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Halloween for Kids and Grown-Ups

Sep 28, 2015

by Reana McCourt handmade and vintage goods

Australians and New Zealanders may not celebrate Halloween as much as our American counterparts, but I’ve never turned down the opportunity to wear (or make) a costume and I’m not about to start now! Here’s some things to help kids, crafters, and grown-ups get a little spooky.


For kids & DIYers

Lollies, dress-ups, pranks, and the inevitable sugar crash. When you’re a kid Halloween is THE BEST! And you can get everything you need right here, with Australian and New Zealand Etsy shops selling everything from costumes to zombie lovin’ cross stitch patterns.

For Grown-Ups

Sorry, no kiddos allowed at this dinner party. Think victorian gothic: black with hints of metallic.

Oh, and don’t forget to collect your wine on the way in.

How will you celebrate Halloween?


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