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Five Handmade Ceramics Your House Needs

Oct 28, 2016

by Laura Quattrocelli handmade and vintage goods

With the prices of breakfast, brunch and dinner hiking up more and more each year, it’s no lie that we’re all trying to eat out less and save a little more cash. Even so, there’s no reason we can’t make an everyday meal at home feel a little special. I love impressing friends when they come over to eat and not just with my cooking skills (thanks to my Italian family for teaching me their ways) but also with my kitchen wares!

Investing in handmade ceramics is something I’ve always encourage (yes, even before working at Etsy). On Etsy, you can purchase a great set of timeless pieces that are well made and will last you forever. In saying that, I’ve decided to help you all out and round up my top 5 ceramic pieces that wont just impress your friends, but will make eating meals at home feel super special on any old day of the week!

First off, Susan Simonini started off screen printing and painting, but in 2013, gave ceramics a go and luckily for us, it was a match made in heaven!

A set of her gorgeous plates work a treat for those who appreciate texture and an earthy feel to their homewares. Just picture your homemade smashed avo served on these delights:

Urban Cartel make things for those who like to keep the kitchen looking a little more modern than most. Their range includes a variety of 9 different muted shades with a look and feel that’s so minimal, you’ll barely notice they’re there!

Pastel Porcelain Bowls

Strain your pasta in style.

Yvette from Mountain Clay creates pieces drawing inspiration from her own backyard – Kinglake in Victoria. Imagine serving up some freshly made lemon curd, from the eggs that your chickens laid in the backyard on a plate featuring a tree from the front yard. Oh, I’ll be right back….. Just packing my bags and relocating!


A plate your guests will remember.

If it’s breakfast your cooking for guests, then Coastal Studio can give them a mid-morning giggle with these motivational coffee cups to serve your fresh brew in.
You’ll also be able to tell your friends that the cups they’re drinking from were handmade by Jasmine living on the Sunshine Coast – you can’t tell that kind of story with your Kmart or Ikea cups now can you?


Thank you coffee.

Ceramic Spoons! You might have thought you’ve never needed them, until you see and touch them in real life. Susan from Spin Spin makes these textural beauties in all different sizes. They’re perfect to sit in a sugar bowl, to scoop little pinches of salt and pepper or even just for display, because they really do look so good!

Black and white ceramic spoon

So so cute.

If you want to spend some time browsing and creating your perfect dining table setting, you can shop Etsy here.

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    pixie650 said 3 years ago

    Thanks Laura for the inspiration. The possibilities are endless.

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