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Guest Curator: Smaggle finds 9 Local Last Minute Christmas Gifts from Etsy

Dec 10, 2015

by smaggle handmade and vintage goods

Carly Jacobs is the editor of Smaggle. A website about life, fashion, food and style. Smaggle is like having a chat with your girlfriends on a Saturday night, sharing ideas, thoughts and fun through a series of creative and quirky blog posts.

We asked Carly to share her finds from Etsy AU that would be perfect last minute gifts to give from local sellers all around Australia.


Somewhere, somehow in the midst of the craziest November/December in recorded Smaggle history, I somehow managed to get all my Christmas shopping done last week. For real. I’m loving myself sick right now. I only have about ten people all up to buy for though (my immediate family and my partner’s immediate family) but I know there are some poor sods out there who have a list of 50 plus people they have to buy for. I figured it’s not quite too late to order things online in Australia as most stores have some good practices in place to get stuff out quickly in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Mr Smaggle and I legit got a package on Sunday. SUNDAY! The door bell rang at 9am and we acted like spies who had just been discovered in their hide out. We were like ‘Who the hell is THAT??? And what do they WANT FROM US???‘. The poor guy who answered the door copped more than a little of my Sunday morning sleepy suspicion. With all the crazy Sunday deliveries going on, Here’s are 9 Australian gifts will totally arrive before Christmas if you order them today. I mean like right now.


Planter Guy Pot Plant 


Porcelain Espresso Cups 


Tan Leather Coin Purse 


Spot and Dot Cushion Covers


Dotty Porcelain Cups


Wombat and Girl Cushion Cover 


Black leather tote


Sydney Wall Art 


Ceramic and Copper Bangles 


Sometimes you just need someone to point you in the right direction. I’m also not spending too much money this year. I usually go a little bit nuts but I figure everyone I know is quite financially comfortable and no one really needs much so I’m spending less on presents this year. Instead I’m just going to grab a bottle of wine or a lovely bun at the bakery and spend time with the people I love. I don’t want to get all mushy on you but that’s really what Christmas is all about for me!



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