Holiday Adventure Checklist this summer:

For Her:

Prepare for summer fun shenanigans with an elegant white wide brim hat, some deliciously cute banana earrings (that will always go with everything), a quirky cactus inspired top and some handmade leather passport holders for overseas adventures.

For Him:

Get road-trippin ready with the suede weekender bag, some wooden sunglasses for hot summer days, a linen handkerchief (because you’ll always need it) and of course, a sausage dog toiletries case for all your travel essentials.

For the Kids:

Entertain the kids with a raccoon drawing set, an alien ice-cream colouring book to satisfy the wonderfully weird imagination, a supercute overnight case and a reusable snack bag for all those hungry in-between moments.

For the Furry Best Friends:

Treat your dog to some awesome swag bag for weekend camping trips, a light-weight lead to bring on your travels, a hipster bandana for the dapper dog and a very classy poop sling bag for the real long walks (when you need to hold onto it for a while!).

For the Adventure:

The journey is just as sweet, if not more – than the destination. These super cute crayfish pillows are light and easy to bring travelling, but also the perfect size to lean against the window with during road trips in the car! This insulated and waterproof tote bag is great for picnics and storing all food essentials. This wooden folding camping stool is inspired by childhood memories spent outside – just imagine lots of singing at campfires, family picnics and watching summer fireworks by the water. Lastly, don’t forget to write about your experiences, reflect and be reminded of your holiday with a classic moleskine journal. This journal is beautifully reminiscent of that famous ‘Adventure Book’ from the film, UP! Be sure to document the special moments of your holiday and create your own adventure book!

Now that you’re inspired with lots of travel goodies, it’s time to plan that trip, start packing and get exploring. Wishing you all some amazing fun-filled adventures this holiday season!

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  • SheDidItOnPurpose

    Katerina Kraenzel-Paneras from SheDidItOnPurpose said 3 years ago

    A travel journal is essential holiday packing. Not only can you reflect on the fabulous or not so fabulous time that you are having, you can also look enigmatic as you sit in the shade with a cocktail, pen in hand pondering and chronicling your day. It also helps if you are a solo traveler and you need to have something to occupy yourself during the evening meal. Hooray for holidays!

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