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What will you make of 2016?

Jan 4, 2016

by Jennie Smith handmade and vintage goods

If you’ve been dreaming about launching your own creative business, or pondering ways to indulge your creative side a little more this year, then we’ve got some exciting news for you.

This January we’re launching Etsy Resolution, a free four week long program aimed at helping you to open your very own Etsy shop.

The program will walk you through the basics of getting started on Etsy. We’ll look at topics like product photography, marketing, branding and how to get found by customers online.

Etsy Resolution will help connect you with a supportive community of new sellers, just like you. You’ll also have the opportunity to get advice and guidance from some of Australia’s most successful Etsy sellers who will be acting as mentors throughout the program!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up before January 25th and make your creative dreams a reality in 2016 with Etsy Resolution.


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