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Gifts for Every Budget

Nov 26, 2015

by Laura Quattrocelli handmade and vintage goods

Image above: MiGoals Be Awesome Notebook $9.95

Gift-giving this Christmas doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, I personally prefer small thoughtful gifts more than anything. I enjoy reading a personalised message in a card over receiving a great big pressie that I have no use for. So in the spirit of giving, here is an Etsy shopping guide for every budget.
Whether you are spending $10 or $500, there is something for everyone on Etsy and I hope we can help you give a gift within your budget with these ideas.

Under $10

If you are still unsure of what to give or simply love to leave things last minute, you can find so many downloadable prints that you can buy for under $10 and print at home. It’s an instant gift! Which is perfect for those last minute “What do I buy?” moments.

Under $25

From the kids to gifts for him and her, there are lots of fun and quirky ways to give a special gift under $25 from Etsy:


From left to right (top to bottom):

  1. Little Sticker Boy, Zigzag Wall Decals $25
  2. Miss Poppy Designs, Shhh, there’s wine in here Mug $22
  3. Brewsmith, Coffee for Beer Lovers $16
  4. Down Grapevine Lane, Crochet Pear $25


Under $50

My family and friends do KK every year and the budget is usually $50, so here are some awesome ideas for loved ones and friends you’ve drawn in the KK bucket:

Under $75

When you’ve got a little more cash to spend and still want to give something beautifully handmade, here are some eye-catching pieces that you can create a little conversation around:


From left to right (and top to bottom):

  1. Charlie Bird Kid, Limoncello Top $45
  2. Etty and Boo, Swing and Pillow $70
  3. Pollenstore, Pollen Daisy Chain $75
  4. Tian Ceramics, Cup and Saucer $60


Under $100

Why not engrave a darling friend’s name into that cat ring they’ve always wanted? Or stamp their name into their handmade leather wallet, or just add a bit of style to that lady who has everything’s wardrobe with these fun finds:


From left to right (top to bottom)

  1. Doops Designs, Cactus Garden Bed Throw $89
  2. Quan the Label, Geometric Purse $80
  3. Paterson & Salisbury, Leather Wallet Slim $95
  4. Fifth Heaven, Engravable Cat Ring $59


Splash Out:

Okay so if you really, really want to go all out and spoil someone rotten there are also plenty of ideas – either for that little one’s first Christmas, to maybe even popping the question to your nearest and dearest!

I hope you’ve found some ideas for your Christmas gift shopping in this email, or I’ve at least inspired you to shop local this Christmas.

If you want to visit some local Etsy sellers in person this weekend, head along to one of our Etsy Made Local events, on all over the country! Find out where your nearest event is here. 


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