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Guest Curator: Handmade Kids

May 4, 2014

by handmadekidsblog handmade and vintage goods

In the lead up to Mother’s Day we’ve invited 3 Guest Curators to share their Mother’s Day thoughts and gift ideas. Today we have Kylie from Handmade Kids.

What a perfect time to be writing about my Mum; she is visiting from inter-state at the moment.
I come from a very close family and am blessed to have a wonderful caring, down to earth mother. Although we live in different states now, we are still as close as ever.

Kylie with her Mum

Kylie with her Mum.

My love and appreciation for ‘handmade & handcrafted’ came from my Mother. My whole childhood was spent watching her create amazing pieces of pottery; from its beginning as a clump of clay through to a beautifully glazed & fired piece of art- I came to appreciate the amount of work, passion and time put into a handmade pursuit.
She is also pretty niffty with a sewing machine and has taught me a thing or two..

My selection of Mother’s Day gift ideas are all handmade in Australia – a fact I know won’t be under-valued by my Mum.

Etsy Mother's Day

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Handmade Kids loves showcasing the amazing work of Australia’s very talented handmade community. Kylie is always searching for new designs, fresh ideas and those extra special kids products to bring to her readers.


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