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Guest Curator: Yellowtrace Etsy Gift Guide

Nov 18, 2015

by yellowtrace handmade and vintage goods

Yellowtrace is an influential and award-winning online design publication. Started in 2010 as Dana’s passion project, Yellowtrace quickly gained powerful momentum and gathered a loyal following amongst the local design community and those passionate about design in all it’s forms. The site is updated daily, Monday to Friday, with carefully curated, cutting-edge, and highly researched content in the areas of Interior Design, Architecture, Art, Photography, Lifestyle & Design Culture.

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my fair share of reservation towards Etsy in the past. The hard-core design snob in me at times thought of Etsy as being a bit ‘too crafty’ or something. Yet, at the same time, I’ve been buying stuff from Etsy for as long as I’ve been shopping online! I’ve bought jewellery, scarves, pom poms, baby clothing, t-shirts, toys, cards, gifts – all sorts of things. Isn’t that completely ridiculous? Yes, it is. So why this dichotomy? Perhaps it’s something to do with the fact that, like many online market places, you can sometimes feel like you’re trawling through a bunch of stuff that doesn’t align with your own taste, or feels inconsistent or un-curated. I genuinely feel super shallow admitting this to you – but it’s the honest truth, and I feel it’s important to come clean, at an off chance you’re a bit ‘special’ like me.

Truth be told, Etsy is an amazing place for buying individual and meaningful gifts directly from the local makers, designers and curators. And since we are all about supporting the grassroots designers and makers, when Etsy approached us to curate our own Christmas Gift Guide, I jumped at the opportunity. Why? Because I love a good challenge, I love curating, and more than anything – I LOVE presenting things in a new light. Ta-daaah!

I’ve decided to put together a selection of gifts curated around 5 different themes – Botanical, Minimalist, Marble, Mid-Century and Monochrome. Not only do these themes align with some of the topics we’ve covered here on Yellowtrace, they also perfectly showcase a small cross section and the depth of the amazing products you can find on Etsy. Each and every one of these items has been lovingly crafted by Etsy’s Australian community of creative people.

In addition to this gift guide, I also want to bring your attention to a little Christmas initiative that the Etsy Australia’s community is taking part in. The campaign is called #makeforgood, and it provides a silver lining for girls living in poverty. At least 20% of the value of each item featured in the #makeforgood collection will be donated to Because I Am A Girl, a Plan International initiative. You can shop the #makeforgood collection at


You can find more #EtsyGifts via the Etsy Christmas Gift Guide.


  • SheDidItOnPurpose

    Katerina Kraenzel-Paneras from SheDidItOnPurpose said 4 years ago

    The power and the joy of Etsy is the volume of items that you have the capacity to search through and explore each time you are looking for something particular. Yes, you have to trawl through stuff that you would never consider buying, but the moment you hit on that perfect piece, you know that it was time well spent. I am currently in my Christmas shopping frenzy and spending lots of time looking for those perfect pieces. The fact that I have access to items from across the globe only makes it even more worthwhile. I love Etsy!

  • Dorinavdbrandeler

    Dorina van den Brandeler from DoriKri said 4 years ago

    Great list, very nice gift ideas, hope they'll sent worldwide to Rome too! Thanks for sharing!

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